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​LG 34UC89G Curved LED Gaming Monitor Review

Posted on 12 January 2018

LG has always impressed its users with its long monitors, which provides them with an amazing gaming experience. High speed and responsiveness are among the major qualities in LG products. Moreover, LG has introduced another product for those users who spend time in extensive gaming; this is the LG 34UC89G. It has an amazing 2,560 x 1,080 resolution that is fit for a 34-inch widescreen.

Moreover, it is available in the market for just $900. The set price is not too high for the features and specifications it is offering. If you compare it with other similar products, the price is much lower. The LG 34UC89G has a fast IPS panel, G-Sync, and a curved screen. It is an amazing package for those of you who play games.

If you look at its design, this will catch the attention of users easily. You have an option to access the connectors, and manage the cables by the snap-in piece. If you want to accommodate more people, you can tilt it about 20 degrees. Moreover, it only uses a simple joystick like many other monitors. Maneuvering due to the on-screen menu display is straightforward.

The display of the LG 34UC89G is also worth watching. Another amazing feature that it offers is the dot in the center of the display, which will make it easy for you to make a target in your mind as soon as you see this. However, some competitors have marked this product as a slow-speed one due to its IPS panels, and this is not the case.

Looking thoroughly at all the features, you must buy this product if you are a serious gamer. This would give you an amazing experience. Moreover, it is way better than what is introduced by many other companies in the past.

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Eero Home WiFi System: From the window to the wall

Posted on 02 August 2017

We live in an era of digital innovation and wireless connectivity. Staying digitally connected has become an integral part of our daily lives – both in professional and personal capacity. Well, with the Eero Home WiFi system, things have just gotten a little easier. Eero is a powerful and easily integratabtle wifi device that seamlessly works in every single area of your house. Cutting-edge Eero Beacons blanket your entire house with ultra-fast WiFi.

These beacons are wirelessly connected to each other to form a WiFi mesh, which ensures you have uniform connection throughout your house. Say goodbye to blind spots because with the Eero WiFi system, you will have a connection in every corner of your house, including the yard.

An Eero and two beacons are a good combination for most homes, however, you can add as many beacons as you want to enhance the effectiveness of the mesh. This is a feature unique to Eero. Most WiFi systems have a limited number of beacons that can be added to the system.

There are some subtle features of the Eero home system that makes it a good deice to have, such as the option to locate a connected device and easy installation with regular automatic updates.

The Eero system provides its users a great WiFi experience in which multiple members of a family can use it simultaneously without having to worry about their location or a substantial drop in internet speeds. However, this does not justify the fact that the Eero system is almost twice as expensive as its counterparts from renowned companies like Google.

The system comes with a modem and three beacons, one of which is connected to the Eero and the other two kept in different places in the house. The set is available for $500, which is absurd compared to the price of Google WiFi, a similar system that can be bought in under $200. While the Eero does have some nice features, they are not enough to justify its price, which is why you’re better off getting one of its less expensive counterparts.

Photo by: Eero

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TP-Link Deco M5 Whole-Home Wi-Fi System

Posted on 05 May 2017

The newly released Deco M5 by TP-Link is a Wi-Fi solution for you that ensure the strength of your network regardless of the area or size of your premises. It creates a unified Wi-Fi network for you to enjoy a distinct seamless connection as you move around your home. The system claims to have the most comprehensive security which is easy to set up and delivers uninterrupted signals to every corner around your premise.

The Deco M5 system has its own patented Adaptive Routing Technology (ART) that routinely selects the clearest path for each Deco unit. Regardless of where you are, you always enjoy strong connectivity since you connect automatically to the best Deco unit that is close to you.

The Deco has its own dedicated mobile app that gives you the ability to prioritize devices, share Wi-Fi information, troubleshoot problems and monitor traffic on your connection all from the comfort of your smartphone. It also has its own security software powered by Trend Micro that offers you state of the art protection from security threats and malicious attacks from hackers. The security system regularly updates itself and monitors the traffic for any threat to give you a more robust connection.

The specifications of the Deco M5 include the following:

  • Quad core processor

  • 400 Mbps on 2.4 GHz + 867 Mbps on 5 GHz

  • 2 Gigabit ports in each Deco unit

  • 4 internal antennas in each Deco unit

  • 1 USB Type-C port

  • Bluetooth version 4.2

TP-Link is providing 24/7 lifetime support for this system. At $299 it has a lot more to offer for your connectivity needs. The Deco M5 competes with Google Wi-Fi, Eero and Luma and claims to have additional features as compared to what other devices are offering. The Deco M5 is an excellent choice for your Wi-Fi solution to bring internet connectivity around every corner of your home with an added layer of security.


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Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi System

Posted on 19 December 2016

Instead of using three or four medium-sized pieces of hardware for a Wi-Fi system, Plume has brought an effective solution effective solution, which involves the use of small-sized hardware for separate rooms. It is the world’s first self-optimizing Wi-Fi network driven by cloud technology that acclimatizes with your home in the shortest of time so that every room can have a super fast connection.

Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi System’s technology helps Wi-Fi signals travel fast and well through walls by making use of a distributed system of certain points to travel to each corner, nook and cranny of your house. This means that traveling from one room to another will not have even the slightest interruption in your Wi-Fi experience. Since conventional mesh systems utilize a backhaul channel, every skip between source points breaks the capacity of the network by the number of skips taken for data delivery. Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi System uses a different band or medium for every skip, retaining the fast speed of your Wi-Fi.

Another good feature of the Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi System pods is that they can be plugged into any wall outlet, making your walls clutter free. Furthermore, they are small and hence occupy less space and do not block the neighboring plug space. Regardless of whether you reside in a 3-story house or an urban loft, deciding upon the use of right Plume plod is as simple as summing the total number of rooms in your house (5 rooms = 5 pods).

The setup literally takes two minutes, and offers uninterruptible connection coupled with optimized dataflow. Therefore, whether you are downloading a 5K video or just trying to make a Skype call, Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi System knows how to manage various kinds of traffic to provide an uninterrupted, smooth internet experience. Putting it simply, Plume offers more bandwidth, more coverage and more data intelligence at a highly reasonable price.

Photo by: Plume

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Krups EA9010 Espresso Machine Review

Posted on 30 April 2016

Create your own caffeine buzz at home and skip the trip to the coffee shop.

Krups is known for creating high quality household appliances and has recently launched its new espresso machine, Krups EA9010. While it is a little expensive, the machine is very user friendly and has lots of different options to brew your cup of java-joe with an elegant milk foam feature. So let’s have a closer look.
How the Machine Looks

The black and silver body of the Krups EA9010 Espresso Machine has a very sleek and elegant look to it. The machine is well built and compact. It can hold about 9.9 ounces of whole coffee beans, which is then grounded in another section. Whole coffee beans can be deposited from the top, but if you are using coffee that is already grounded there is an option that allows you to deposit it in another compartment. Not a lot of coffee machines allow for this option, which is great because you will able to use decaf grounded coffee as well.

The machine is not complex because even though it has many features, it still feels very minimalistic. It has all its options on a touch screen, which makes it much more advanced than regular espresso machines. The options allow you to pick how strong and how much coffee you want.

The machine comes with two glasses and a tank where you fill in the water for coffee. The box also contains some water testing materials to ensure the water you use is best for making coffee. The machine has an amazing self cleaning feature. After about ten cups of coffee the machine prompts the user to clean it.

The machine walks you through the cleaning process, such as telling you to empty the grounds and cleaning out the drip tray. Another attractive feature of the machine is that it has a two-step frothing process. It also heats your milk in the cup with a steam nozzle that descends from the top and rolls back. The machine works fairly quickly and you will spend about as much as you do buying coffee in a coffee shop. The box also contains a little recipe book where it explains how to make different types of coffee, including cappuccinos and lattes.

The machine even allows the user to set up favorites, which is great if there are many people using the machine. Krups EA9010 users find that their coffee has an enhanced taste and they can’t tell if it’s homemade or from the coffee shop. The only drawback of this machine is that the grounding creates a lot of noise and the machine is fairly expensive. However, if you really want some high quality cup of Joe every morning then the investment is worth it.

Photo courtesy: KRUPS USA

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LG Smart ThinQ Hub Review

Posted on 06 January 2016

LG and Samsung have quite a rivalry going on. First Samsung introduced its Smart Things and now LG has its very own Smart ThinQ Hub. The metallic cylinder looks like small metallic cylinder and accompanies a pair of speakers so that you can listen to music while working around the house, to top it all off it also has a wide 3.5 inch LCD display that allows you to monitor notifications as you are on the go.

The Good
On the upside, the LG Smart ThinQ Hub allows you to connect various home appliances and pretty much acts like a personal assistant, monitoring and displaying reminders from your personal calendars all the while streaming music from its in build speakers, allowing you to listen to various tunes from iHeartRadio or other Bluetooth enabled devices.

The LG Smart ThinQ Hub makes your life easier by collecting information from all your home appliances such as your refrigerators, cleaners and dishwasher. This allows the user an added advantage to control home appliances via a single device instead of opting for a separate Smartphone app for each home appliance.

The Bad
The device has plenty of similarities to Amazon’s Echo and is pretty much a copy of the product including the similar cylindrical design and the inbuilt speakers.

Bottom Line
The LG Smart ThinQ Hub is available in gorgeous color schemes of Champagne Gold and Black and allows you to take control over all your home appliances. In addition, the LG Smart ThinQ Hub adds convenience to your life and will result in better savings.

The thoughtfully designed product is ideal for users who are always on the go and do not have time to check up on home much, however other users may find the device to be unnecessary and overpriced.

Photo: Courtesy LG

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Samsung’s Robot Vacuum Review: Automate Home Cleaning at An Affordable Rate

Posted on 12 October 2015

Samsung has recently launched a new power packed Robot Vacuum which aims to beat the competition fiercely. The amazing functionality features the new cleaning device includes sure are good enough and incomparable as well. However, looking at its specifications and comparing each feature with other competitive vacuums will show you a different side of story.

The all-new Samsung Robot Vacuum VR9000 has tons of smart features that haven’t been introduced in the vacuum cleaning market. It offers advanced laser-guided spot cleaning and with the assistance of the camera, the robot vacuum can navigate freely around your home. The sensors of this new Samsung Powerbot VR9000 are far more sophisticated than that of similar products currently available in the market.

With an advanced navigation system, you can rest assured that the device will not bump into things accidentally and with its practical design and shape, this new vacuum cleaner can clean all the spaces within your home smoothly, be it a rugged floor or furry carpets.

As compared to the other robotic vacuums, Samsung’s Powerbot is set at a fairly reasonable price. It offers great value for its smart features in contrast with the good old iRobot Roomba. Though you can buy a cheaper robotic vacuum but then you will miss out on a number of features of this new Samsung gadget. It is the best automated cleaning assistant you can get at a price of $999. An affordable yet efficient substitute to the Roomba Vacuum, the new Samsung Robot Vacuum is part of the new emerging technology released by Samsung.

It is also easy to use so there is barely any tricky option that requires extra learning. You can learn to use it within the first few tries. If you are concerned about cleaning the dust on a variety of objects, Samsung has produced a topless product that will meet your requirements and that too at the best price.

Photo credit: Samsung

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