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GoPro Releases Quadcopter Footage

Posted on 29 October 2015

Earlier this year, GoPro revealed they’d be making their own drone, and now you can have a look at the incredible footage from the Hero4 camera.

GoPro released this video yesterday, “The featured video was captured with a developmental prototype of GoPro’s quadcopter and stabilization system. No post-production stabilization was implemented; this is an example of the incredible image quality we are already able to capture at this advanced prototype stage,” GoPro said on YouTube.

This video was shot 100% of the HERO4® camera.


Photo credit: GoPro

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Chris Harris on Cars: Volvo S60 Polestar

Posted on 17 May 2013

The Volvo S60 Polestar with a C63 AMG. It’s Volvo, it’s safe, it’s sophisticated, and it’s sporty. Only 6 will be made, and cost a cool 200,000 GBP!

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Hands On With Blackberry Q5

Posted on 15 May 2013

Check out a sneak peak of the upcoming Blackberry Q5

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Sony Xperia (TM) ZR: A Waterproof Smartphone

Posted on 13 May 2013

Check out the new Sony Xperia ZR that can take photos and video underwater.

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2014 Audi R8: Iron Man 3 Canvas

Posted on 03 May 2013

The 2014 Audi R8 supercar in the latest Iron Man 3 movie.

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Top Gear Season 13 Hits the Air January 25th

Posted on 31 December 2009

Our passion for all things Apple is rivaled only for love of Top Gear. So we’re elated that BBC America will roll out season 13 at the end of January. Granted we’ve caught most of the season on Youtube, but nevertheless, we’ll be watching on the big screen in just a few weeks. Here’s a quick highlight roundup someone put together for the new season. Welcome back Jeremy, Hamster and Captain Slow.

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Jeremy Clarkson Puts the Koenigsegg on the Track

Posted on 17 June 2009

Classic TopGear clip of as Jeremy hits the Top Gear track with the awesome Koenigsegg CCX.

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