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Samsung Gamepad – a Must for Serious Gamers

Posted on 11 March 2014 by ChrisD

Ever wondered why modern smartphones feature such large screens and powerful hardware configurations? Quite simple, the goal is to make gaming more fun and exhilarating. Since the very inception of Android phones, game designers recognized this platform as the perfect launch pad for creating a gaming device. And the speculation turned out to be quite true.

With high-end games such as Real Racing 3, NOVA 3, Need for Speed Most Wanted, etc, Android is well on its way to claiming the title as the “best portable gaming device” (something that could very well render Sony’s PSP obsolete). Now it’s true that all Android games are available for the IOS users too, however, the factor that puts the Android gaming experience above IOS gaming is its considerably large screen size. After all, it’s much more exhilarating to play games on 5.5-inch screen than on a 4-inch screen isn’t it?

Interesting, Samsung’s latest Android gamepad will take your overall gaming experience to a whole new level. This gamepad has a shiny black plastic design. Moreover, it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You’ll need to install an app called “S Console” prior to connecting the gamepad with your phone. This app will convert the button presses into data that the game can comprehend and will also help figure out which games are compatible with the gamepad on the Google Play Store.

At present, there are approximately 46 games in the Google Play Store that are compatible with the controller device, some of which are Sonic 4, Asphalt 8, Metal Slug 3 and Crazy Taxi. The list is expected to increase with the passage of time. Coming to its design, there are a couple of analogue sticks, d-pad, four-face buttons, two triggers and a start button positioned in the centre.

This gamepad can be brought for $90, which is a pretty good deal. Now if you happen to be a casual gamer, you are better off doing without a gamepad. But for serious gamers, it’s a must have!

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