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Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Posted on 08 February 2017

Emerging in the market with breakthrough technology, Bose QuietControl 30 allows its users to experience a high quality and balanced audio performance at any volume without any disruptions from the outside world. With its noise cancellation quality, the earphones give users the ability to control the outside noise. With Bose QuietControl 30, you can say goodbye to noisy commutes and thoroughly enjoy the music without the music conflicting with the road noise, unless you let it.

The earpiece comes with an ergonomic neckband design that is light and conforms to your body. It is fashioned out of soft materials, making it ideal for heavy music listeners to listen for longer periods without making their ears go sore. The noise cancellation technology works in a way that the microphones, both outside and inside of the ear buds, continuously compare, measure and react to the outside noise. The system then creates an opposite and equal signal for noise cancellation. Furthermore, The StayHear+ QC tips form a soft seal for extra passive noise minimization.

Another impressive feature of Bose QuietControl 30 is that they are wireless. You can now enjoy volume-optimized, balanced and consistent sound performance, and leave the wires behind. The earphones are also re-engineered with NFC and Bluetooth pairing which means connecting the earpiece to your devices without needing any wires is easy and very quick. In addition, an inline microphone also facilitates users in picking/ending calls, pausing/skipping music tracks and controlling the volume without reaching the device.

The Good:
o Excellent sound quality
o Comfortable
o Durable
o User friendly
o Admirable Design/appearance
o Sweat resistant
o Can be used as a sports head phone

The Bad:
o Rather pricey ($299.95)
o Lacks wired option for plugging into airline entertainment systems.

Overall, the product is a valuable investment. The noise cancellation quality, if not the most powerful, is still quite commendable and the earphones work really well as an everyday music accessory.

Photo courtesy: Bose

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Apple AirPods Review: Simplicity and Technology Combined

Posted on 27 January 2017

Wireless, effortless and magical, the Apple AirPods bring users simplicity combined with cutting-edge technology, like never seen before. Connected via Bluetooth, these intelligent air pods connect to each other and then to your device- iPhone, Watch, iPad, or MacBook.

The Apple AirPods comprise of a special chip and software in iOS, which makes their connection with the phone a lot easier. Unlike your normal Bluetooth headphones, these AirPods instantly ask you to connect after you pop open the case. Each AirPod comes with a microphone to allow making calls, and instead of going through the hassle of changing the volume or skipping through tracks, all you need to do is double tap an AirPod and ask Siri.

The quality of the earphones is impressive- they are loud and offer much more clarity of notes. More than that, they are certainly much more dependable as compared to other Bluetooth headphones, courtesy of the Apple chip. Moreover, they stay in the ears pretty well, but are not fit for running and sports. You can make it around 50 m from your phone before the signals finally start to trip. This means you can enjoy your music or carry on with important calls even when your phone is on charge. You do not have to manually turn on or off the AirPods: all you need to do is just open the case and put them in your ears.

The Apple AirPods come equipped with a voice accelerometer, which identifies when you are talking on the phone and thus cancels out any external noise, allowing you to perfectly focus on your voice. The case that comes along with the AirPods is also a charging port, which gives you over 24 hours of listening time. Charging them for a quick 15 minutes can easily give you 3 hours of music jamming. For checking the battery status, hold the pods next to the phone and inquire Siri.

Photo by: Apple

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Polk Audio Boom Bit Review: Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

Posted on 23 January 2017

Polk Audio brings users the first wearable speakers that are compact, cheap and deliver high quality performance. Tiny yet capable, the Polk Audio Boom Bit is first wearable Bluetooth speaker to reach the market, and is definitely worth trying. With 3/4 “drivers, front speaker holes, volume controls on the side, and a back clip for securely supporting the device with any attire, this speaker is literally about the size of a USB. But do not underestimate its capability- this little critter is extremely loud, water resistant and has a microphone that can easily transform into a speaker for easy, hands-free calling.

The device comes packed in a sachet, with no additional goodies and cables. To power it on, all you need to do is press the volume controls at the same time from where it will automatically enter into its Bluetooth pairing mode. The pairing process is also very quick and easy and the connection provided is solid and not trippy. Besides that, the quality of sound when making calls is also fairly good if not the best.

Sound output is apparently small, of 1.5 watts. This means that when the volume is set to the highest, clarity tends to suffer. What about the bass? If you are a bass freak, then this may not come as great news to you since the Polk Audio Boom Bit miserably fails in that aspect.

When you keep it at midrange, the device performs its best by delivering reasonably high performance audio. Best suited for athletes and intense workout freaks; this Audio Boom Kit is an extremely handy hands-free speaker, which eliminates the need to stuff your ears with uncomfortable ear buds. However, if you like to enjoy your music in private, you may not find this product necessary appealing. That being said, considering this price, you should definitely keep this in mind when going out to purchase a hands-free speaker.

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Sony MDR-XB50BS Bluetooth: Wireless Sport Headphones

Posted on 28 December 2016

Sony MDR-XB50BS Bluetooth are sports headphones that come with Bluetooth connectivity and extra bass sound drive to get that adrenaline pumping and help you forward, in whatever you may be doing. The design is splash proof, meaning no amounts of sweat or rain can slow you down.

Incorporated with powerful bass, Sony MDR-XB50BS Bluetooth helps you get a dose of boosted motivation, whether you are on the street or at the gym. Improved low frequencies make audio sound even more powerful and enjoyable, so you can feel extra driven and energized. Furthermore, you will never again be music-less with these headphones since the Bluetooth helps maintain connectivity as you run, kick, and jump or even do a cartwheel. There are no wires to hold you back, and the headphones fit perfectly in your ears so you do not have to worry about them getting lost.

You can choose the headphones from three different colors of black, red and blue, and enjoy a long-lasting battery lifespan of 8.5 hours, which is enough power for seven days’ worth of workout. The Sony MDR-XB50BS Bluetooth also comes with few different size ear tips and fins to accommodate individuals with different preferences and needs.

Furthermore, the headphones are designed with noise cancellation technology, which means you no longer have to worry about turning up the volume and damaging your eardrums while in traffic or other noisy environments. They do a good job at muffling the outside noise so you do not have to continuously fret with the volume.

Although a bit bulky-looking, the Sony MDR-XB50BS Bluetooth are not the smallest in-ear Bluetooth headphones. Nevertheless, they are quite lightweight, and fit perfectly as compared to its other counterparts.

Lastly, the piece is reasonably priced, is sweat-resistant and offers high quality audio sound. The long battery life is also a commendable feature besides the admirable strong bass experience, and the Bluetooth connectivity ensures minimum interruptions.

Photo by: Sony

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Review of Sony MDR-1000X Noise Canceling Bluetooth® Headphones

Posted on 02 December 2016

Sony MDR-1000X brings its users industry-leading noise cancellation headphones to allow a better and distraction-free music experience. You can now listen to your favorite music in tailor sound to your environment or complete silence.

Giving its users the chance to personally optimize cancellation, the headphones can be made to analyze the user’s wearing style and personal characteristics, and optimize the sound. With these headphones, you do not have to worry about taking your headphones or reaching out for any buttons in order to carry on a conversation. All that is needed is the placement of hand over the housing to immediately lower down the volume.

Furthermore, with Sony MDR-1000X, you can stay immersed deeply in the music experience and enjoy features like Voice Mode of ambient sound mode, which enables you to keep track of important announcements yet still lets you listen to music without any distractions. With normal mode of Ambient Sound Mode, you can beware of important everyday sounds like traffic while enjoying the music in background.

Sony is well known for providing high quality product and with Sony MDR-1000X, users can experience the most authentic form of music, closest to the original version. Designed for High-definition audio, 5-Master HX eliminates distortion and lets you enjoy all the music subtitles. The headphones also include 40mm driver with LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm for taking care of heavy beats and is capable of reproducing a complete range of frequencies up to 40 kHz.

Sony MDR 1000X lets you recover all your compressed files with Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE HX) support that upgrades digital compressed music files (ATRAC, VMA, MPS, ACC) and upscales the quality to higher resolution. By recovering the high quality sound lost in compression, DSEE HX helps give your music files a natural, rich sound. The wireless headphones also offer a maximum transfer rate of 990 kbps.

Photo courtesy: Sony

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IFrogz Summit Wireless Lightweight Earbuds

Posted on 25 October 2016

The iFrogz Summit Wireless ear buds are almost the same as the Impulse model, except the difference in the cable design and ear bud tips. The Summit model is more curvaceous and has extra wings to fit into the grooves inside the ear. As compared to the round cable on the Impulse ear buds, these ear buds come with a flat cable.

This product is another entry into the affordable wireless earphones with some notable features. The specs on paper indicate it has a certified IPX-2 certified design with an above average battery life of 10 hours when it is in use at moderate volumes.

The iFrogz Summit Wireless offers good functionality and the winged design found on the headphones is much like the more expensive Jaybird X2 offers. The build quality may not justify the price tag, however it is durable than other earphones of the same price. Water and sweat resistant, the fit is secure and one of the major highlights of the earphone set. Being lightweight, it is comfortable to wear and comes with a clever magnetic clip system on the inline remote. Included wings help create a secure fit and are probably the best thing about the headphones.

The battery pack has controls for taking calls and music. Even though the music controls are restricted to play, pause and volume, nonetheless, they are a welcome addition for maintaining an easier rhythm while working out or running. The 8mm drivers give out fairly decent volume levels, but the quality of the voice is not exceptional. The guitars that should roar brightly may sound dull or flat.

Music on the Summit Wireless generally loses any of its refinement as there is no extension into the sub-bass and upper treble. The final outcome is a mid-range squishing of sounds. This product can be a good buy if you it as your first wireless pair of gym headphones and affordability is your priority, instead of superior audio quality.

Photo courtesy: Zagg

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Samsung Level U PRO Bluetooth Headphones

Posted on 26 September 2016

The Level U Pro Bluetooth headphones and their comfortable design make it possible for one to listen to music whenever they desire and also have easy access to taking phone calls. The headphones are splash and sweat resistant, so let nothing get in the way of some head-bobbing to Sweet Child of Mine while you work.

They are noise canceling which makes it easier to avoid interference and interruption during important phone calls. You can connect the headphones to the Samsung Level App which makes it possible for you to get access to additional features, such as Sound effect (SoundAlive), Text-to-Speech and Volume monitor.

The dual microphones help deliver the 24bit digital audio experience and the fact that they are noise canceling only adds to the charm. The sleek design makes the headphones all the more appealing. In addition to the two-way speaker units, the Level U Pro headphones provide Ultra High Quality Audio (UHQA) which makes them ideal for listening to music on the go.

To achieve the desired UHQA effect, the headphones are best paired with selected Samsung Galaxy phones. Its long lasting battery life on the side of noise cancellation and echo resistance makes the Level U Pro Bluetooth headphones perfect for people with active lifestyles, as they are durable as well as easy to carry around.

The level U Pro Bluetooth headphones are designed for long-term wear, whether it’s for everyday office use or for a marathon run. With the help of noise canceling ear gels, the headphone set makes the music experience vivid and quite like the sound at a concert. Overall, they provide a comfortable experience and are good for long-term use, unlike some sets that gives the users a headache after less than an hour or so of usage.

Level U Pro Bluetooth Headphones are designed to fit the requirement of people who prefer keeping their headphones on all the time!

Photo courtesy: Samsung

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