Google Nexus 5X Review

The Google Nexus 5X is a compact phone and comes with a compact price tag as well. Its unique fingerprint sensor and USB-C port take some getting used to, but overall it’s a futuristic phone. However, the phone makes all mircoUSB cables useless and there are no wireless charging options available. So, let’s take a […]

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Vaio Z Flip: a Sleek Think Laptop

Sony sold its Vaio PC division to a Japanese Firm in 2014. This has benefitted Sony considerably in terms of sales and better quality products but which are a tad expensive. Even after outsourcing the Vaio Division, Sony struggled to decrease prices of its products and prices relatively increased. The Vaio Z Flip is one […]

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Yezz Sfera’s 360o Action Cam

Yezz Sfera recently made history by unveiling its recent model which includes 360o rotating camera phone. The main feature of the 5.5-inch device is that it is equipped with two optical cameras that allow you to record videos and take pictures at a 360o angle. This innovation is part of the approach to promote virtual […]

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Razer Black Widow Chroma

The Razer Black Widow Chroma is ranked as one of the top gaming keyboards. Razer is known for its gaming products and accessories. The core difference between the normal keyboard and gaming keyboard is that gaming keyboards have extra options and features a battery and faster DPI for better and improved gaming experience. For some […]

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Motorola Moto X Pure Review

The Motorola Moto X PureĀ is a fairly sturdy phone, with an exceptionally tough screen and robust battery life. It’s a highly durable stock Android phone and users find its performance exceptional. However, the phone does come with a fairly large price tag and the speaker could be improved. So, let’s take a closer look at […]

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LG K8 Review

LG has proudly cemented itself among the leading names in the smartphone industry by developing high-end smartphones. LG has expanded its K series with the release of K8. K8 is a brilliant mid-range smartphone available at a competitive price. The phone is remarkable with some great new features and perks. Specifications LG K8 Features a […] Continue Reading

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Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: a Step Up on Its Predecessors

The Sony Xperia X5 is a great improvement on the Xperia Z3+ with a better design, new security features and longer battery life. However, users may find it still heats up after prolonged use and it’s also on the pricey end. Let’s look at the phone more closely. The Exterior The Z5 is different from […] Continue Reading

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Samsung Ativ Book 9 Pro: Sleek and Smooth With Great Privacy Features

Samsung’s diehard fans have gone crazy over the Ativ Book 9 Pro and even call it the rival to Apple’s Retina Macbook Air. The laptop has excellent security features with a sleek design. It’s perfect for the on-the-go people as its lightweight, but it is a little on the pricey end. So, let’s take a […] Continue Reading

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Top 5 Tech Gifts for the Holidays 2014

With 10 days until Christmas, that means there are only 9 shopping days left! Having trouble shopping ideas for the tech lover on your list? Here are GadgetCrunch’s top 5 tech gifts for the holidays 2014. Tech Accessories: This will cross off any small gifts you made need on your list because there are so […] Continue Reading

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