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Turbo Kid – a Nostalgic Tribute to the 80s

Posted on 15 September 2015

Turbo Kid is set in an alternative post apocalyptic timeline. It follows the story of our orphaned hero, a teenager only known as Kid, who manages to make a living in the harsh wasteland by selling kitsch memorabilia but one day stumbles upon a female robot that quickly befriends him but later gets kidnapped by the movie’s main villain, Zeus. Now, our hero must go on a quest to save his robot friend from the evil clutches of the bad guy who also happens to control the only water supply. Expect the movie to be completely over the top and downright insane with plenty of blood and satire on the way.

The Good
The movie, even though the actions sequences are not thoroughly scripted, manages to make each fight feel entertaining with the sheer amount of ridiculousness and running gags. Even with all the blood spilling and gushing about beyond the limits of what is rationally possible, the movie does it in a way that it doesn’t feel horrifying. In fact, the directors have taken two aspects of human life, death and blood, which disturb people the most, and have creatively incorporated them into a story that will make you laugh.

The Bad
The humor and the satire are unable to hide the dull moments of the film but fortunately these instances are few and far between. The script did have room for better and funnier dialogues but still, overall it does its job right.

The Ugly
Why hasn’t everyone died from radiation? And speaking of radiation, where are the oversized cockroaches… with a British accent?

The Verdict
The movie has an overall decent plot and uses clichés and satires in a most creative way. The movie is definitely worth a watch and you can expect plenty of laughs and energy, enough to keep you entertained throughout the whole journey and maybe even go for a second watch!

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Stage Fright – Sing Your Heart Out

Posted on 10 July 2014

Everyone is aware of the fact that the most interesting subgenre of horror is the musical horror. There are some great examples of entertaining horror musicals that did the job, including Frank Oz’s Little Shop of Horrors and Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. However, horror musicals in general lack the cutting edge to help them rise above the limitations of the genre and become mainstream successes. This is where Stage Fright faces its biggest challenge. No doubt there is a market for horror movies but do the people want to see a horror musical?

Starring Allie MacDonald as Camilla Swanson, a shy singer disturbed by her past, who wants to follow in the footsteps of her mother who was murdered on the opening night performance of “The Haunting of the Opera”. Camilla does everything she can to get the lead role in the play and fulfill her dreams, but she doesn’t know she is the target of the bloodlust of a killer, who kills anyone who believes that the show must go on.

The concept of this movie is creative which allows the director of the movie, Jerome Sable, to experiment and have some fun along the way. The songs and the set-ups are solid and the violence is wicked, in a way that should appeal to horror lovers. The only drawback is that the movie has been made on a low budget. It is quite clear that the low budget constrained the director’s vision and he could have gone for a grander scale had he gotten the money for it.
Even with the slight bumps due to the low budget, the movie has all the ingredients of being a good horror musical. Best of all, it has a sense of mischievousness in its mix of music, comedy and horror that make it inventive and a great addition to this interesting subgenre.

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4 Upcoming Movies Worth Watching

Posted on 11 April 2014

This year, there is a lot hype and anticipation for some really good movies that will provide the audiences an experience beyond the stories they tell. 2014 has been surprising with the movies already released like Robocop, 300: Rise of an Empire and Captain America: Winter Soldier. Moviegoers have a lot of expectations and want much more than the usual. Keeping this in mind, here are 4 upcoming movies worth watching:

1. Godzilla
After the failure of the previous release in 1998, the Japanese legend was reduced to being a big lizard. To reinvent the concept, a lot of time has been invested in the production with great focus placed on the story and cast to ensure it is a perfect blend of entertainment and thrills.

2. X-Men: Days of Future Past
The franchise has always been loyal to the comics and the way the creators envisioned it to be. The movie guarantees an immersive story with complex action sequences and technology that will make the moviegoer wonder what is real and what isn’t. The movie explores the survival of the mutant species across time.

3. A Million Ways to Die in the West
From the director of Ted comes another promising release that is set to blow your mind. The movie is set in the Old West and involves respected celebrities like Liam Neeson, Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried with a comedic twist never attempted before.

4. Maleficent
Based on the classic book Sleeping Beauty, the movie is set to give the viewers an experience in the world of the one of the most iconic villains of all time. The story is told from Maleficent’s perspective.

The movies are set to be released in May 2014. With innovative stories and creative casts, it is reassuring to know that you can expect movies that are much more than just a way to kill time.

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Five Movies of 2013 That Were a Complete Waste of Time

Posted on 28 March 2014

How good a movie is doesn’t always depend on the budget and star cast. There is a lot more required, keeping in mind that various components need to be work together to appeal to the masses and for the movie to be successful in the box office. The past year saw the release of several movies that were considered by audiences to be a waste of time. Here are 5 of them:

1. After Earth
The movie, even with a massive budget and a renowned cast, was unable to satisfy moviegoers. The lack of emphasis on storytelling and its similarities and nods to other movies like Star Trek made it seem like a rip-off.

2. Movie 43
Even though the movie featured an impressive arsenal of celebrities, the movie failed to qualify as even worth watching. The comedy was nothing more than offensive jokes with gross out humor.

3. Grown Ups 2
The movie does nothing more than to cash in on overly used puns and jokes. There is no plot to which one could actually relate. The movie is about four guys and their confrontations in everyday life that has no logic or rationality whatsoever.

For Ghostbusters fans it is nothing more than a reincarnation of what was envisioned in the 80s. The film is more of a cat and mouse chase that takes place in suburban areas without any logic. There is a lack of a strong plot which only seems to worsen as the movie progresses.

5. The Hangover Part III
The moral of the story is that alcohol and drug abuse are deadly and lead to uncomfortable situations. The essence has been carried out through the series. Frankly, it has no innovation and just seems as nothing more as an attempt to cash in on the franchise with an unnecessary sequel.
These are five movies from 2013 that were a complete waste of time.

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4 Movies You Just Never Get Bored Watching

Posted on 18 March 2014

Movies have proven to be a recognized medium of portraying art in its finest form. The genres are unlimited with room for innovation and limitless possibilities. There are times when movies that offer so much in so many areas that watching it more than once will enhance the experience. These evergreen movies are the sources from which directors take inspiration and create their own masterpieces. Here are 4 movies you just never get bored watching:

1. Back to the Future
Based on the concept of time travel, this movie has been enjoyed and praised by the masses for its concept. The movie is entertaining due to its diversity and is much more than just a science fiction movie. The concept of time travel and the ripple affect along with laughs every now and then make it a movie worth watching over and over.

2. Spiderman
For every superhero fan, there is no other equal to Spiderman. Targeting all age groups, the movie is a spectacle. The movie is much more than an action movie as it explores important life lessons. It is a story of how an individual can bring about change with a little courage. Nonetheless the movie will leave the audiences leaping from their seats at Spidey’s feats and action.

3. Jurassic Park
Almost every child is fascinated by dinosaurs. Jurassic Park is the ultimate dinosaur movie in every sense of the word. The movie is a combination of suspense and thrills and keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats.

4. E.T
For all those questioning the possibility of alien existence, E.T feeds their fantasies with its own perspective on how other worldly beings look and behave. The movie captures the emotion and connection of the bond between alien and his earthly guardian. It is a story so touching that it will melt your heart.
These are 4 movies you just never get bored watching.

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Experience Alternate Reality With the Sony HMZ-T3W

Posted on 23 September 2013

p>How many times have you liked a movie so much that you wished to be a part of it? Well, now you can enter your favorite movie thanks to Sony. With a few major tweaks to the original design, Sony has introduced the HMZ-T3W. The new personal 3D viewer will surely leave you amazed.

The HMZ-T3W is the second generation personal 3D visor manufactured by Sony. The visor features two Organic LEDs, each of which offers a 1280 X 720 pixel resolution. The resolution is less than its predecessor, but this doesn’t affect the picture quality. In fact, the picture quality on this device is much better than the previous model.

Sony has made substantial improvement to the HMZ-T3W, ensuring that users will definitely love the device. The older device had to be plugged into a power outlet to use. With the HMZ-T3W, the company has eliminated the need for wires. The device can be charged and provides a good battery time. If connected through Wi-Fi, the user should get up to three hours of viewing time. So, if you plan on watching a movie on the HMZ-T3W, the battery life is sufficient. On the other hand, if connected through HDMI, you can get up to seven hours from the battery.

The HMZ-T3W comes with a pair of amazing headphones and a sixteen millimeter driver. The headphones create surround sound to provide a great viewing experience. However, the best part is yet to come; you can connect the HMZ-T3W to almost anything. You can view videos on your computer and even attach it to a smartphone or tablet.

The HMZ-T3W design is very elegant and is lighter than its predecessor. In addition, it is more comfortable to wear and fits more securely.

The features offered by the HMZ-T3W are quite convincing. This is why the device is expected to cost around $2000 although a release date has not been confirmed.

Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or simply wish to enjoy movies in 3D, you will love the HMZ-T3W.


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Movie Rentals Come to iTunes, Wal-Mart Shuts Down Video Downloads

Posted on 27 December 2007

The face of online video is evolving almost daily. New sites, new deals – no wonder the writers are on strike. It was announced today that Wal-Mart has shut down their online video download service after just a year. Engadget sites abandoned support from HP which put an end to their back-end. Users will still be able to watch the videos they purchased on Wal-Mart’s site but only on the machine originally used to download them. Without continued technology support the DRM makes the flicks unmovable. So one more try by one of the big guys, and one more down (who the hell buys movies from Wal-Mart’s site anyway).

Now on to Apple. It’s rumored Apple will make an official announcement at January’s Macworld that they have partnered with Fox to bring users online video rental downloads through iTunes. The deal is also said to include new physical DVDs from Fox that will include a pre-ripped format for transfer right into iTunes. Apple has been reluctant to venture into the rental model with music, but video is a different animal all together. Until now, Apple has been unable to convince many of the major movie studios to offer their content for download. There may be a similiar deal in the works with Steve Job’s bed buddy Disney.

Netflix added had a similar download rental component to their mail order rentals some time ago, but needless to say no support for iPods and iTunes integration.

So perhaps another big step for Apple taking the bull by the horns in a market with no clear leader, no clear technology and an unclear customer base. It would seem to be a good move for Apple to leverage the massive iPod / iTunes culture and take another stab at the home entertainment market they failed to capture with the first generation of Apple TV. But of course that’s like to evolve in January as well. Stay tuned.

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