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Create a Home Screen Icon for iPhone or iPod Touch Visitors

Posted on 17 January 2008 by Staff

iPhone Home Screen

Content Providers and Web Site Developers

Now that the iPhone 1.1.3 software update is out, and you can add Safari Web Clips to your home screen on the iPhone and Touch, don’t let your visitors settle for the generic icon that Safari will stick in there. Here are drop dead simple instructions on how to add your own web site icon or logo to your visitors iPhone or Touch.

1.) Fire up Photoshop and create a shiny new graphic at 114 x 114 px (technically the size is 57 x 57 px, but this size worked best for our icon)

2.) Save the file as a 8 bit PNG with the name apple-touch-icon.png

3.) Upload the file to the root directory of your web server. That’s it! Safari will re-size larger images and automatically add the glass look so it fits right in with your visitors other icons.

[via Apple]

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