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DirecTV to Offer Video On-demand (VOD)

Posted on 13 March 2008 by Staff

DTV LogoDirecTV, the nations largest satellite TV provider will begin to offer video on-demand (VOD). According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, DirecTV has begun testing the VOD service and will begin a wider roll-out to subscribers in the next couple of months.

DirecTV’s satellites will automatically transmit a limited number of popular movie titles to customers’ digital video recorders, where they will be stored for viewers to order whenever they want. Viewers will be able to order other titles, including TV programs, by streaming them from the Web through a high-speed Internet connection on the DirecTV set-top box. DirecTV says that about half of its customers currently have high-speed Internet connections.

DirecTV has been late to the VOD game, as cable and rival satellite provider Dish already have a video on-demand service up and running since last fall. One aspect to the story that is intriguing is the mention of how DirecTV plans to use the data it gets from subscribers to sell ads.

More than just offering video on demand, this arrangement will let DirecTV tap what some analysts think could be a big growth area for TV providers — selling highly targeted ads.

With a set-top box connected to the Web, DirecTV will be able to track what programs people order through real-time data about a user’s television viewing behavior and allow the company to target ads. Cable operators already have similar plans, using the interactive capability of their set-top boxes.

With the launch of Hulu, and the recent update to Apple TV, 2008 is shaping up to be all about getting content to viewers in as many ways as possible.

[via WSJ]

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Schedule DirecTV Recordings on Your Mobile Phone

Posted on 19 January 2008 by Staff

DVR Scheduler
DirecTV recently announced a new beta program called DVR Scheduler that lets you set up recordings from your mobile phone or on the web. The service lets you browse the 14-day program guide and schedule a program to record, as well as set its priority over other scheduled recordings. Customers with the DIRECTV PLUS DVR (models R15-100, R15-300, R15-500) and DIRECTV PLUS HD DVR (models HR20-700, HR20-100) will be able to use this service right now. DirecTV plans to expand the service to other DVR models including the DirecTiVo units. Your mobile phone must have internet functionality, like the Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry and others from Motorola, LG and Nokia.

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