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Nikon D 750

Posted on 01 December 2014 by ChrisD

The Nikon D750 has a lot of potential. If fares better than many competing cameras, mostly on the virtue of being a new release. For example, it looks better than the Canon EOS 6D which is almost 2 years old and is now losing it price value. And while the Sony Alpha A7 is the cheapest option around, it doesn’t have the optical viewfinder, and besides, it has a poor battery life and its continuous-shooting performance is also miserable.

As far as Nikon’s other models is concerned, users will welcome the D750 as something cheaper and lighter than the D810. It continues some features updates that were introduced in the D810, such as more grainy Picture Control settings. Now you even get a new Flat profile for editing stills and videos. In addition, the D750 also comes with a Movie tab in the Menu system. This enables you to save, among other things, different white balance, ISO sensitivity, and Picture Control settings. You also have an updated and enhance low-light sensitive autofocus system, a titling LCD, and built-in Wi-Fi.

It already has performance and feature improvements over the D610, so those who consider money value are likely to prefer the D750. The D7S0, on the other hand, has a better continuous-shooting performance, a longer battery life, and it’s lighter and smaller as well.

However, that is not to say that there isn’t room for complain, especially over the potentially slower flash sync speed and the OLPF on the sensor.

Other advantages over the D610 include:
o Newer autofocus systems
o Newer metering systems,
o (Slightly) Faster continuous shooting
o 1080/60p video
o Clean HDMI out
o USB 3.0 support

All this more a camera that almost parallels the price (Nikon D750 currently priced $2300) and the design of the D610. The rear and top cover are made of magnesium allow, while lighter carbon is used for the front chassis and cover.

Photo courtesy: Nikon USA

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