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Peri Duo for iPhone: Portable Speakers and Battery Charger in One Small Package

Posted on 12 December 2014

If you are a forgetful person who always manages to leave behind their speakers when going to a party, then Peri Duo will solve your problem once and for all. Carrying speakers with your iPhone was never your dream anyways, and it mostly made you look stupid and awkward, having to carry your 5.1-channel speakers and hooking it to a small phone.

Peri Duo is a smartphone case cum speaker which will leave you not bothered about carrying your portable speakers with you since these provide you with the most portability one can ask for when it comes to iPhone speakers. Not only that, but the case also provides you with a battery charger, all combined in one crafty case. Having a battery case that charges your phone and doubles as your speaker is something iPhone users are going to love.

It may sound like an over the top concept that is doomed to fail, but the creators of Peri Duo argue that the case provides some of the best speakers in the size range. They are high power speakers that will perform audibly even in rooms that are full of people and bustling with random sounds and noises. The case can also be used separately from the iPhone via the AirPlay function on iPhone for almost 4 hours without needing to be recharged.

The battery will provide more than 100% of battery power to different versions of the iPhone. For example, the iPhone 5/5s can be charged almost 160% more than its original battery. The Peri Duo can also let you stream music to other cases who are in proximity of 100 feet on a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi without the need of a local network.

Peri Duo is definitely a case you may consider buying when it is released in April of 2015 if you keep running out of battery occasionally, and if you are a fan of loud music. You won’t have to a buy a battery case and portable speakers separately, so spending $139 seems like a bargain.

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Apple IPhone 6 Plus – Bigger and Better

Posted on 06 October 2014

The iPhone 6 Plus is perhaps the most significant smartphone made by Apple. It boasts a 5.5-inch screen which is not only big, but also bright and highly contrasted. With a larger footprint than its forerunners, the iPhone 6 Plus may not be for everybody. However, if you prefer a smartphone which gives off the impression of a tablet, this phone should be given serious consideration.

The phone is on the larger side as it is even taller and thinner than its competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Like previous models, the iPhone 6 Plus is also made of matte aluminum. However, this time there is a new round shape which is completed with curved glass on the edges. The button placement is good, with the power/lock button on the right, and volume buttons live on the right.

The 3.5mm headphone jack lies at the bottom of the phone which is accompanied by eight holes so the (amazingly powerful) sound from the internal speaker can exit. The home button lies at the centre below the display which features Touch ID, allowing you to unlock your phone quickly just by using your thumb.

Keeping in mind the large and bright 5.5-inch IPS LCD display of the phone, the battery life proves to be considerably impressive. It doesn’t matter which angle you view from, you get good contrast and colors that are easily viewable even in sunlight. The 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution is ideal for watching 1080p content, but there are some problems. Sometimes, the apps and text begin to look blurry. The keyboard scales up as well, causing problems while you touch-type.

Both iPhone 6 models come with the new A8 processor, providing a faster and more reliable performance than the previous iPhone. Overall, the iPhone 6 Plus is responsive and snappy, but there is some poor performance and stutters on occasions. However, since it’s the early days of the new iOS 8, things will improve with time.

The phone features a decent 8 megapixels rear camera with optical image stabilization. Images created are sharp and accurate with good color. There is video stabilization featured as well which offers commendable results as the footage is smooth even while moving. There is a front-faced camera as well, but it lacks stabilization.

Battery Life
The bigger the phone, the larger the battery, which means longer battery life, which is even with heavy use the phone lasts up to 13 hours without a charge.
Due to its size, the phone may just not be for everybody, but nonetheless it’s the best iPhone of this year and if you have the budget and space, consider getting this new device.


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Apple iPhone 6 – the Highly Anticipated Smartphone

Posted on 26 September 2014

The most highly anticipated smartphone of the year, the iPhone 6 is finally out with a bigger version, the iPhone 6 Plus, accompanying it. This is the first time Apple has released two phones at once. However, coming back to the iPhone 6, it comes with a bigger and crisp display, better camera autofocus, improved Wi-Fi and LTE speeds, in addition to storage capabilities of up to 128GB. Overall, a bigger smartphone that is easy to handle with plenty of features to satisfy smartphone users.

The phone is slightly thinner than its forerunners with a bigger screen size. It’s a partly curved design which is folded by glass slightly around the edges. It’s beautifully solid and feels good to hold, thanks to the smooth glass front and metal back. However, it does have a certain feel of fragility to it, maybe because of its extra slim-look. Also, the camera lens on the rear of the iPhone 6 is slightly protruded, which could cause some unwanted scratches if placed on rough

The buttons this time are elongated like those on the iPad and iPod touch. Similar to some Android phones, the sleep/power button has been shifted to the right. If you are a hardcore Apple user, it may take some time to get used to. At the bottom of the screen is the round Touch ID home button which works amazingly. Just a simple press of your finger and it unlocks your phone.

Both the iPhone 6 models feature the new A8 processor. Just like the A7, it’s a 64-bit dual-core processor. However, it’s faster and delivers a better graphics boost. Coming towards the apps, the user interface and app-launching speed is quick.

Like the iPhone 5S, the phone packs a 1.2-megapixel camera on the front and 8-megapixel camera on the rear, with major improvements in autofocus. Yes, your days of tapping are finally over. However, there are no differences in the results of both cameras. The video though, looks good, smooth and clear even when moving.

Battery Life
The iPhone 6’s battery disappoints as it isn’t any better than the previous model. The iPhone 5S can run up to 11 hours whereas the iPhone 6 lasts around 10 hours and 30 minutes. Even during casual use, you can expect the same kind of battery drainage.

So, the iPhone 6 may not be revolutionary, but it is a good phone and should be considered if you have the money.

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Is the New IPhone Going to Be Scratch-Less?

Posted on 03 September 2013

There are rumors that the new iPhone 5C is going to be launched on September 10th. The 5C is said to be a low-cost version and according to a latest report, is going to be scratch-resistant.

A video was launched showing a fully-assembled new iPhone 5C. The video was documenting a scratch test on the new phone. The phone was put through a scratch test which would simulate an iPhone being placed in the pocket along with items of daily use. In the test, the iPhone 5C was inserted in a Ziploc bag. Then the Ziploc bag was filled with items that would scratch any phone, like, paperclips, coins, keys and even a pocket sized flashlight.

Once the Ziploc bag was filled with these items it was given a vigorous shake to simulate a person walking with his iPhone his pocket. After the vigorous shake the screws, coins and keys were dragged across the surface of the iPhone to scratch the back. After all these scratch tests the iPhone 5C did not show a single scratch on its plastic back-panel. This video points to the fact that Apple may be using a new procedure to make the plastic on their products scratch-resistant.

After the launch of their iPod in 2005 Apple received a lot of complaints and even faced a class-action lawsuit. This was because the surface of the original iPod was very delicate and would sustain scratches easily. To counter this Apple acquired the company LiquidMetal in 2010. The products that Apple launched thereafter appealed to the customers. The same year Apple filed an application for the patent rights of “Nitriding Stainless Steel for Consumer Electronic Products”. This is a scratch resistance technology. It works by placing a nitride coating over a stainless steel cover.

Keeping these facts in mind, it may not come as a surprise if in the near future Apple launches an iPhone which has a LiquidMetal case coated in nitride.

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More Rumors for iPhone 5S

Posted on 09 July 2013

Since Apple announced its plans to release the new iPhone 5S, different rumors have circulated the smartphone world. In fact, every second person is talking about the upcoming iPhone model, which is why Samsung, Sony and Nokia among other smartphone producers are working hard to keep their products up to date and ahead of the game.
Different manufacturers like Sharp, LG and Japan Display are working day and night to design the new iPhone 5S. Although dozens of smartphones have been released after 5S model, the upcoming device is promising something that is worth the wait.
If you are an iPhone or general Apple fan, you must have heard about the many new features and specifications the upcoming iPhone may be sporting. However, here is some more news heading your way.

  • Apple’s new gizmo will be having dual LED flash. Rumor has it that one is designed to give out a bluish streak for maintaining the white balance.
  • The physical outlook of the new device will be no different than the current version of the smartphone as revealed by technological research and reviews.
  • Other features worth noticing are a 13 mega pixel camera, a storage capacity of 128 GB (which sounds very enticing), and a fingerprint scanner similar to the ones you see in laptops.
  • A Near Field Communication (NFC) feature along with A7 chip are expected, both of which are sure to make this iPhone faster and more appealing.
  • Another promising aspect of this particular gadget is its price, which is comparably low with so many added features.
  • The outer casing will be made of plastic, making it easier for the iPhone to be available in different colors.

The release date for this gizmo has not been announced yet, but it’s expected to come out between August and September 2013. So, all the anxious users out there have to wait just for a month or two.

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Rumors on 5.7 Inch IPhone

Posted on 01 July 2013

p>As news for the iPhone 5S and 6 are circulating and already stirring their anticipating audience, Apple is planning to make the next iPhone with a 5.7 full HD display. This concept emerged after the release and success of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 which already has a five inch screen. With the competition between both at its peak, you can’t expect Apply to stay behind while Samsung basks in the glory of its large screen.

Another common reason for the evolution of this idea is ever changing consumer demand and needs. People always want to have something new and out of the box. Not long after the immense popularity of the iPad, Steve Jobs next product was the contradictory iPad mini. The iPad underwent slight modifications just to bring a new innovative gadget to capture the market.

Aside from Apple, there are numerous smartphone makers that are striving 24/7 to develop such mobile gizmos that go beyond imagination. Not only renowned developers, but several small time companies are also in full swing trying to capture the technological market. Some have been successful to a particular extent. Still, Apple takes the lead because the impression that it has made on the market is so deeply rooted that users feel kind of guilty to switch to alternative products.

The recent releases of HTC One and Huawei P6 Ascend feature a 4.7 inch full HD display, so it is obvious that Apple will plan on to come out with something that goes beyond the familiar four inch display. The major reason behind the suggested 5.7 inch is just to compete with other brands in physical outlook whereas the operating system is not under consideration.

Debates are already dominating social media websites like Twitter and Facebook for the rumored iPhone design. However, it has not been confirmed whether Apple will indeed release such a gadget or go with the old fashioned four inch display.


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Get Ready for IOS 7 by Apple

Posted on 11 June 2013

p>As technology is advancing, so does the operating system that needs to run them. Different companies have already and still are developing such software that is more user friendly. These latest operating systems are designed especially to simplify human life while having advanced and extra features that surpasses previous versions.

Among the numerous IT companies, Apple is one of the most trusted and renowned company all over the world. Although the company has developed several products like laptops, tablets, and iPods, it is more famous for the iPhone. Once again, Apple leaps forward into the technological world by developing the smartest and latest OS which will be integrated in its upcoming iPhones: the iOS 7.

CEO Tim Cook says that this OS will surely bring one of the biggest changes in the company after the release of first iPhone few years back. He further concluded that users will be astounded with its new features and functions as compared to previous versions.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that not only this software but the actual design of the iPhone will also vary. Rumors believe that the new smartphone will become flat and the screen size will be bigger. Company officials cited that the OS has been redesigned and under development for the last six months, but finally it’ll be released later this year.

Unlike previous iOS versions, this one will have the option of multiple page view within specific folders along with a new feature named “Today’s Notifications”. Other features will be added to make the phone easier to operate and faster.

Built in flash light will also be included in the device along with AirDrop, which is a smart substitute for Bluetooth, to share and send files. Another aspect is the blocking of unwanted calls using FaceTime. These aside, you’ll find Siri to sound more like a human with added features to operate Google Now, Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing.

Apple’s new iOS 7 is currently in its final developmental phase and will be launched later in 2013.

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