Sony Xperia Z2 – the Perfect Tab

When it comes to sheer elegance and sleekness, Apple’s iPad Air takes the spotlight. But if you accidentally drop it into a bathtub, it will quickly turn into an inoperative and useless slab, wont it? And this is exactly where Sony’s Xperia Z2 tab excels. Not only does it possess an awe-inspiring design, but is [...]

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Acer’s Chromebook C720P – a Great Choice

With the recent proliferation of smartphones and tablets, the popularity of laptops has started to decline somewhat. This situation propelled laptop manufacturers to come up with modern and more convenient options, so as to maintain their existence in today’s highly competitive market. And this led to the creation of chromebooks. These are basically superfast and [...]

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LG G Pro 2 – a Gigantic and Powerful Smartphone

When speaking of smartphones, the first thing comes to mind in the display screen. After all, this is what modern smartphones are all about! The bigger the screen, the better the experience! So keeping this in mind, LG has launched its latest smartphone, the “LG G Pro 2″, with a truly huge HD screen, along [...]

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The Tough Stylus TG-850

Almost everyone buys cameras to capture the special and exciting moments in their lives. However, most compact cameras are quite delicate and don’t serve the purpose. This is what gave rise to the idea of tough cameras. But most tough cameras do not provide the same picture quality as regular compact cameras. Keeping this in [...]

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The Perfect Adventure Cam – a Drift Ghost-S Review

Portable cameras are an excellent way of capturing adventurous moments. However, most adventure cameras are not waterproof. They usually require an aftermarket casing to use them in or near water. However, with the new Drift Ghost-S you can capture videos and pictures in any condition. This action camera offers top-of-the-line features for an astonishing price. [...]

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Samsung Gamepad – a Must for Serious Gamers

Ever wondered why modern smartphones feature such large screens and powerful hardware configurations? Quite simple, the goal is to make gaming more fun and exhilarating. Since the very inception of Android phones, game designers recognized this platform as the perfect launch pad for creating a gaming device. And the speculation turned out to be quite [...] Continue Reading

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A Sound Bar Within a Budget – a Vizio S4221w-C4 Review

Sound bars are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. This is mainly because they are compact and easy to use. Sound bars can be set up on the top of a television or a monitor. Moreover, the sound quality of a sound bar is excellent for its size. Vizio has recently introduced a new sound bar. This [...] Continue Reading

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Lenovo Introduces Its Miix 2

Lenovo is currently at the top of their game in manufacturing hybrid laptops and tablets. One of the best gadgets by Lenovo was the Miix. The top-of-the-line tablet provided immense functionality when combined with its portable keyboard. This year, the company has taken the market by storm with the Miix 2. The specifications, functionality and [...] Continue Reading

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Samsung Introduces a Bendable TV

One of the biggest disadvantages of curved TVs is the fact that they can’t be straightened. This can become an inconvenience if you don’t want to watch a particular movie on a curved screen. However, Samsung has come up with an ingenious solution to this problem. The company has introduced a TV that can literally [...] Continue Reading

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