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A Premium Feel with the Dell Venue 8 Pro

Posted on 14 April 2014

Dell has lately been unable to reach expectations but it has surprised the audiences with their latest devices targeting various niches. Their latest innovation with the Dell Venue Pro 8 has been able to prove their claim that they have cracked the code and made a perfectly balanced product. Keeping performance and design a top priority whilst offering a reasonable price to the consume that is not only affordable but quite unbelievable as well.

The tablet costs $299.99 and has managed to accomplish a great feat with the feel and design that has been provided keeping in mind that it is an inexpensive tablet. It runs on the Windows 8 operating system and has managed to correct those mistakes that are apparent in other devices in the same range.
The table is not only sharp but feels good. Using an Intel Atom processor not only has made it quick but it provides a flawless multitasking experience. Its battery life outdoes its competitors due to its effective battery management system.

The tablet not only feels great but can be operated with one hand. The ability to connect a keyboard makes it much more exciting to use. The portability that is offered to the consumers ensures that they can take care of their work on the go. It comes equipped with a 32GB SSD and a microSD slot where a memory card of up to 64GB can be installed. It also features a 5-megapixel camera in the back and a 1.2-megapixel front camera.

Comparisons with other brands have shown that this device is just as good as its expensive counterparts, in some cases even better. Hence, it is safe to say that being inexpensive does not mean that the Dell Venue 8 Pro has failed, but in fact has shown that quality and price can be balanced without any problems and with just resourceful planning.

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World’s Slimmest Smartphone Is Here

Posted on 21 February 2014

Apart from Nokia, Samsung, Apple and blackberry, there are many small time companies which are striving to give the best market competition when it comes to smartphones. China is famous in making low price technological products so that everyone can afford one. Huawei is a Chinese smartphone brand and several models have already been launched but the recent one is something worth looking as everyone has an eye out for it. Introducing Huawei’s latest Ascend P6, the world’s slimmest smartphone yet!

The company had its first standalone launch ceremony in which this new gadget was introduced. There are rumors in the air that Huawei is planning on to give Apple and Samsung a tough competition by introducing more enticing products in the future and at an economical price so users are likely to switch market. Ceremony took place in North London’s Art Avenue on 18th June 2013.

This latest smartphone is just 6.18 mm thick which makes it the thinnest model ever introduced. Ascend P6 is packed with features like Android 4.2 Jellybean, 4.7 inch touch screen, 1.56 GHz processor and dual camera with 8 MP rear and 5 MP front.

Huawei was placed on number four in early 2013 when it comes to largest smartphone making company. It sold nine million units mostly in its native countries landing at fourth position after Apple, Samsung and LG.

Company officials says that the gadget is not compatible with 4G networking but the price, which is still unknown will be such that people who haven’t considered Huawei before are more likely to go for this particular set. Several technological analysts said that the manufacturers must have designed this phone a bit different as it is a bit similar to Apple’s iPhone being circular from the tips.

Nonetheless, Huawei is doing all its best to compete with smartphone giants and if the company keeps on improving as it is now, there are chances that it will surpass even Apple and Samsung.

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