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New Military Uniforms Incorporate Tourniquets

Posted on 26 December 2007

tourniquet uniform

Blackhawk, a military uniform provider is coming out with a new uniform that incorporates tourniquets into the arms and legs. The idea came from an Army surgeon Dr. Keith Rose, after watching a fellow solider bleed to death.

Rose could not get his comrade a tourniquet, which could have helped control the bleeding on his wounded leg, and sat along the mangled wreckage and talked with him as he took his last breath.

“It really kind of frustrated me,” Rose said.

Once he returned to the U.S., Rose approached BlackHawk, a provider of military and law enforcement gear, with an idea to create clothes with built-in tourniquets.

The uniforms will be fitted with eight tourniquets and available in March.

[via CNN] [Photo Credit: Associated Press]

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Ray Gun Makes you Feel Like you’re on Fire

Posted on 24 January 2007

Heat Raygun
The military has developed a real life ray gun that can shoot a beam of energy that, while harmless, makes you feel like you are on fire. The beam can be fired from up to 500 yards away and penetrates through your clothing creating the feeling of 130 degrees on your skin. I have a similar weapon that makes women’s clothes actually catch on fire -my good looks. On a serious note, I’ll be up late tonight thinking of about a million ways I could use this thing -starting with the list of hot chicks I’ll get to strip off their clothes.

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