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​Anker SoundCore Boost Review

Posted on 06 October 2017

Anker has made quite a name when it comes to sound devices. They have recently introduced new a sound accessory by the name of Anker SoundCore Boost. By its design and functions you can easily say that it’s a smaller version of SoundCore 2, but its way better.


Anker has really stepped up their game when it comes to design; this SoundCore Boost has a soft rubberized finish with rather large buttons on top for easy handling. The top also features Bluetooth connectivity functions, play/pause options, and volume control. It also sports USB input and has a 3.5mm audio jack port. You can connect it wirelessly as it as a good range of connection, which is up to 60 meters. You can use the USB port to charge various devices; this feature always comes handy when you run out of charging ports.

Anker SoundCore Boost is water resistant with an IPX5 rating so you really don’t have to worry about small splashes or wet hands. Its decent 5,200 mAH battery gives you 10-12 hours of music playback. You can use the boost system by pressing the boost button located on top of the device. It has Anker’s patented Boost up technology. We played different tracks and turned the boost button on. It was a real pleasure to know that sound quality was actually really good. Several deep bass frequencies can be easily handled by Anker SoundCore boost with good results. Even at louder volume, the bass quality remained pretty awesome and quite refreshing to the ears as it does not distort or create any additional noise.


The design may not be so outstanding, but with this price tag, it has exceptionally good sound quality. Sound always depends on the size of the speakers, the Anker SoundBoast Core may be small, but it does not make any comprises when comes boosting frequencies. With a decent battery life and water-resistant capabilities, it is really a useful sound device. It will give you nice sound with you have to spend through the roof.

Photo by: Anker

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​Yamaha YAS-207 Sound Bar Review

Posted on 04 October 2017

Yamaha mostly known for AV receivers and speakers has come up with the YAS-207 sound bar, which is mid-priced, but can live up to your expectations.


The Yamaha YAS-207 comes with compelling, class-leading performance in a much practical and easy to use package. It’s a sound bar with rectangular woofers, which gives it a slightly modern look. On the front it has touch controls for power, you can use switch inputs and volume control using the panel. It has HDMI ports with HMDI-out (ARC) and HDM-in, and a standard 3.5 audio jack. It also has a USB port to update the firmware. The speaker’s configuration is 5.1 while the dimensions are 36.62 x 2.37 x 4.25 inches (W x H x D).

What makes Yamaha YAS-207 truly special is sound quality. It’s crisp, sharp and clear. The music and dialogues in movies and TV shows are loud enough with deep bass effects. You can further adjust the sound of dialogues by selecting the preset sound profile “clear voice”. This feature comes in handy when you are entertaining a larger number of guests.

The Yamaha YAS-207 produces an impressive virtual sound by using latest codes knows as DTS Virtual X. The idea of this new codec is that people can enjoy surround sound no matter where you install the device, and you will also be able to enjoy the surround-sound effect at any volume. If that’s not enough, the product also comes with 4k sound capability although the tech is not revolutionary, with this price tag it can really shame several of its expensive rivals. We tested the sound by watching a soccer match in ultra HD settings, we are happy to announce that we were impressed. The sound of the crowd and commentary did, in fact, feel as if I watching the match live. While playing a movie we noticed that background music and crowd chatting can be clearly heard.


With its price tag, the Yamaha YAS-207 totally takes the lead; those who are short on budget, but want the experience of surround sound don’t have to look any further. This is definitely the system for you. Setting it up is very simple, balanced sound and excellent value for money totally makes it a wonderful option.

Photo by: Yamaha

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​Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II Review

Posted on 02 October 2017

Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones are not a new gadget, but a rather update to previous one. It was already a cool gadget to have, but now it just gets better.


Bose QuietComfort 35 II now sports a new action button on the left ear which lets you connect your “Google Assistant.” You can access without touching any button, just download the app on your IOS or Android device, connect these headphones and start giving commands to Google Assistant. Aside from the new action button, all remains similar. Same design with comfy fit and out-of-the-box noise cancellation capability. You can use it on Siri was well with 20 hours of battery life with noise cancellation active. If you run out of battery you use it in passive mode by connecting it to the cord, this may sacrifice some sound quality, but with more than 20 hours of continuous playback, I think it’s more to ask for.

Sound wise, Bose QuietComfort 35 II is as good as it previously was. You can expect the same level of sound quality with clear and crisp sound. I played some music and was glad that they didn’t change anything at all. The experience as similar as it was before. I could hear the sounds of background music and people chatting which is a nice touch. Noise Cancellation does work as most people think it’s just a gimmick. When driving in busy traffic I was able to get good sound quality, all I heard was my music sounds not the sound of beeping horns.


Overall, you can consider purchasing this handy gadget. The product will deliver good-quality sound, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite music, movies, and games, or any other purpose for which you might use the headphones.

Photo by: Bose

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Bose SoundLink Micro Review: Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Posted on 29 September 2017

The Bose SoundLink Micro promises to be one of the best-sounding speakers money can buy. The SoundLink Micro gets everything right for a speaker this size. However, it may seem a bit costlier than other similar products to some buyers.

You also get a battery-life indicator that is near the Micro-USB charging port with volume controls on the speaker. In addition, there is a multifunction button to control the playback. The battery lasts for 6 hours, which is usually the standard for other kinds of speakers.

The speakers have been stress-tested by numerous users and they have provided several favorable reviews about the how well the product performs in different environments. The product is built to maintain a rock solid Bluetooth connection so you can link it wirelessly with other Bose speakers via the Bose Connect app.

Product Specifications

The following are the major key specs of the Bose SoundLink Micro.

  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Size: 1.5 inches
  • Charger: Micro-USB
  • Price: $110, £100 or $AU170
  • Colors: Bright orange, midnight blue and black
  • Battery life: 6 hours
  • IPX rating: IPX7


It is an efficient pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker that is capable to play rich and loud sounds compared to several other similar products in the market. Being waterproof, the product performs well in all kinds of environments. It has a built-in microphone for speaker calls along with an integrated strap.

With high quality components and tear resistant rubber strap, users can easily clip the speaker onto just about anything such as a bag or your bike’s handle. The speaker also features a base port on its underside. The speaker is engineered to rest on a flat surface for better performance.

It is the company’s moderately expensive and smallest Bluetooth model that intends to defy other conventional speakers currently available.

Final Verdict

The Bose SoundLink Micro speaker delivers exceptional performance with an incredible Bluetooth audio performance, especially for its size. However, it is a bit expensive for its features and specifications.

Photo by: Bose

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Pioneer Rayz Rally: Lightning Powered Pocket-Sized Speaker

Posted on 28 September 2017

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re attending a meeting in a conference room and you’re required to play an audio file on your mobile phone or make a conference call, but you find that your device is just not loud enough for everyone to listen to? I’m sure some of us have been in that situation and we know it can be frustrating and embarrassing at the same time. With the new Pioneer Rayz Rally, you will never be caught off-guard.

Power Efficient:
The Rayz Rally is an ultra compact, pocket-sized conference speaker, which can be plugged into the lightning port of your Macbook, iPhone or any other iOS device. This feature of the Rayz Rally saves you from the hassle of having to charge it. No charging or batteries required. Just plug and play.

The Rayz Rally is small, no doubt, but it packs a serious punch. Some people compare the clarity of the Rayz Rally to that of a conference system. It is undoubtedly louder than it looks and it does not sacrifice sound quality for volume.

Rally has a smart button, yes, just one smart button, which can be used to mute/un-mute and play/pause.

Talk and Charge:
Talk while charging your phone using Rally’s integrated charging port.

The Good:
Rally is highly portable, does not require charging and can prove an effective alternative for a complex conference system. It is easy to use and works on a simple plug and play principle. The box includes the speaker itself, a carry bag and a user manual. The speaker comes with a warranty of up to 12 months.

The Bad:
For something small and only slightly more efficient than its counterparts, Rally is pretty expensive, tagged at $99.95. Rally might also, to some users, look “odd” plugged into your phone. Bluetooth speakers slightly larger than Rally are available at a lower price, which, in most cases, have better sound quality than Rally.

I think the conclusion we can come to is simply how Rally can be useful for executives who need to be brand-conscious when it comes to their office accessories. For other, more casual users, normal Bluetooth speakers would do the job.

Photo by: Pioneer Rayz

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Vizio SB3621 Review: Entertainment Amplified

Posted on 22 September 2017

A reliable speaker is hard to find and the ones that have prices that touch the roof. Modern homes ask for more affordable as well as portable speakers that can look not only good near the television but also sound good. The Vizio SB3621 soundbar is an excellent speaker with great movie sounds and an even better wireless sub feature. The quality of sound is superb, and there are many good reviews of the speaker on the internet.

Priced at around $150, the compact speaker has a Bluetooth function as well as a wireless subwoofer that plays the best bass sounds. Imagine watching a horror movie with your friends. The sudden scares will leave you all breathless and everyone will surely praise the sound system. Comparing it to Google’s Chromecast, the Vizio is a better deal in home theatres designed to consider the changing times today. There is no excess wiring and no heavy equipment to move from place to place, just a 36- inch speaker that is lighter than most speakers.

If you are wondering if the material the brand manufactures the speaker from is low regarding quality, you can rest assured. People ask questions like is it made of plywood? Will it break easily? How could it be so cheap and still be so good? You need not worry about it because the speakers have a strong resistance to water and are high in durability as well.

The top of the speaker has a set of volume controls placed in a smart style and do not take a lot of space, which leaves your speaker as untouched as it could get. If you’re in the market and wondering which speakers are the best, we will recommend you take a chance on the Vizio SB3621. The price is reasonable and the features great!

Photo by: Vizio

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HP’s Omen X Laptop Coming Soon

Posted on 19 September 2017

The earlier version of HP’s Omen 17 did not exactly leave a good impression on everyone. The price was relatively lower however the performance was what earned it poor reviews on the internet. With a Geforce GTX 1070 video card, people weren’t exactly excited about the laptop when it hit the market for the first time.

It seems like HP learned its lesson because in comes HP’s Omen X laptop. It was priced at $1600 and is designed to meet any gamer’s needs. Both the design of the laptop as well as the performance are impressive and worth the price. HP moved to a metal chassis after the last mistake of a plastic one, which takes the weight up a notch, however, the durability of the powerhouse laptop increases. The laptop has a 16GB RAM and a 1TB hard disk. The laptop’s GPU ratings are 8.2 out of 10, and it has the latest Intel i-7 core with a G-sync display panel. Everything about the laptop screams a desire to want to purchase it.

Furthermore, the laptop comes with strong software that handles most of the lighting of the laptop known as Omen Command Centre. There are reportedly eight zones of lighting that the laptop has and control over them is at your disposal. You can enjoy customizing your laptop to the way you want. You can also manage the network traffic as well as override the macro controls of the laptop.

This aspect can help if the laptop ever gets stuck around a task which is highly unlikely with the current specifications we are considering. HP wanted to make sure its customers receive the best and are also giving them the option to prepare for the worst possible situation. In the end, the Omen X is one of the most powerful laptops to hit the market.

Photo courtesy: HP

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