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Video: 2008 Nerdcore Calendar

Posted on 31 January 2008

It’s not softcore, not hardcore, it’s Nerdcore. G4tv has a great look at the girls of the 2008 Nerdcore Calendar. A safe for work way of saying ‘naked women dressed up a superheros’. Funny thing is if you watch the video, they don’t even know who they’re supposed to be. Called a celebration of geek culture, this year’s calendar’s theme is heros and villians. Features models Karlie Montana, and Rachel Biggs among others. Available at here.

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Garmin Releases the nüvifone™ GPS and Phone

Posted on 30 January 2008


Garmin did more than introduce a new GPS device today. The nüvifone adds a phone, web browser and touchscreen into a package about the size of the iPhone. This will not be the only comparison to the iPhone people will make to the nüvifone. Everything from the screen size and the shape of the icons to the touchscreen remind you of the iPhone. The nüvifone will be released later this year.

New York/January 30, 2008/PR Newswire — Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN) and the world’s leading GPS manufacturer, today announced its entrance into the mobile phone market with the nüvifone, an all-in-one, sleek and slim, touchscreen device that combines a premium phone, mobile web-browser, and cutting-edge personal navigator. The nüvifone is a work of art in features, design and functionality and is destined to transform how individuals connect, communicate and navigate their life.

“The nüvifone is an all-in-one device offering unmatched integration of utility and function in a single mobile device,” said Cliff Pemble, Garmin’s president and COO. “This is the breakthrough product that cell phone and GPS users around the world have been longing for — a single device that does it all.”

nuvifone-screen.jpgThe nüvifone is an innovative mobile phone that has a wide range of advanced yet easy-to-use features. The all touchscreen device is the first of its kind to integrate premium 3.5G mobile phone capability with an internet browser, data connectivity, personal messaging, and personal navigation functions in one device. When powered on, the 3.5-inch touchscreen display reveals three primary icons — “Call,” “Search,” and “View Map” which allow the user to effortlessly master the nüvifone’s functions.

The nüvifone is the ultimate multi-tasker. Calls are easily initiated by tapping the “Call” button and selecting a name from the contact list or by using the on-screen keypad. When the user is trying to juggle talking on their phone while entering their vehicle to start a trip, the nüvifone makes the transition simple. When the nüvifone is docked onto the vehicle mount, it automatically turns on the GPS, activates the navigation menu, and enables hands-free calling so that the user never misses a beat in the conversation and is able to begin routing to their destination with ease.

Customers familiar with Garmin’s industry leading nüvi® product line will feel right at home using the nüvifone’s personal navigation features. It includes preloaded maps of North America, Eastern and Western Europe, or both, and allows drivers to quickly find a specific street address, establishment’s name or search for a destination by category using the nüvifone’s built-in database with millions of points of interest. Turn-by-turn, voice-prompted directions guide the user to their destination. If they miss a turn along the route, nüvifone automatically recalculates a route and gets them back on track, speaking the names of the streets along the way.

The nüvifone is Garmin’s first device to include Google local search capability, which harnesses the vast point of interest information available from the world wide web. Nüvifone users can search for locations like “coffee shops” and Google will sort the results based on the user’s current location and relevance. Information provided by Google includes a web-based rating so that users can select the most appropriate destination and route directly to it. In addition, the nüvifone includes a web browser incorporating premium features and touchscreen operation for an optimum mobile browsing experience. The nüvifone also includes personal messaging functions, including email, text, and instant messaging.

For the ultimate in safety, the “Where am I?” feature lets users touch the screen at any time to display the exact latitude and longitude coordinates, the nearest address and intersection, and the closest hospitals, police stations and gas stations. The nüvifone also helps drivers find their car in an unfamiliar spot or crowded parking lot by automatically marking the position in which it was last removed from the vehicle mount.

In addition to navigation, the nüvifone includes access to Garmin Online™, an online service offering constantly-updating information such as real-time traffic, fuel prices, stock prices, sport scores, news reports, local events and weather forecasts.

The nüvifone also includes numerous mobile entertainment applications. The built-in camera allows individuals to take a picture that will automatically be tagged with the exact latitude and longitude reference of where the image was taken. The user may then save the image so they can navigate back to the location, or email the image to a recipient who can navigate directly to the location. The nüvifone also provides direct access to millions of geo-located landmark and sightseeing photographs available through Google’s Panoramio picture sharing site. The Panoramio photo search feature enhances the enjoyment and adventure of sightseeing in an otherwise unfamiliar location. Other multimedia functions of the nüvifone include a built-in video camera, MP3 and MPEG4/AAC.

Garmin anticipates that the nüvifone will be available in the third quarter of 2008. Specific details about pricing and sales partners will be announced in the future. Additional information about nüvifone is available at

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Ducati Desmosedici RR

Posted on 30 January 2008

Dukati Superbike Desmosedici RR

Ducati’s will soon begin delivery of it’s Superbike for 2008, the Desmosedici RR. With a limited production of only 1,500 bikes and price tag of over $72,000 you’ll need to be one of the elite (lucky) to get one. But if you do you’ll be able to hit speeds of 200 mph.

A number of ‘firsts’ for Ducati and production sport bike design have been introduced. The 848 and 1098 are the first to have a data acquisition system integrated as standard equipment and the first to use an ingenious construction method for its weight-saving single-sided swingarm.

More ‘firsts’ for a road-going Ducati include the direct application of MotoGP technology, like the power producing GP6-derived elliptical throttle bodies and the use of the information-rich instrumentation originally developed for the Desmosedici GP7. Furthermore, the 1098 is the first production motorcycle to have the amazing stopping power of Brembo Monobloc brakes.

Let’s just wait and see who’s the first guy to film himself doing over 200 on a freeway. Tom Cruise perhaps?

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Finally, the Jet Pack has Arrived!

Posted on 30 January 2008

Forget the fact that we have waited our whole lives for this futuristic flight, the Thunderpack Jet Pack is here and ready for take off. Thunderbolt Aerosystems’ wants to bring the jet pack to the masses. Can you imagine the sky rage trying to get to work!

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WildCharger for the Motorola Razr V3

Posted on 27 January 2008


Charge your Razr without using a wire!

The WildCharger is a new way to power up your cell phone, one that does not involve wires to your phone. The power cord to your phone is replaced by a large silver mat that can charge multiple items at the same time. CNET recently reviewed the WildCharger and liked it despite some flaws like limited phone support.

The WildCharger is composed of three parts: the charger itself, an AC power adapter, and a special adapter for your phone. The first part is the most interesting. As we mentioned previously, it looks like a placemat, albeit one the Jetsons might have used. The broad metal stripes do more than just reflect the light; they actually serve as the pad’s conductive surface. The back of the pad is sturdy plastic and on one side are the charger port and a small indicator light.

So how does it work? Electrical current is delivered to the metal stripes on the pad from the AC adapter, which is then passed to the phone adapter (remember those metal bumps) and then on to the phone. When you think about it, the concept is pretty basic but WildCharge is one of the few to put it into practice.

At $89, it’s not for everybody, but if your a gadget freak (and have a Razr V3) and want the very latest to wow your friends, then this is it.

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Out of Control Spy Satellite May Hit Earth

Posted on 26 January 2008

Get out your steel umbrellas or find the nearest basement – the sky is falling. A disabled spy satellite is reportedly out of control and on a collision course with earth. Yahoo reports that officials anonymously reported the top secret information. It sounds like a wild Hollywood movie script, but it is very real.

The satellite may collide with the earth in late February or early March and authorities have no idea where. The spy satellite is reported to weight about 10 tons and is the size of a bus.

A few key questions to be answered before any real panic sets it:

  • How much damage would it really cause if it where to land in a populated area?
  • Could it be destroyed or damaged by a missile?
  • Based on the size of the earth and population densities what percentage of the earth’s surface actual contains civilization that could be harmed by the satellite? I read here that 10 percent of the earths surface is at least ‘lightly populated’. That number sounds pretty hight though.

Comment if you have any insight.

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A Neverending Lightning Storm

Posted on 25 January 2008


You think Seattle has it bad. How about a lightning storm that lasts for 10 hours a day, 160 times a year.

This almost permanent storm occurs over the marshlands where the Catatumbo River feeds into Lake Maracaibo and it is considered the greatest single generator of ozone in the planet, judging from the intensity of the cloud-to-cloud discharge and great frequency. The area sees an estimated 1,176,000 electrical discharges per year, with an intensity of up to 400,000 amperes, and visible up to 400 km away. This is the reason why the storm is also known as the Maracaibo Beacon as light has been used for navigation by ships for ages.

[via oddee]

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