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Cheap DIY Air Conditioner

Posted on 17 June 2008

I pretty much live on the surface of the sun – Phoenix that is. Today was 113. This DIY project actually seems pretty doable and useful. Skip past the opening voiceover and slideshow in the beginning, it’s awful, but the little air conditioner would be great in a garage or workshop. And listen carefully to the instructions too, I love how you are supposed to ‘me sure it looks good’.

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Steampunk Techno

Posted on 13 January 2008

One of our tipsters sent me this link. I know it’s been around, but it was just too cool to a pass up posting on. The video is a Wall Street Journal profile on Richard Nagy, a self-proclaimed technofile and artist who considers himself a ‘retro futurist’. His artwork is part of what’s become known as the Steampunk movement. Essentially it involves taking the latest gadgets, gimzos and technology and making them look old – really old.

Nagy demonstrates how he makes laptops and other tech look like they came from the Victorian age. Not only does he handcraft new casings to go around modern day technology, but he also painstakingly disassembles and reconfigures the inner workings so that they fit right into old, existing frameworks. For example he’s put the inner workings of a bass amp into an old Philco radio cabinet. And the video shows some of the amazing work he’s done by taking apart computer keyboards.

So the next time you’re ready to ditch that outdated mouse, or roll the old Bondi iMac down a hill, think about giving it a new unique life as something really old.

More at:

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Recharge Any Battery By Making a Generator Out of Your Drill

Posted on 10 December 2007

I love these DIY videos. A while back we posted on how you could recharge an electric drill nicad by zapping it with a MIG welder. Well, here’s a new spin on things. It seems you can create a hand-cranked generator out your rechargable drill and recharge any battery – even regular alkalines. Pretty cool, and this one looks easy to build out of parts you probably have around. I’m not exactly sure how practical it would be recharge more than a few batteries this way, but if you’re super cheap and need a good workout then you’ve got hours of fun ahead.

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LED Ice Bulb DIY

Posted on 28 July 2007

This is a pretty cool trick. The video shows how to make a big ball of glowing ice. Basically you stick a simple LED into a water balloon and freeze it with the wires sticking out of the end of the balloon. When it’s frozen you simply peel the balloon off of the big ball of ice and attach a 9-volt battery to the LED. Bam! You’ve got yourself a cool ass glowing orb of frozen light to impress your friends. It’s pretty fun, though not nearly as fun as just throwing the frozen water balloon at your friends. If you’ve never been hit by a frozen water balloon, let me tell you, it’s a riot. Even better if it’s glowing.

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Make Electricity From a Pear and Toilet Paper – DIY

Posted on 28 March 2007

As usual, I haven’t a clue as to how this works, or if it really does, but it seems like a cool DIY gizmo. You rub some toilet paper over a pear, stuff in a flashlight and it works like a battery. So toilet paper creates electricity? Ah, OK. I’m not sure what you do with this. Perhaps an urban survival kit of rotten fruit and TP?

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How to Walk on Water

Posted on 04 March 2007

This video of two guys walking on water might seem unbelievable, but it’s real. It’s a little grand on the DIY scale, but doable. It’s called non-Newtonian fluid – which means a fluids who’s viscosity can change as pressure is applied to it, making it become a solid. Damn cool and looks like fun. And all you’ll need is a cement mixer, some corn starch and a lot of water.

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Renew Your Nicads by Zapping Them

Posted on 28 February 2007

Pretty cool video from Instructables TV. It shows how you can take DC voltage and zap your aging rechargable batteries back to life. The guy uses a MIG welder and renews an otherwise dead nicad. I’m not versed enough on electricty to completely understand how this works but it looks better than my technique which involves repeatedly slamming the batteries into my workbench in frustration. I’ve got two Craftsman drill nicads that are nothing more than paperweights, time to zap em I guess.

Would a car battery work for this as well? Oh, and what about the whole issue of the batteries potentially exploding and you know, ruining an otherwise nice workbench? Any electrically minded readers are welcome to enlighten us. Also the audio is a bit weak, crank it up.

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