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​OnePlus Bullets Wireless Headphones Review

Posted on 07 June 2018

If you are looking for a pair of earphones that provide surround sound without a hassle, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that OnePlus has finally launched wireless headphones. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that engineers have done a great job on the Bullets headphones to make them look entirely different from the company’s previous earphones.

OnePlus Bullets sits securely and comfortably on the ears. You can find it in three distinctive sizes of stabilization fins and silicone tips. You need to make sure to tighten seal or else you won’t get a lot of basses. Also, a loosen seal may affect the quality of sound as well. The earbuds of Bullets Wireless sports 9.2mm drivers and are designed with aluminum.

It is worth mentioning that these earphones are sweat-resistant which means you can spend long hours in the gym wearing Bullets Wireless Headphones on a daily basis. However, this pair of earphones is not waterproof. You should avoid swimming wearing OnePlus headphones.

The Bullets Wireless headphones provide neutral and balanced sound. You get just a right amount of bass. It is leaner and sculpted than most Bluetooth earphones available on the market. The accurate and detailed sound will surely enhance your music experience.

OnePlus bullets offer an easy-to-wear neckband. It sports a LED that assists pairing, USB Type-C port, and a single button. The neckband of the headphones is made with a matte and soft liquid silicone. You will the find it lightweight and flexible. The developers have incorporated a hint of red to add color to the device.

There are in-line control buttons for volume up and down. Also, you will get a single button in the middle to play or stop the device. You can even summon Google assistant with the similar button. With comfort and top-notch sound, $69 doesn’t sound a bad deal.

Photo by: OnePlus

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​Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Review

Posted on 27 April 2018

Fitness junkies would be delighted to learn that Fitbit has launched the Versa – a fitness watch with improved quality, design, and battery life. It shares the same functionality as of its predecessor and the company’s flagship model – the Fitbit Ionic.

The Versa has given a fresh look and comes in silver, rose gold and black. The company has termed it as Squircle due to its square shape and round edges. The Versa doesn’t weighs that much compared to other fitness watches and is super comfortable to wear – you can wear it for hours on end without being irritated. That is because the designers have used anodized aluminum and ultra-thin casing for large and small wrists alike.

The material doesn’t make it look cheap and the product is a definitely a trendy and valuable addition to your workout attire. Moreover, on the left side, Versa has back/wake-up button and a “finish workout” button and two small pause buttons on the right side – all are ergonomically placed.

Another very important thing to look for in fitness wrist wearables is the ease of taking the product off and putting it on – and how comfortable the strap is. There is no question your experience with the Fitbit Versa will be awesome as it comes with interchangeable straps and you can replace them with silicon, fabric, or even colored metal to add more style.

The display offers vibrant colors. It is worth noting that its brightness goes up to 1,000-nits and it will remain visible in daytime and underwater as well facilitating your workout session. Now, you can go swimming wearing Fitbit Versa without giving it a second thought.

Also, the touchscreen functions well and does not have latency issues like previous devices. You can also track various exercises via the exercise app and it will provide necessary information such as distance, time, burned calorie intake, calories burned, etc. In all, investing in a device that provides splendid overall performance on a budget doesn’t seem a bad idea.

Photo by: Fitbit

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​Plantronics BackBeat Fit 300 Review: Wireless, Sweatproof, Sport Earbuds

Posted on 20 October 2017

Plantronics has introduced a new set of headphones called the BackBeat Fit 300, which they claim that it is the world’s lightest Bluetooth headphones ever. According to them, you can easily use them during your fitness routines and when you are done with it you can enjoy them much like any other headphones.


The BackBeat Fit 300 headphones are design simple and plain with integrated loops and are a bit oval in shape, to perfectly fit your ear canals. The fit is quite snug and firm, which means you can easily perform your morning cycling or jogging routine and not worry about having to continuously adjust the headphones.

They are designed to isolate the noise in a way that it covers the ear canal. I tested them during my normal and tough fitness exercises and I found them to be really secure, they didn’t come off the ears easily.

The headphones have a pretty nice sound, the bass quality is above-par and the music you listen to is delivery with clarity and zero-distortion. The brand can easily compete with Beats X, which is more pricier than the BackBeat Fit 300. The battery life on the headphones is reasonable enough, it can last up to six hours, which is not great, but not bad either. I really didn’t like the inline remote; its slightly bulky and takes away the feeling of being an ultra-light headphone set. The inline remote contains the battery and USB charging port.

The inline microphone won’t disappoint you either. While jogging I answered few calls and the receiver did not complain of any background noise even though I was jogging in a rather crowded park.

I think the BackBeat Fit 300 is good for recreational use. It does somehow cancels ambient noises, providing you with a much clearer and crisp sound experience.


If you are really on a tight budget, but want to enjoy a crisp and bass-riddles music listening experience, it is a good idea to opt for the BackBeat Fit 300. You can get them under $80.

Photo by: Plantronics

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​Apple AirPods Review: Wireless and Effortless

Posted on 17 October 2017

After much debut and criticism from the public and fans, Apple’s infamous wireless AirPods are finally here. Announced during the revealing of iPhone 7, they are wireless earphones which connect with Bluetooth and specially made for iPhone 7 since it does not have 3.5mm audio jack.


Apple AirPods design is basic and takes much of its liking from its predecessors. Honestly speaking they look the same with only one exception that there is no wire. We liked how clean the design is but overall we didn’t like the fit and comfort. Even though it fit me well, it didn’t fit properly in the ears of my colleagues when we were testing them. Apple has not included ear tips in AirPods, and we still wonder why? The possibility that you may buy it without trying and it will fit in your ear is slim to none. We strongly recommend to try them before you decide on buying them.

What we liked about them is Apple’s use of the W1 chip. It gives a solid Bluetooth connection without any breaks and constant need to reconnect them. Battery life is also very good, with continuous playback, they can last up to 5 hours, and you can charge them quickly. Being the basic earphones, they will not provide you with awesome sound quality. We played a couple of music, and we think that sound quality is good to average. However, the quality remains constant and doesn’t drop due to a strong Bluetooth connection.


Is it worth getting Apple AirPods? If you are looking for awesome sound experience in $150 price tag, then look somewhere else. In this price tag there are several other good options available but if you want earphones to use solely on iPhone 7 then go for it as they are designed to work with Siri and IOS.

Photo by: Apple

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Oakley Radar Pace: Synchronized Smart Eyewwear

Posted on 24 May 2017

Oakley Radar Pace is a synchronized, smart eyewear with a voice activated coaching system which creates a special training program, keeps track of your performance and trains you in the act. It does that by collecting and analyzing your individual performance data, which includes power output, heart rate, cadence, speed, time, and distance.

Furthermore, it monitors your performance as a constant trainer, adjusting your coaching zones as you progress, provides you with personalized coaching that precisely adapt to your capabilities. Another impressive feature of Oakley Radar Pace remains its ability to analyze information from internal sensors, and connect with your sensors that use Bluetooth or ANT+.


  • The device pairs to external sensors, such as distance, cadence, time, power output, etc, via Intel technology
    and sensor data integration.
  • Pairs to internal sensors, such as gyroscope, humidity, accelerometer, pressure, proximity.
  • Allows the use of microphones to enable voice commands.
  • Water/sweat resistant.
  • Lenses are interchangeable in order to enhance progress in any environment. Road visual acuity is sharpened
    with the help of Prizm Road lens.
  • Comes with protective gear, including Oakley’s Soft Vault, which also comes with extra capacity for additional
  • Can be recharged through a USB cable.
  • The whole package includes Clear lens for poor light conditions, two Ear Booms, eyewear case, a small bag,
    two Nose Pads, PRIZM Road lens, an Aero Clip, a quick user’s manual and a Micro USB cable.


  • Full UV Protection: The radar pace’s lens completely protects the eyes from harmful UVB, UVA, and UVC up to
  • Impact Protection: The device provides users with uncompromising security against high mass and high-
    velocity impact.
  • Top Quality Optics: Oakley eyewear is patented by HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS®, which allows the radar pace to
    not only meet but exceeds the quality standards of optical clarity, impact resistance and visual fidelity, offering
    great results.

Photo by: Oakley

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Braven Flye Sport Go Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Posted on 20 January 2017

Incipio-owned Braven is excelling in the wireless earphones game with model designed especially for sports, which will feature cord-free earphones and ear hooks on each ear bud.

o Wireless earphones
o IPX waterproof rated
o Playtime of 4 hours
o Hi-glow flash lights ear hooks for optimizing external visibility
o A charging case of 1400mAh which can help you add extra 20 hours of playtime and can also be doubled as a small travelling case
o Control EQ settings, virtual listening environments and bass boost through Sport Active application
o Available in different colors including crimson, silver, electric and slate

Offering an IPX5 waterproof rating and seven hours of continuous playtime and, these lightweight earphones provide users with low-profile comfort tips that fir in the ears smoothly and remain in place throughout any activity for a steady and enjoyable listening experience.

These Flye Sport Go earphones come with a water-resistant carry case and can therefore be easily stuffed into a purse or gym bag, providing maximum portability for activities and travel. You can choose these earphones from a number of colors including Slate and Electric, Crimson and silver for $50. Best suited for cycling or roadside, the Braven Flye Sport Go earphones are crafted with a reflective lining, which provides extra visual protection during morning activities.

The earphones also come with an app-activated flashlight, which you can use to set for safety reasons when cycling, walking at night or running. Moreover, you can also adjust the sound with the help of the same app and activate the earphones’ feature of Audio Ambient Awareness to let the outside sound in and hear the surroundings better. You can also make calls through the incorporated microphone thanks to the physical controls on the ear buds.

Overall, the features of this product make it a great buy, especially keeping its price in mind. So, if you want good quality earphones, the Braven Flye Sport Go is a great choice.

Photo by: Braven

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Vinci Smart Hearable: First Smart 3D Headphones

Posted on 30 December 2016

You cannot see it while you are wearing them, yet it’s there. Vinci is a wireless, smart headphone driven by cloud technology and managed through voice commands. There remains no need to hook it with a smartphone, and they have a touch-screen on the side for the controls.

It is also the first 3D smart headphone, which can comprehend the user’s commands since it is powered by artificial intelligence and voice recognition to double as a music studio, phone, personal assistant, and more. Features include an advanced noise cancellation, 3D recording, a 3.2-inch touch-screen display, transparency mode, ability to screen body vitals, services based on location, and much more.

The headphones weigh around 260g, and have a battery lifespan of 10 hours for continuous playback. Vinci Smart Hearable will play or stream music from Spotify, Amazon Music or Soundcloud, and has an internal storage of 32GB and 1GB RAM on a regular model.

It will also recommend tracks and observe your listening behaviors. Besides, they also comprise of head tracking sensors and 3D binaural sound. Music suggestions will be likely based on listening habits, body vitals, preferences, and activities

The device comes with an ARM Cortex-A7 processor and 3G support, which facilitates the device to work on T-Mobile and AT&T networks. The product comes in a beautiful design and bright colors, and without a protective pouch. Some users find the use of the headphones a bit tricky, since figuring out how to select custom play and play music lists from other playlists was rather difficult and time consuming.

The sound quality is commendable, although not the best. Also, since these headphones have a built-in noise cancellation system, they work great for commute and travel. Lastly, the headphones are quite comfortable to wear and fit very nicely. The foam padding feels amazing against the skin and the headphones come with more adjustment options for enhanced comfort.

Photo by: Vinci

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