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More Rumors for iPhone 5S

Posted on 09 July 2013 by ChrisD

Since Apple announced its plans to release the new iPhone 5S, different rumors have circulated the smartphone world. In fact, every second person is talking about the upcoming iPhone model, which is why Samsung, Sony and Nokia among other smartphone producers are working hard to keep their products up to date and ahead of the game.
Different manufacturers like Sharp, LG and Japan Display are working day and night to design the new iPhone 5S. Although dozens of smartphones have been released after 5S model, the upcoming device is promising something that is worth the wait.
If you are an iPhone or general Apple fan, you must have heard about the many new features and specifications the upcoming iPhone may be sporting. However, here is some more news heading your way.

  • Apple’s new gizmo will be having dual LED flash. Rumor has it that one is designed to give out a bluish streak for maintaining the white balance.
  • The physical outlook of the new device will be no different than the current version of the smartphone as revealed by technological research and reviews.
  • Other features worth noticing are a 13 mega pixel camera, a storage capacity of 128 GB (which sounds very enticing), and a fingerprint scanner similar to the ones you see in laptops.
  • A Near Field Communication (NFC) feature along with A7 chip are expected, both of which are sure to make this iPhone faster and more appealing.
  • Another promising aspect of this particular gadget is its price, which is comparably low with so many added features.
  • The outer casing will be made of plastic, making it easier for the iPhone to be available in different colors.

The release date for this gizmo has not been announced yet, but it’s expected to come out between August and September 2013. So, all the anxious users out there have to wait just for a month or two.

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Rumors on 5.7 Inch IPhone

Posted on 01 July 2013 by ChrisD

p>As news for the iPhone 5S and 6 are circulating and already stirring their anticipating audience, Apple is planning to make the next iPhone with a 5.7 full HD display. This concept emerged after the release and success of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 which already has a five inch screen. With the competition between both at its peak, you can’t expect Apply to stay behind while Samsung basks in the glory of its large screen.

Another common reason for the evolution of this idea is ever changing consumer demand and needs. People always want to have something new and out of the box. Not long after the immense popularity of the iPad, Steve Jobs next product was the contradictory iPad mini. The iPad underwent slight modifications just to bring a new innovative gadget to capture the market.

Aside from Apple, there are numerous smartphone makers that are striving 24/7 to develop such mobile gizmos that go beyond imagination. Not only renowned developers, but several small time companies are also in full swing trying to capture the technological market. Some have been successful to a particular extent. Still, Apple takes the lead because the impression that it has made on the market is so deeply rooted that users feel kind of guilty to switch to alternative products.

The recent releases of HTC One and Huawei P6 Ascend feature a 4.7 inch full HD display, so it is obvious that Apple will plan on to come out with something that goes beyond the familiar four inch display. The major reason behind the suggested 5.7 inch is just to compete with other brands in physical outlook whereas the operating system is not under consideration.

Debates are already dominating social media websites like Twitter and Facebook for the rumored iPhone design. However, it has not been confirmed whether Apple will indeed release such a gadget or go with the old fashioned four inch display.


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