Vizio SB3621 Review: Entertainment Amplified

Posted on 22 September 2017 Tags: Entertainment, Home Entertainment Gadgets

A reliable speaker is hard to find and the ones that have prices that touch the roof. Modern homes ask for more affordable as well as portable speakers that can look not only good near the television but also sound good. The Vizio SB3621 soundbar is an excellent speaker with great movie sounds and an even better wireless sub feature. The quality of sound is superb, and there are many good reviews of the speaker on the internet.

Priced at around $150, the compact speaker has a Bluetooth function as well as a wireless subwoofer that plays the best bass sounds. Imagine watching a horror movie with your friends. The sudden scares will leave you all breathless and everyone will surely praise the sound system. Comparing it to Google’s Chromecast, the Vizio is a better deal in home theatres designed to consider the changing times today. There is no excess wiring and no heavy equipment to move from place to place, just a 36- inch speaker that is lighter than most speakers.

If you are wondering if the material the brand manufactures the speaker from is low regarding quality, you can rest assured. People ask questions like is it made of plywood? Will it break easily? How could it be so cheap and still be so good? You need not worry about it because the speakers have a strong resistance to water and are high in durability as well.

The top of the speaker has a set of volume controls placed in a smart style and do not take a lot of space, which leaves your speaker as untouched as it could get. If you’re in the market and wondering which speakers are the best, we will recommend you take a chance on the Vizio SB3621. The price is reasonable and the features great!

Photo by: Vizio

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