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Lamborghini Goes Over 200 MPH on Arizona Streets

Posted on 27 November 2007

This video and a bunch others like it have the Arizona police all bent out of shape. It’s footage of a guy going 219 MPH in a Lamborghini Mucialago on an Arizona freeways. Some of the other videos show him doing well over 170 on back highways. It’s pretty insane and very real. Looks like it was shot in the middle of the night on some fairly unpopulated AZ freeways. Of course now the cops want to know who he is. Ah, hum, let’s see. There can’t be too many Lamborghini Mucialago’s registerd in AZ, so that’s an easy one. Oh, yeah and his name is all over the videos – you know, right in the title ‘Aaron Mayor’. Pretty sneaky.

It’s ok, if the cops don’t catch him it won’t take long for him to end up roadkill. He’s actually a damn good driver, but if you’ve ever seen the way the rest of the people drive in Arizona you’d understand.

And for AZ natives out there it’s a bit tough to spot exactly what stretch of freeway he hit 219 on, but looks like it might be a stretch of the 101 south in the east valley or maybe a stretch of the new 202 San Tan. Take a look and try reading the freeway signs at 200+ miles and hour.

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USB Snowman

Posted on 24 November 2007

USB Powered Snowman Gadget
There seems to be no end to the number of gadgets that can be powered by USB. And with Christmas around the corner you can figure there are more than a few Christmas decorations that you’ll find running off USB. Case in point, this evil Snowman. Complete with scary sounds and a flashing eye he’ll make the perfect desktop decoration this holiday season. Available exclusively from

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R2D2 Pepper Mill

Posted on 23 November 2007

R2D2 Pepper Mill
I’ve been looking high and low for the perfect matching accessory for my Light Saber butter knife and I think I’ve found it. It’s a pepper mill that looks just like R2D2. Now with just a turn you can give R2’s head a turn and fresh pepper come out of his, ah, ass? Two more pictures after the jump.
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Giant Tesla Coil in Oklahoma

Posted on 12 November 2007

There are always those crazy neighbors that build weird crap in their yard. Usually they’re harmless and so is their crap. Then there are neighbors that build gigantic 15 foot high Tesla Coils that spit out lightening. Check of the video of this giant Telsa coil in Oklahoma. I guess this guys has a lot of time on his hands, or is really seriously about keeping people, pets or anything that wants to live out of his yard. I wonder how close you can get before you get zapped and go up in a puff of smoke?

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