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Windows Phone Climbs Up to Third Place

Posted on 22 May 2013 by ChrisD

With the successful launch of many different operating systems for mobile phones and other telecommunication and entertainment devices, popular companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry and Nokia are under continuous competition. They’re working day and night 24/7 integrating such OS that each device surmounts previous release.

The most infamous company, Microsoft stepped forward and joined hands with Nokia by introducing for the first time latest Windows OS in mobile phones. Nokia from then onwards has released its several Windows phone under the title of Lumia series. They gained instant popularity and are now one of the best selling brands in telecom market.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) recently came up with a statement after reviewing the IT market sector that the Windows integrated smartphones have gained 3rd position when compared with other OS’s. Blackberry was known to be at this rank but has now dropped down to 4th place. Below is the list of top four smartphone OS according to the IDC:

1. Android OS takes the lead being at #1
2. Closely followed by iOS at #2
3. Windows OS takes over the Blackberry and is now enjoying being at #3
4. Blackberry drops to #4

Microsoft stated its thanks and appreciation largely to Nokia as the Finnish company has provided it with the platform to be at a successful place.

These Windows smartphones has undergone shipments of 7 million in the last quarter which sums up to 70% of total market share. IDC analyst, Kevin Restivo stated that Windows OS being at 3rd place is the first step of success and Microsoft along with Nokia are trying their level best to reach the first position.

In this era when continuous competition is at hand and Windows integrated smartphones gaining the third position, there’s no telling what they’ll come up in the future. For now Nokia and Microsoft are enjoying being at this place but this definitely won’t stop them from achieving further success.

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