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3D TV’s Breakout in 2012?

Posted on 12 January 2012

3D TV’s have been trying to break into the mainstream for some time now, will 2012 be the year? They were certainly the buzz at this years Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

Sony is making a big push with both 3D TV’s and movies. They introduced a 60″ Brvia LX Series that is ultra thin and looks pretty amazing.

But Panasonic was the WOW of the 3D TV market introducing its 152″ 3D Plasma TV. Yes – 152 inches!  3D aside, this is one amazing visual display – the resolution is 4000 x 2000 – that is where the WOW comes in. You have to see this TV to appreciate the clarity. It will be available this spring, so I have some time to convince my wife to make some room on the wall!

At this point, 3D seems like a novelty to me and I’m not sure if it will really take off until it’s just another feature that comes with nearly every TV.

Check out the video above for more details on these cool new TV’s coming in 2012.


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