​Motiv Ring Review: Smart Wearable Technology

Following a fitness routine also includes checking on heart rate and the number of calories you burned in a day. You can find numerous apps that can perform this function for you but carrying cell phones to the gym, or another outdoor activity is not always possible. You need an easy-to-carry device such as the […]

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​Puro Sound Junior Jams: Volume-Safe Kids Headphones

Puro Sound labs leave everyone stunned with an amazing idea. They have launched, Puro Sound JuniorJams headphones, specifically designed for children. Since the concept is dedicated to kids entirely, these headphones feature limited volume, compact design, improved battery life, daisy-chain audio sharing, and children-friendly colors. The regular headphones aren’t ear-safe for kids and usually come […]

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​DJI Goggles Racing Edition Review

People who enjoy drone racing and giving competition to their rivals might be pleased to learn that DJI new goggles can improve their racing experience significantly. The brand has designed DJI Goggles Racing edition for FPV racers and Casual droners. It would be wrong to state that the makers came up with the idea by […]

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Fitbit Ionic™ Watch Review: A Motivating Timepiece

If you are looking for smartwatch equipped with features necessary regarding your fitness routine, Fitbit ionic could be a right choice for you. The newest device offers mobile wallet, music player, fitness tracker, GPS running, an impressive battery life, and swimming device – all in $300. Apart from the features, the Fitbit smartwatch is comfortable […]

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​HTC U11+ Review: Pushing the Limits

HTC has launched a range of smartphones. And after U11, the company launched the U11+, which is basically the successor to the U11 and a powerfully upgraded version. The company has not revealed any plans to market it in the United States, but it will be available in the European and Asian markets. With a […]

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​Google Clips Review: New Way to Capture Moments

If you are a casual photographer and love to capture precious moments, you will surely like Google Clips. It is a unique camera that looks similar to the Instagram icon. It looks cute and sophisticated at the same time. Google made a few statements regarding its quality and uniqueness that you can find in the […] Continue Reading

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​Asus Zenfone 5 Review and Exciting Features

It seems like the battle of the smartphones will never end. You can find various phones with jaw-dropping specs each year. It would be wrong to claim that sometimes it gets confusing when it comes to buying a smartphone. To lessen your confusion, Asus debuted their latest Zenfone 5 and you can call it an […] Continue Reading

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​Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset Review

Windows mixed reality headset has potential to blend real and virtual world effectively giving you an unforgettable experience. Made with the contribution of Microsoft, Asus headset sports impressive features such as: Two high-quality resolutions 1,440×1, with 440 pixel LCDs that comes with native 90Hz refresh rate. A 3.5mm jack is provided regarding microphone and audio […] Continue Reading

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​Samsung Notebook 9 Pen Review

It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen is the lightest machine on the market – it only weighs 2.2-lbs! Plus, it comes with the popular S Pen. The notebook functions well but its quality and design may confuse tech enthusiasts. The hardware design could be a result of Samsung’s splendid […] Continue Reading

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