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Apple MacBook Pro With Touch Bar

Posted on 03 July 2017

Apple users throughout the world will be digging through savings right now because of the release of the new Apple MacBook Pro 2017, which comes with a Touch Bar. Patience is not really Apple’s strong suit, owing to the fact that the MacBook Pro 2017 came out just seven months after the release of the 2016 edition. This was largely to allow the MacBook to efficiently participate in the struggle for notebook supremacy, performance-wise.

Although the new features provide a better notebook experience, the new, aesthetic design does little to improve performance. Instead, the practical convenience that has been the trademark of Apple products since its inception has been sacrificed in the MacBook Pro 2017 for the elegant design.

o A 2.9GHz Core i7-6820HQ processor.
o 16GB of RAM, which can be upgraded to 32 GB, a feature that was absent in the 2016 edition.
o AMD Radeon Pro 560 graphics chip, which incorporates 4GB of its own RAM.
o 512GB of fast SSD storage
o 15.4-inch screen, almost identical to the one in previous versions of the MacBook.
o A screen resolution of 2,880 x 2,160, not as exciting as the 4K display in other novel notebooks, but still good enough.

A major feature of the MacBook Pro 2017’s aesthetic chic is the Touch Bar, which despite being a major selling point, has failed to impress most users. It houses the Siri button and the Touch ID; however, it really doesn’t do anything special when it comes to practicality, except makes it look worth a thousand dollars more than its predecessor.

The good cancels out the bad when it comes to the MacBook Pro 2017. The extremely flat keyboard is a matter of taste, but the gigantic touchpad, which, by the way, is larger than an iPhone, is highly appealing. The absence of a USB port is absurd and the useless Touch Bar makes you wonder whether they are running out of ideas.

But we must remember that the MacBook is still considered to be the best among high-end laptops, mostly because of its unwavering fan base. All in all, the new MacBook Pro 2017 is a brilliant accessory for professionals in the creative industry.

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Apple AirPods Review: Simplicity and Technology Combined

Posted on 27 January 2017

Wireless, effortless and magical, the Apple AirPods bring users simplicity combined with cutting-edge technology, like never seen before. Connected via Bluetooth, these intelligent air pods connect to each other and then to your device- iPhone, Watch, iPad, or MacBook.

The Apple AirPods comprise of a special chip and software in iOS, which makes their connection with the phone a lot easier. Unlike your normal Bluetooth headphones, these AirPods instantly ask you to connect after you pop open the case. Each AirPod comes with a microphone to allow making calls, and instead of going through the hassle of changing the volume or skipping through tracks, all you need to do is double tap an AirPod and ask Siri.

The quality of the earphones is impressive- they are loud and offer much more clarity of notes. More than that, they are certainly much more dependable as compared to other Bluetooth headphones, courtesy of the Apple chip. Moreover, they stay in the ears pretty well, but are not fit for running and sports. You can make it around 50 m from your phone before the signals finally start to trip. This means you can enjoy your music or carry on with important calls even when your phone is on charge. You do not have to manually turn on or off the AirPods: all you need to do is just open the case and put them in your ears.

The Apple AirPods come equipped with a voice accelerometer, which identifies when you are talking on the phone and thus cancels out any external noise, allowing you to perfectly focus on your voice. The case that comes along with the AirPods is also a charging port, which gives you over 24 hours of listening time. Charging them for a quick 15 minutes can easily give you 3 hours of music jamming. For checking the battery status, hold the pods next to the phone and inquire Siri.

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A Review on the Apple MacBook Air

Posted on 19 August 2016

The MacBook Air is one of Apple’s finest creations that literally forced competitors to create an entirely new class of laptop. The ultraportable laptop offers exceptional durability, reliability, and performance and comes equipped with a faster flash storage and 5th-Generation processor that makes it easy and fast to use. Look below to learn more about the laptop:

Design and Build
In terms of design, the MacBook Air has not undergone significant changes. The chassis is pretty much the same, but Apple has added a new aluminum shell that is as thin (17mm) and light as ever (1.4kg), which contributes to the excellent portability. However, this does not mean the laptop is not durable. Although designed to take up little space, the MacBook Air proves to be strong in build and genuinely attractive. Keyboard has not changed and typing on the Air remains incredibly convenient and comfort.

Performance and Specs
For the latest MacBook Air, Apple has equipped the laptop with a Dual-core 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-5250U processor, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, and an Intel HD Graphics 6000 card. The specs are perfectly decent, allowing users to easily perform modest tasks like document editing, web browsing, and multi-tasking with a range of tabs open on browsers. Users can even enjoy simply photo or video editing. The Blazing flash storage offers instant startup and shutdown times, while offering fast transfer rates of 358.4 Mbps.

Ports and Battery Life
Unlike the 12-inch MacBook released last year that offered only one USB-C Port, the brand-new 13-inch MacBook Air comes equipped with an SD card Slot, two USB 3.0 ports, and a Thunderbolt 2 port. The battery life of the laptop is also impressive and the MacBook Air can easily last for an epic 14 hours, which is 2 hours longer than Apple’s last year’s Air and battery claim for the new model.

Therefore, if you are looking for a premium laptop that is portable, utilizes an amazing design, and comes equipped with good specifications, the Apple MacBook Air is definitely worth the buy.

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New 4 Inch Apple iPhone SE

Posted on 25 March 2016

Apple is extending its iPhone brand series by releasing a 4-inch iPhone SE model. This time Apple isn’t focusing on being futuristic and developing topnotch smartphones with advanced features. In fact, Apple is aiming for the bottom-line by releasing the iPhone SE to boost their mid cycle sales. The iPhone SE is similar to the old iPhone models but with impressive hardware. This move by Apple is quite like how they launched the iPhone 5C.

As all iPhones are known for their hardware, this phone is equipped with a 4-inch LED IPS display with 640 x 1136 pixels resolution and supports multi-touch, powered by Dual Core 1.84 GHz twister processor with Apple A9 chipset, armed with powerVR GT7600 six core graphics GPU, internal storage capacity of 16/64 GB and runs on 2 GB RAM. The camera on this little device is immaculate with 12MP f/2.2 dual led camera, video quality of 2160p and secondary camera of 1.2 MP 720p, with a long-lasting Li-Po 1642 mAh battery.

Design and Features
The design of the phone is similar to the 6 series with thick rectangle shape with curved edges and shiny front and back surface with many cool colors to choose from. This mini iPhone has tons of features Apple fans would expect and hope for. Core features include 4K video playback, Apple Pay, M9 motion coprocessor, and 64 bit A9 chip, which is an impressive fit inside a small casing. It also comes with the flagship features all iPhones have but for a phone this size, the iPhone SE has faster LTE, Bluetooth 4.2, retina flash, 63 MP panoramas, and 240 fps slo-mo and focus pixels.

The 4-inch iPhone SE is set to be released this month with a price tag of $399. The reason why it’s a must buy product is because it’s packed with awesome hardware power but with a small screen it still is attractive. Apple will succeed in gaining massive sales yet again.

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MacBook Pro 2015: Light Years Ahead

Posted on 21 September 2015

The MacBook Pro 2015 is equipped with a 2.2GHz quadcore i7 processor (Intel). The turbo boost increases its specs up to 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM and 256GB hard drive. Moreover, it has a powerful graphics card, making it great for home/ office use.

A Few Fast Facts About the Device:
o Retina display
o Fast flash storage
o New touch track-pad
o Minimum upgrades
o AMD graphics card
o 13.1mm thin
o Single charge ensures 15 hours of battery life
o Weighs 2lb

Internal Features
MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are built-to-last laptops. Each year, a new MacBook is launched with enhanced internal configuration, such as:
o Faster processor
o Improved Wi-Fi
o Bigger hard drives
They are so ahead of their times that they look up to date today.

Updates on MacBook Pro
o 15-inch screen
o Force touch track-pad
o Fast solid state drive
o AMD Radeon R9 M370X GPU

o $1,999 in the US

Apart from the internal updates, the external MacBook Pro looks quite similar to its predecessor. The body, chassis and colors are the same as the previous models of this device. The latest 15-inch MacBook Pro is quite thin while the body is made from aluminum. It’s a bit heavy and definitely not a portable laptop if you have to carry it over a long distance. However, you can easily carry it around when going to work or school.

Apple is known for its design capabilities and this laptop is no exception. With as with masterful engineering, it is as thin as paper. The difference is unnoticeable however. The keyboard is same as its predecessors. There is intense competition when it comes to laptops but none has surpassed Apple’s backlit keyboard. Lenovo has taken on Apple with heavy-duty keyboard research and development but it will be a while before they can even pose a challenge.

The latest feature on Apple’s laptop is force touch track-pad.

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Apple Announces New iPhone 6s

Posted on 10 September 2015

In Apple’s latest keynote event, the company announced the upcoming release of the new iPhone 6s and “the only thing that’s changed is everything.” The single press, 3D Touch, is the newest innovation claiming to allow you to do more than ever before.

3D Touch is the next generation of multi-touch, changing the way we experience technology forever. “It senses how deeply you press the display, letting you do all kinds of essential things more quickly and simply. And it gives you real-time feedback in the form of subtle taps from the all-new Taptic Engine,” according to Apple’s description.

The latest edition iPhone 6s features a 12MP camera with “Live Photos” bringing your photos to life, as well as 4K video, up to 4 times the resolution of 1080p HD video. The device will operation on iOS 9, “iOS 9 is a big reason you won’t find anything else like iPhone. It brings together an elegant and intuitive interface, powerful features, and robust security,” says Apple.

You can view more information about the new iPhone 6s and compare models at Apple, and pre-order your device which will be available September 25 in Apple stores.

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Apple iPod Touch 2015: IPhone Without the Phone

Posted on 28 August 2015

2015 has been a fairly quiet year for Apple, but things are now picking up steam with the launch of the Apple iPod Touch 2015. The affordable media player is being launched in a new avatar for $199, with a storage capacity of 16 GB.

The device comes with a 4-inch, 1,136 x 640 pixels screen, with 326 ppi. It is powered by the 64-bit A8 chip from Apple, also featuring an M7 motion coprocessor. The size of the device is a major talking point, as it has been reduced by a fourth as compared to its 2012 iteration. Add to that the poor battery life, with a maximum playback of 6 hours, and there are some doubts about whether the Apple iPod Touch 2015 will actually work for Apple. The device doesn’t feature GPS as well.

Besides the ups and downs, one thing users will surely appreciate about this new device is its camera, which is probably the biggest improvement as compared to the previous versions. The gadget comes with an impressive 8-MP camera that offers great image quality, with crispness, depth and clarity.
So, feel free to record videos at 1080p with it, but note that high-resolution videos are limited to 30 fps, which is lower than the standard. The device packs a 1.13GHz processor. This still ranks relatively high as compared to other devices in its price range.

o Design: 9.0
o Features: 8.0
o Performance: 9.0
o Camera: 8.0
o Battery Life: 5.0
o Overall: 7.8

Overall, it is a fun little gadget to play with and you will most definitely enjoy its camera, good quality hardware and an impressive classic design. It is a great device if you want a fitness companion or a separate device to carry your music library. Given the fact that most smartphones already take care of that, the iPod Touch 2015 might feel a bit redundant.

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