Fitbit Ionic™ Watch Review

Posted on 15 September 2017 Tags: Mobile Gizmos, Wearable Tech

The apple watch has a new competitor in the market. Fitbit’s new smartwatch is a genuine masterpiece that is both modern and has a purpose. Apple’s smartwatch might dominate the market in most cases, but the new Fitbit Ionic is no less. With features such as sleep tracking, contactless payments, and music, the smartwatch is a portable device that makes life a lot easier.

The particular feature that strikes an interest for customers is its price. Fitbit’s Ionic is priced at $300 in the market and is affordable for most of the customers in search of not only a fitness device but a kind of portable smartphone. The smartwatch comes with a leather strap, and three different colors include charcoal black and smoke gray. The leather strap is comfortable and gives you extra grip while exercising or indulging in certain outdoor activities. If you’re traveling, the smartwatch has a battery that can last four days on a single charge, and that opens new realms in the areas of exploration and device usage. Imagine going camping and not having to worry about where you’ll find a plug to charge your smartwatch so you can play music. The very idea gives a sense of relief and content.

Other than that, the smartwatch has a water resistance of up to 50 meters underwater so going snorkeling is definitely in the picture. Fitbit’s Ionic will let you know of your heartbeat, and the miles traveled. With a built-in GPS, you will no longer get lost and will always find your way through. Based on the data you collect, you can optimize your workout schedule. It’s all a dream come true for trainers and travel enthusiasts.

Photo credit: Facebook/Fitbit

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