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The Galaxy S4 Active – TheWater and Dust Resistant Device

Posted on 07 June 2013 by ChrisD

There was a time when people were not concerned with the screen size of a mobile phone; they were just happy to have a touch screen phone. Now, with new releases and hundreds of related products available in the market, buyersare becoming more brand conscious and aware of each product most suitable to their needs.

Manufacturers are now engaged in developing devices that keep the consumer’s demand in mind as the primary purpose of each company is customer satisfaction and convenience. Like others, the South Korean giant Samsung is constantly striving to offer only the best and most prominent features and accessories with every product it releases. After releasing several Galaxy versions, which also includes the recent S4, Samsung made a few adjustments in the version labeling it as S4 Active since it’s water and dust resistant.

The latest gadget from Samsung has passed the IP67 certification, which indicates that it’s water resistant and can be used for 30 minutes when wet. The earphones of Galaxy S4 Active are also made water resistant, so you can also enjoy music or any other feature while swimming, surfing or simply while bathing. You can also take pictures in water by activating the “Aqua Mode”.

Aside from these, here are some of the main specificationsof the Samsung SIV Active:

  • Full 5 inch TFT, LCD screen with HD display of 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Quad core processor of 1.9 GHz
  • Dual camera with 8 megapixel rear and 2 mp front
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS
  • 2 GB RAM with 16 GB internal memory that can be extended to 64 GB
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE connectivity
  • Air gesture function

Looking at Samsung Galaxy S4 Active features, there’s no telling what the company will think of next. It will be launched on 20th June and will be available in three colors: Urban Grey, Dive Blue and Orange Flare.


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Sony Xperia ZR Waterproof Phone

Posted on 15 May 2013 by ChrisD

Sony is renowned for releasing its Xperia series which are full touch smartphones having android OS. Price for each set differs from country to country, also depending on the version and features. The new Xperia ZR has pushed the boundaries of smartphones by combining Sony’s primary camera technology with the advance water resistance features.

The biggest drawback with almost all mobile phones is that they deteriorate when exposed to water. So athletes who do underwater diving or even beach combo people who love surfing and have a splash are forced to leave their phone where there’s no threat of water contact. With companies striving to invent such pones which are water resistant, Sony takes the lead by introducing its latest smartphone, the Xperia ZR waterproof phone.

Specifications & Features:
To know about Xperia ZR features, check out below for a brief description.

  • Android 4.1 Jellybean (Upgradable)
  • 4.6 inch HD screen with a reality display of 720 x 1280 pixels
  • 2 GB RAM with 8-32 GB internal storage expandable
  • 13 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash along with VGA front camera
  • Bluetooth 4, Wi-Fi, EDGE, GPRS, GPS, LTE and many other functions
  • 1.5Ghz quad core processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon S4

These are some of its many features but to witness the maximum performance and results, you have to buy yourself one. Director of Xperia marketing, Calum MacDougall states that Xperia ZR is one of the most sophisticated smartphone ever built by Sony till now having latest media applications and biggest range of additional NFC enabled accessories.

This latest smartphone is released two weeks after its specifications and details being leaked over the internet. Now you can surf, swim and have fun in water along with taking pictures and recording video without the fear of your phone to go haywire.

Experience the power of smooth touch, advance OS and water resistance all in one with the new Sony Xperia ZR.


Photo courtesy of SonyMobile

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