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​Apple TV 4K (32GB) Review: Stunning Picture Quality

Posted on 13 October 2017

Apple always comes with gadgets that are revolutionary and have a premium feel. With Amazon TV and Roku dominating the market for 4k/HDR stream boxes, Apple has released its own streaming device that can finally play movies and TV shows in 4k and HDR.


Apple hasn’t really deviated from its original TV design, the new 4K TV looks similar to its predecessor, however, there are slight differences. This model is designed and raised up a bit to expose the air vents, which is what essentially keeps the Apple TV processor cool. It doesn’t come with a USB C port, but instead, Apple chose to go for an HDMI port, an upgraded gigabyte Ethernet jack, and a power outlet. The remote remains similar as well with Siri voice controls, volume controls, play/pause and same motion control capabilities. The only new addition to remote is a ring around menu button, which glows in the dark.

Powered by A10X fusion chips, it makes Apple 4k TV a lot faster and more capable of running huge files. It runs on Apple TV OS, which is far better than what others are offering. The interference is nice and user-friendly however, Apple could have done much better. It comes with 32Gb and 64gb of storage.

Apple now plays movies on HDR and 4k, which offers four times more pixel than 1080p. You can easily see very fine details in movies and TV shows. It supports Dolby Vision and HDR10. Things we loved in Apple 4k TV (32GB) are of course the quality. The colors are much richer now with the good level of depth and clarity. You can point out even the smallest details like hair strands of actors. However, what we didn’t like about Apple 4k content is that it can only be streamed, you can’t download any show or movie and for that.


Is it worth updating to Apple 4k (32GB)? Yes because if you have files downloaded in HD quality, the TV will convert the content to 4K, absolutely free. The processor is powerful to handle large video files, the presentation is smooth and the colors are vibrant. For us, it is must-have upgrade.

Photo by: Apple

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​Yamaha YAS-207 Sound Bar Review

Posted on 04 October 2017

Yamaha mostly known for AV receivers and speakers has come up with the YAS-207 sound bar, which is mid-priced, but can live up to your expectations.


The Yamaha YAS-207 comes with compelling, class-leading performance in a much practical and easy to use package. It’s a sound bar with rectangular woofers, which gives it a slightly modern look. On the front it has touch controls for power, you can use switch inputs and volume control using the panel. It has HDMI ports with HMDI-out (ARC) and HDM-in, and a standard 3.5 audio jack. It also has a USB port to update the firmware. The speaker’s configuration is 5.1 while the dimensions are 36.62 x 2.37 x 4.25 inches (W x H x D).

What makes Yamaha YAS-207 truly special is sound quality. It’s crisp, sharp and clear. The music and dialogues in movies and TV shows are loud enough with deep bass effects. You can further adjust the sound of dialogues by selecting the preset sound profile “clear voice”. This feature comes in handy when you are entertaining a larger number of guests.

The Yamaha YAS-207 produces an impressive virtual sound by using latest codes knows as DTS Virtual X. The idea of this new codec is that people can enjoy surround sound no matter where you install the device, and you will also be able to enjoy the surround-sound effect at any volume. If that’s not enough, the product also comes with 4k sound capability although the tech is not revolutionary, with this price tag it can really shame several of its expensive rivals. We tested the sound by watching a soccer match in ultra HD settings, we are happy to announce that we were impressed. The sound of the crowd and commentary did, in fact, feel as if I watching the match live. While playing a movie we noticed that background music and crowd chatting can be clearly heard.


With its price tag, the Yamaha YAS-207 totally takes the lead; those who are short on budget, but want the experience of surround sound don’t have to look any further. This is definitely the system for you. Setting it up is very simple, balanced sound and excellent value for money totally makes it a wonderful option.

Photo by: Yamaha

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Vizio SB3621 Review: Entertainment Amplified

Posted on 22 September 2017

A reliable speaker is hard to find and the ones that have prices that touch the roof. Modern homes ask for more affordable as well as portable speakers that can look not only good near the television but also sound good. The Vizio SB3621 soundbar is an excellent speaker with great movie sounds and an even better wireless sub feature. The quality of sound is superb, and there are many good reviews of the speaker on the internet.

Priced at around $150, the compact speaker has a Bluetooth function as well as a wireless subwoofer that plays the best bass sounds. Imagine watching a horror movie with your friends. The sudden scares will leave you all breathless and everyone will surely praise the sound system. Comparing it to Google’s Chromecast, the Vizio is a better deal in home theatres designed to consider the changing times today. There is no excess wiring and no heavy equipment to move from place to place, just a 36- inch speaker that is lighter than most speakers.

If you are wondering if the material the brand manufactures the speaker from is low regarding quality, you can rest assured. People ask questions like is it made of plywood? Will it break easily? How could it be so cheap and still be so good? You need not worry about it because the speakers have a strong resistance to water and are high in durability as well.

The top of the speaker has a set of volume controls placed in a smart style and do not take a lot of space, which leaves your speaker as untouched as it could get. If you’re in the market and wondering which speakers are the best, we will recommend you take a chance on the Vizio SB3621. The price is reasonable and the features great!

Photo by: Vizio

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​Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3 Plus

Posted on 23 August 2017

​Are your friends coming over today? Do they love music and taking turns to put up songs? Will you be going on vacation soon? How will you keep yourself entertained? Well, that’s easy. All you need to do is find the right Bluetooth speaker, and you are all set to embark on your many adventures.

Bluetooth has surely made life easy for people who do not like the use of wires. Wires always get tangled up which is why Bluetooth speakers are amazing. However, since they run on battery power, customers complain of the speakers running out of power quickly. That changes with the Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3 Plus. A powerful speaker as this one is capable of loud sounds regardless of its size. The price itself is lower than most Bluetooth speakers including that of Bose.

The Oontz Angle 3 Plus automatically pairs itself with the last phone it was paired with, lessening the time to connect. The design of the Oontz Angle 3 Plus only contains a play/pause button and no volume adjustment, which means you have to use the screen to perform most of the functions. Do not worry if you get a phone call in the middle of the song. The Oontz Angle allows the ability to become an auxiliary speaker with clear sounds. The major feature of this speaker is the IPX5 rating which means it is not only splash proof but also rain, dust proof with a hard surface that can survive a large impact. You can take the speakers with you at the beach and enjoy your favorite songs while you bathe in the sun. The lower price, durability and loud sounds are good enough reasons for people to buy it. Hopefully, the speakers will have a lasting impression on you the first time you look at it.

Photo by: Oontz

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VIZIO E50-E1: Ultra HD Home Theater Display™ Review

Posted on 18 August 2017

We have observed how TVs from the same series of a dedicated company provide a relatively similar experience, despite the difference in size. The same cannot be said about Vizio’s latest release, the 2017 E-series.

The distinctive quality of every Vizio TV in the E Series, including the E50-E1, which sets it apart from the others, is its SmartCast system. Alternatively known as a Chromecast built-in, the feature enables you to stream videos on your TV via your smartphone. You can also control most of its functions simply from your phone. Whether you want to play your favorite music on Spotify, or watch your favorite TV series on Netflix, the E50-E1 has it all.

SmartCast gives you access to some features that are absent in Chromecast, such as that of Amazon Video. A “Google Home” option is also available, which lets you interact with your TV using voice control.

However, there are aspects of the E Series that might cause to you to think twice about buying the HD screen. One of these is the huge diversity in picture quality of the screens. Screens that are larger than 55 inches provide excellent picture quality, but most companies are not able to deliver in this aspect. What the Vizio E-Series lacks is good picture quality when it comes to their smaller screens.

However, the E50-51 is still one of the best available options for you if you’re a fan of excellent medium-sized HD display. A 4k HD panel with a resolution of 3840×2160 provides the perfect Smart TV experience, with ultra HD display and lightning fast streaming. The screen is embedded with active LED Zones, which aims to enhance sharpness in color and depth in contrast.
If you’re a fan of Smart TVs that can actually deliver what they promise, you should definitely add the Vizio E50-E1 to your list of choices. At a price of $470, you should make sure you really want it because you have a lot of choices with this kind of a budget.

Photo by: Vizio

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The Vizio D65-E0: Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV

Posted on 14 August 2017

When we talk about decorating our rooms, there is a lot to think about. You cannot afford to go astray with anything that doesn’t compliment the design and color scheme of your furniture. Even if you get everything right, you still need to take care of one small (not literally) detail – your TV.

With the advancement in technology, you do not have the leverage to buy something that will just be replaced by a bigger, badder model within six months. This is why you must go for something that is good enough to stay “new” for the long run. Go for the Vizio D65-E0, a 65-inch flat screen that gives you an amazing experience without causing huge strain on your wallet.

Experts at Vizio have become highly popular, not just because of good appliances they have produced, but also because they somehow manage to mess up something or the other in their models. Their series always have a model or two that shut their critics up, apart from the rest, which range from average to highly mediocre TVs.

The Vizio D65-E0 can be classified as being one of those products that have brought endless fame to the company. With its outstanding picture quality and reasonable price, it’s a force to be reckoned with. It owes its superior picture quality to a “local dimming” feature, which increases sharpness in color and depth in sharpness, providing a better visual experience, especially clarity in dark scenes, which some of the best TVs fail to deliver.

Apart from its functional efficiency, the Vizio D65 is aesthetically sound as well. It has a thin metallic frame with conventional spindly legs that give it a contemporary design. Having it in your room will just add to its ambience.

The Vizio D65-E0 gives you a superb experience with its 4k HD display at a price that is significantly less than TVs from other brands. Its price tag of $850 makes it a successful product because no other company is offering a screen this size at a price this low.

Photo by: Vizio

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Google Chromecast Audio: Stream To Your Speakers

Posted on 04 August 2017

The success of the Google Chromecast gave the tech giant the license (not that they needed one) to set their eyes towards audio streaming. With the introduction of the Chromecast Audio, Google has exceeded expectations once again by developing a product that has made audio streaming easier than it ever was.

The Chromecast Audio aims to bring wireless streaming to your speakers. It functions on the same principle as the Chromecast, except that is exclusively used for audio devices. It is the size of a small disk, which incorporates two hard-wired connections; a microUSB port, which is used solely as a connection to the power source, and a 3.5mm optical output. However, a major difference between the Chromecast and the Chromecast Audio is the absence of an HDMI port in the latter, which plays an essential role in the former.

It functions exactly like its predecessor – by connecting to your WiFi connection and streaming audio over the network, which your speakers can then play. This means that you have the ability to bring music to an offline device (speakers, amplifiers, soundbars, etc) with the help of your computer or your smartphone, provided you have a Cast compatible app. You can find a variety of different applications that you can subscribe to for free such as Spotify, TuneIn Radio and Google Play Music.
Moreover, the Chromecast Audio does not change the quality of the sound produced by your speakers or headphones.

The product is just another example of how we live in a wireless world. Subtle benefits of the device include improved battery life and the ability to move around with your phone or your notebook. This $35 dongle has a portable design. You can carry it in your pocket. And at such a low price, it is an accessory you should have, just for sake of having it.

Photo by: Google

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