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Latest Rumors for Xbox 720

Posted on 28 May 2013 by ChrisD

From operating system for computer and smartphones to the latest gaming consoles, there’s simply no ground that Microsoft has left untouched without achieving success. Almost everyone is familiar to its gaming system which was released under the title Xbox. Soon after they were launched, these consoles gained immediate fame and had a sales record compared to none. Since then, many Xbox series were released with each being more advance than its predecessor. Now in 2013, all those video game lovers out there get ready to experience a new world of gaming with the upcoming Microsoft’s Xbox 720.

To know more about this spectacular game system, read on below.

  • The Cloud Entertainment Function: Xbox 720 is supposed to comprise a game streaming service namely the Cloud Entertainment. This will enable the users to play such games on this system which weren’t specifically designed for this console via internet. Latest news also revealed that it’ll also have a plug in connection for satellite or cable TV.
  • 3D & Amplified Reality System: Other reports also suggested that the Xbox 720 is equipped with 3D glasses which will create images as in reality. This feature surpasses the normal 3D games and films viewing system.
  • Release Date, Price & Featured Games: With the news for this gaming system out, it had excited all the video game lovers from the start. Specific release date has not been announced yet but it’s likely to be released late in 2013 between November and December.

Call of Duty: Ghosts and the most infamous Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag have so far been finalized to be released with the set.

Suggested cost for this set will be somewhere around 200 pounds but it has yet not been confirmed.

So far, the Xbox 720 is likely to revolutionize the gaming technology and is expected to be the cheapest gaming console by Microsoft.

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