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​Sony Xperia Ear Duo: Wireless Stereo Headset Review

Posted on 05 June 2018

Sony Xperia has introduced quite unusual earbuds. You may not find any device similar to this ear duo on the market. It would be a fun device to try. Sony Xperia is creating buzz for its two in one functions. It allows you to hear background noise while you are listening to music. This makes it a useful ear duo when you are driving or even walking. The Xperia ear duo is secure and comfortable to wear. It fits around your earlobe.

There are not many earphones available that let you enjoy workout session without a hassle of wires. With this smart device, you can go for the hours-long gym session without dealing with ridiculously long cords. It was surely a challenging idea but Sony Xperia has done the job effectively. The ear duo is made from rubber and is circular in shape. You will find a hole in the center. There is a pipe given that transfers audio into your ear directly.

The device allows you to hear music on the high volume without leaking it. This way, it measures your privacy and you can enjoy music in public places as well. The functioning of the Xperia ear duo is based on touch and gestures. You will only need to swipe a finger to adjust the volume or to stop the sound.

It is worth mentioning that the device is sports high technology. You just need to nod to accept a call and shake to the right to skip soundtrack. The performance is buttery-smooth. You can control various smartphone apps via Sony Xperia ear duo. It provides location-based alerts. You can configure information including calendar events or weather updates etc. The ear duo works well with Siri and Google Assistant. With the fantastic sound quality and fantastic features, Sony Xperia ear duo could become your next go-to ear-piece.

Photo by: Sony

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​Oculus Go Review: Standalone VR Headset

Posted on 17 May 2018

It wouldn’t be wrong to claim Oculus Go as a new breed of VR tech. This VR headset has a built-in computer. It means you can start watching a movie or playing a game as soon as you put the Oculus Go on. There is no more hassle of connecting headset with your smartphone or gaming console. Oculus go doesn’t need any set up or external tracking sensors. You only need to pick up the controller and it will begin functioning. Isn’t that fantastic?

The headset comes with 5.5inch, 538 ppi panel along with the sharp 2560 x 1440 resolution. The developers and brilliant designers have removed the “screen-door” effect which was a significant problem in the company’s previous flagship headsets. Also, fast-switch LCD display is incorporated into the Go to provide better pixel experience to the users. You will find pixels larger and there will be fewer chances of screen-door effect.

The goggles in Oculus Go are made with topnotch quality. The developers have built them into the strap-mounts allowing the comfortable goggles to sit on each side of your head. The company has released their VR headset with spectacular speakers – which is fantastic for movie buffs and gamers. The device is going to provide you with an otherworldly experience for sure!

You will find numerous VR apps in the in Oculus Go. It comes with three degrees of freedom (DoF) similar to the previous Gear VR. You will not find touchpad on sides of the headset. However, two buttons are given on the top; one to control volume and other for power on/off. Gamers will be delighted to learn that you can find all the fun games apps from Oculus store in no time. Simply download the app on your phone which is available for both iOS and Android users.

Photo courtesy: Oculus

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​Marshall Mid ANC Review: Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Posted on 04 May 2018

Music fans will be delighted to learn that Marshall has launched its Mid ANC noise canceling headphones for the first time. The headphones are also an updated version of the company’s flagship Major II wireless headphones. With its surround sound and deep bass, it is safe to say that the Mid ANC can easily put rival brands such as Sony or Bose on a run for their money. The developers and designers have done an outstanding job on the design and sound quality of the product.

The new headphone set from Marshall is an on-ear model – and perfectly fits. You will feel comfortable wearing it and the wireless mode will facilitate your music experience. So, you never have to worry about your ear-phone plopping off when you are out for a jog or in the gym lifting some serious metal.

Moreover, the Mid ANC provides top-notch sound quality and deep bass. With noise canceling technology, you can enjoy the surround-sound on the Marshall Mid ANC anywhere you want. So, you can finally say good bye to all that distracting background noise that totally derails your focus when you’re working or studying or playing a video game – and just enjoy an immersive experience.

The headphone design may appear to be a bit bulky – however it is quite comfortable and ergonomic. It sports metal hinges, 40mm drivers, and a carrying case – allowing you to safely carry the headphones wherever you go. It is worth noting that the headphones come with separate cords that you can connect or disconnect as per your choice.

Moreover, the battery life of the Marshall Mid ANC is splendid. You can use it for more than 19 hours in wireless mode when noise canceling and Bluetooth are activated and over 30 hours when both features are turned off. You can rarely find an on-ear wireless headphone with a maximum battery life such as this. There is no doubt that the overall performance of the Marshall is brilliant and the upgraded version is creating a buzz thanks to the slew of fantastic features – surround sound, comfortable design, noise canceling, and long battery life at a reasonable price – not a bad deal at all.

Photo by: Marshall Headphones

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​Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Review

Posted on 27 April 2018

Fitness junkies would be delighted to learn that Fitbit has launched the Versa – a fitness watch with improved quality, design, and battery life. It shares the same functionality as of its predecessor and the company’s flagship model – the Fitbit Ionic.

The Versa has given a fresh look and comes in silver, rose gold and black. The company has termed it as Squircle due to its square shape and round edges. The Versa doesn’t weighs that much compared to other fitness watches and is super comfortable to wear – you can wear it for hours on end without being irritated. That is because the designers have used anodized aluminum and ultra-thin casing for large and small wrists alike.

The material doesn’t make it look cheap and the product is a definitely a trendy and valuable addition to your workout attire. Moreover, on the left side, Versa has back/wake-up button and a “finish workout” button and two small pause buttons on the right side – all are ergonomically placed.

Another very important thing to look for in fitness wrist wearables is the ease of taking the product off and putting it on – and how comfortable the strap is. There is no question your experience with the Fitbit Versa will be awesome as it comes with interchangeable straps and you can replace them with silicon, fabric, or even colored metal to add more style.

The display offers vibrant colors. It is worth noting that its brightness goes up to 1,000-nits and it will remain visible in daytime and underwater as well facilitating your workout session. Now, you can go swimming wearing Fitbit Versa without giving it a second thought.

Also, the touchscreen functions well and does not have latency issues like previous devices. You can also track various exercises via the exercise app and it will provide necessary information such as distance, time, burned calorie intake, calories burned, etc. In all, investing in a device that provides splendid overall performance on a budget doesn’t seem a bad idea.

Photo by: Fitbit

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​Bose QuietComfort 35 II: Wireless Smart Headphones

Posted on 26 April 2018

The Bose QC 35 II is an improved version of the original wireless headphone. However, the device is no integrated with a convenient – ‘action button’ that will allow you to connect with Google Assistant without even touching your phone. This innovation will surely attract music fans. Also, Bose has opted for the Google Assistant integration for the first time and it is undoubtedly a smart move.

Now you can perform daily tasks, receive texts, and play music simply with your voice. All you need is to press and hold action button and begin a conversation with Google Assistant. The headphone is also compatible with the smart devices – if you have any in the house.

It is worth noting that you don’t need Google Assistant to activate noise-cancellation. You can simply connect it with the Bose Connect app using the action button to activate noise-cancellation settings via the same app. There are two levels of noise cancellation you can set, high and low.

Not to mention the device offers top-notch noise canceling. The Bose QuietComfort goes up to 20 hours with active noise canceling and in wireless mode. With the passive mode, you can still use the headphone in case the battery is running out when you need it. Moreover, an interesting update is that you can still hear your voice in the headphones when you are wearing them and you don’t need to take them off.

The Bose 35 II has enhanced sound quality. Now you can enjoy surround sound and tremendous bass. The overall audio is smooth and well-balanced. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that the QC 35 II provides better sound than most rival brands such as Sony. The Bose 35 is extremely comfortable to wear and easy-to-carry. With interesting updates and sufficient battery life, Bose 35 II could become your next purchase.

Photo by: Bose

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​Jabra Elite Review: Superior Wireless Headphones

Posted on 30 March 2018

Fitness junkies often look for headphones or earbuds that won’t give them any trouble especially when they’re sprinting or performing concentration exercises. Moreover, they want quality sound and ease of use. That is essentially where the Jabra Elite comes into the picture.

The device was designed to facilitate people with a regular fitness routine. You can go for intense movements wearing these really awesome earbuds.

You can find various options on the market with the latest technology. They might possess better battery life or might provide good quality sound; the ridiculously long wires will create will become really annoying. However, none of that is a problem with the Jabra Elite. You can get wireless earbuds to improve your outdoor activity experience.

Moreover, battery life is one of those factors that people look for in every gadget specifically the ones designed to facilitate fitness routine. With the Jabra Elite, you will get a 4.5-hour battery time, which is impressive especially because these are sports earphones. However, you have to give them a full charge first.

Another really epic reason to go for the Jabra earbuds is because they are utterly sweat-proof. These are waterproof earphones – which means you won’t have to remove your in-ear headphones and wipe all that sweat from your ear and the device. But don’t even think about going for a swim with those on! Also, it can work well as a single headset too.

It is super easy to use as the set is compatible with other fitness apps along with Jabra’s app for fitness. You will also get a chance to monitor your heart rate via a built-in feature.

When it comes to sound, it has already given a tough competition to plenty of top-notch products on the market. Apart from the crisp quality – the headphone also provide surround sound, which is absolutely amazing! You will enjoy every beat while performing a variety of exercises. A must-buy!

Photo by: Jabra

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​Motiv Ring Review: Smart Wearable Technology

Posted on 16 March 2018

Following a fitness routine also includes checking on heart rate and the number of calories you burned in a day. You can find numerous apps that can perform this function for you but carrying cell phones to the gym, or another outdoor activity is not always possible. You need an easy-to-carry device such as the Motiv Ring. Did we mention you can sleep wearing it as well?

It is indeed a useful gadget that every fitness junkie should own. Not only it looks elegant but helps you achieve statistics regarding your heart rate, burnt calories, and minutes you have spent running. The great fact associated with it is the ring weighs ultra light; you just need to wear it before heading out to the door.

Moreover, it would not be wrong to claim that Motiv Ring is a smart combination of fit, function, and form. No doubt, it is one of smallest fitness trackers that are available currently. The ring is packed in the shell of premium titanium that adds style to it.

Also, for functioning, you will only need to download the Motiv app on your phone. The app later syncs with the ring allowing it to provide data regarding sleep, heart rate, and physical activity. You will be surprised to know that the ring has potential to note your heart rate constantly from your fingers.

It does not require actions; the Motiv Ring will automatically sense the functions you perform and begins recording accordingly. Moreover, the tiny device can save your data for two days. You will have a chance to look at your statistics without syncing.

It is noteworthy here that you do not need a cable to charge it. The ring was designed on 24/7 working idea. Therefore, when you plan to work out next time, do not forget wearing your Motiv Ring.

Photo by: Motiv

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