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Bose SoundLink Micro Review: Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Posted on 29 September 2017

The Bose SoundLink Micro promises to be one of the best-sounding speakers money can buy. The SoundLink Micro gets everything right for a speaker this size. However, it may seem a bit costlier than other similar products to some buyers.

You also get a battery-life indicator that is near the Micro-USB charging port with volume controls on the speaker. In addition, there is a multifunction button to control the playback. The battery lasts for 6 hours, which is usually the standard for other kinds of speakers.

The speakers have been stress-tested by numerous users and they have provided several favorable reviews about the how well the product performs in different environments. The product is built to maintain a rock solid Bluetooth connection so you can link it wirelessly with other Bose speakers via the Bose Connect app.

Product Specifications

The following are the major key specs of the Bose SoundLink Micro.

  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Size: 1.5 inches
  • Charger: Micro-USB
  • Price: $110, £100 or $AU170
  • Colors: Bright orange, midnight blue and black
  • Battery life: 6 hours
  • IPX rating: IPX7


It is an efficient pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker that is capable to play rich and loud sounds compared to several other similar products in the market. Being waterproof, the product performs well in all kinds of environments. It has a built-in microphone for speaker calls along with an integrated strap.

With high quality components and tear resistant rubber strap, users can easily clip the speaker onto just about anything such as a bag or your bike’s handle. The speaker also features a base port on its underside. The speaker is engineered to rest on a flat surface for better performance.

It is the company’s moderately expensive and smallest Bluetooth model that intends to defy other conventional speakers currently available.

Final Verdict

The Bose SoundLink Micro speaker delivers exceptional performance with an incredible Bluetooth audio performance, especially for its size. However, it is a bit expensive for its features and specifications.

Photo by: Bose

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Pioneer Rayz Rally: Lightning Powered Pocket-Sized Speaker

Posted on 28 September 2017

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re attending a meeting in a conference room and you’re required to play an audio file on your mobile phone or make a conference call, but you find that your device is just not loud enough for everyone to listen to? I’m sure some of us have been in that situation and we know it can be frustrating and embarrassing at the same time. With the new Pioneer Rayz Rally, you will never be caught off-guard.

Power Efficient:
The Rayz Rally is an ultra compact, pocket-sized conference speaker, which can be plugged into the lightning port of your Macbook, iPhone or any other iOS device. This feature of the Rayz Rally saves you from the hassle of having to charge it. No charging or batteries required. Just plug and play.

The Rayz Rally is small, no doubt, but it packs a serious punch. Some people compare the clarity of the Rayz Rally to that of a conference system. It is undoubtedly louder than it looks and it does not sacrifice sound quality for volume.

Rally has a smart button, yes, just one smart button, which can be used to mute/un-mute and play/pause.

Talk and Charge:
Talk while charging your phone using Rally’s integrated charging port.

The Good:
Rally is highly portable, does not require charging and can prove an effective alternative for a complex conference system. It is easy to use and works on a simple plug and play principle. The box includes the speaker itself, a carry bag and a user manual. The speaker comes with a warranty of up to 12 months.

The Bad:
For something small and only slightly more efficient than its counterparts, Rally is pretty expensive, tagged at $99.95. Rally might also, to some users, look “odd” plugged into your phone. Bluetooth speakers slightly larger than Rally are available at a lower price, which, in most cases, have better sound quality than Rally.

I think the conclusion we can come to is simply how Rally can be useful for executives who need to be brand-conscious when it comes to their office accessories. For other, more casual users, normal Bluetooth speakers would do the job.

Photo by: Pioneer Rayz

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Fitbit Ionic™ Watch Review

Posted on 15 September 2017

The apple watch has a new competitor in the market. Fitbit’s new smartwatch is a genuine masterpiece that is both modern and has a purpose. Apple’s smartwatch might dominate the market in most cases, but the new Fitbit Ionic is no less. With features such as sleep tracking, contactless payments, and music, the smartwatch is a portable device that makes life a lot easier.

The particular feature that strikes an interest for customers is its price. Fitbit’s Ionic is priced at $300 in the market and is affordable for most of the customers in search of not only a fitness device but a kind of portable smartphone. The smartwatch comes with a leather strap, and three different colors include charcoal black and smoke gray. The leather strap is comfortable and gives you extra grip while exercising or indulging in certain outdoor activities. If you’re traveling, the smartwatch has a battery that can last four days on a single charge, and that opens new realms in the areas of exploration and device usage. Imagine going camping and not having to worry about where you’ll find a plug to charge your smartwatch so you can play music. The very idea gives a sense of relief and content.

Other than that, the smartwatch has a water resistance of up to 50 meters underwater so going snorkeling is definitely in the picture. Fitbit’s Ionic will let you know of your heartbeat, and the miles traveled. With a built-in GPS, you will no longer get lost and will always find your way through. Based on the data you collect, you can optimize your workout schedule. It’s all a dream come true for trainers and travel enthusiasts.

Photo credit: Facebook/Fitbit

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Beyerdynamic Xelento Wireless Headphones

Posted on 01 June 2017

With the increasing trend of removing the headphone jack from smartphones, and introducing wireless headphones for a more streamlined entertainment experience, it is a good idea to opt for cutting-edge wireless headphones for your smartphone available on the market today. And when it comes down to it, it doesn’t get any better than the Beyerdynamic Xelento Wireless headphones.

You may not have head of the company, but Beyerdynamic is a very popular and reputable company based in Germany. They manufacture topnotch wireless headphones compatible with multiple smartphones. Moreover, these wireless headphones are integrated with Tesla transducer technology, seen in the Beyerdynamic’s wired model before.

If you’re looking for durable and high performing wireless headphones, it doesn’t get any better than Xelento Wireless. They have given it a new design with the Bluetooth and battery components fitted at the end of the cable. It also has a port to connect the 3.5mm cable to the charger once the battery dies. The company has ensured the headphones will also have same ear-buds that were offered in the wired version.

Another interesting feature is the fact these headphones and can intelligently and instantly switch to other formats for phones not having the required quality standard of the audio. The company ensures the battery life is brilliant with average time of 5.5 hours of continuous usage.

The headphones have a net weight of 7g; they are easily portable and have a durable design. The price is set to be $1,199. The product comes with a Bluetooth connection cable, a microphone and a charger. Plus, you can also expect to get a pair of silicone ear-tips with the product, which is what make it even more worthy to buy despite the high price.

The sound produced is excellent. The headphones will be released later this year.

Photo by: Beyerdynamic

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Chromecast Audio Review: Chromecast for Speakers

Posted on 26 May 2017

Available for only $35, the Chromecast Audio allows you to stream your favorite music from your phone to speakers. It is a device that connects to the speakers for playing music via Wi-Fi. Once set up, it allows users to use Android tablet and phone, iPhone, Mac, iPad, Chromebook or Windows laptops to stream and play their favorite tracks to the best speakers in the house. It supports three speaker inputs of RCA, Optical and 3.5mm.

  • Easy music streaming without the need to pair device with speakers. All you need to do is tap the button on the Cast from music application to immediately send the music to the speakers while controlling the volume via your phone, regardless of where you are in the house.
  • Listen to your favorite playlists at anytime. With Chromecast Audio, you can enjoy 30 million plus songs from various music services such as Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Google Play Music. The cast is continuously upgraded with new apps, meaning there really is no end to searching new music, podcasts and radio stations.
  • Easily stream music from your laptop or Android phone. Apps that haven’t been made part of Cast yet can be enabled from any laptop or Android phone and connected to the speaker. Alternatively, you can also use your phone or laptop to stream music from music streaming websites via the Chrome browser.
  • High quality Sound. Chromecast Audio makes use of Wi-Fi to stream high quality music to speakers, so users can get a sound quality that is even better than that of a CD’s.
  • Seamless Listening. Wi-Fi streaming allows uninterruptible music jamming, even if you receive a text or get a phone call.
  • Complete Controls. Chromecast Audio streams audio over Wi-Fi, meaning you can control the music from anywhere in your house provided that it is within the reach of your Wi-Fi network.Photo by:

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Oakley Radar Pace: Synchronized Smart Eyewwear

Posted on 24 May 2017

Oakley Radar Pace is a synchronized, smart eyewear with a voice activated coaching system which creates a special training program, keeps track of your performance and trains you in the act. It does that by collecting and analyzing your individual performance data, which includes power output, heart rate, cadence, speed, time, and distance.

Furthermore, it monitors your performance as a constant trainer, adjusting your coaching zones as you progress, provides you with personalized coaching that precisely adapt to your capabilities. Another impressive feature of Oakley Radar Pace remains its ability to analyze information from internal sensors, and connect with your sensors that use Bluetooth or ANT+.


  • The device pairs to external sensors, such as distance, cadence, time, power output, etc, via Intel technology
    and sensor data integration.
  • Pairs to internal sensors, such as gyroscope, humidity, accelerometer, pressure, proximity.
  • Allows the use of microphones to enable voice commands.
  • Water/sweat resistant.
  • Lenses are interchangeable in order to enhance progress in any environment. Road visual acuity is sharpened
    with the help of Prizm Road lens.
  • Comes with protective gear, including Oakley’s Soft Vault, which also comes with extra capacity for additional
  • Can be recharged through a USB cable.
  • The whole package includes Clear lens for poor light conditions, two Ear Booms, eyewear case, a small bag,
    two Nose Pads, PRIZM Road lens, an Aero Clip, a quick user’s manual and a Micro USB cable.


  • Full UV Protection: The radar pace’s lens completely protects the eyes from harmful UVB, UVA, and UVC up to
  • Impact Protection: The device provides users with uncompromising security against high mass and high-
    velocity impact.
  • Top Quality Optics: Oakley eyewear is patented by HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS®, which allows the radar pace to
    not only meet but exceeds the quality standards of optical clarity, impact resistance and visual fidelity, offering
    great results.

Photo by: Oakley

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Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Posted on 08 February 2017

Emerging in the market with breakthrough technology, Bose QuietControl 30 allows its users to experience a high quality and balanced audio performance at any volume without any disruptions from the outside world. With its noise cancellation quality, the earphones give users the ability to control the outside noise. With Bose QuietControl 30, you can say goodbye to noisy commutes and thoroughly enjoy the music without the music conflicting with the road noise, unless you let it.

The earpiece comes with an ergonomic neckband design that is light and conforms to your body. It is fashioned out of soft materials, making it ideal for heavy music listeners to listen for longer periods without making their ears go sore. The noise cancellation technology works in a way that the microphones, both outside and inside of the ear buds, continuously compare, measure and react to the outside noise. The system then creates an opposite and equal signal for noise cancellation. Furthermore, The StayHear+ QC tips form a soft seal for extra passive noise minimization.

Another impressive feature of Bose QuietControl 30 is that they are wireless. You can now enjoy volume-optimized, balanced and consistent sound performance, and leave the wires behind. The earphones are also re-engineered with NFC and Bluetooth pairing which means connecting the earpiece to your devices without needing any wires is easy and very quick. In addition, an inline microphone also facilitates users in picking/ending calls, pausing/skipping music tracks and controlling the volume without reaching the device.

The Good:
o Excellent sound quality
o Comfortable
o Durable
o User friendly
o Admirable Design/appearance
o Sweat resistant
o Can be used as a sports head phone

The Bad:
o Rather pricey ($299.95)
o Lacks wired option for plugging into airline entertainment systems.

Overall, the product is a valuable investment. The noise cancellation quality, if not the most powerful, is still quite commendable and the earphones work really well as an everyday music accessory.

Photo courtesy: Bose

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