JBL Endurance Sprint Review: Waterproof Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Posted on 29 June 2018 Tags: Wearable Tech

JBL has launched their latest, top-notch Bluetooth sports headphones. Various people prefer listening to music during exercise. However, over-sized headphones with long cords cannot provide a hassle-free exercise session or a comfortable experience. That is why you need to invest in JBL’s Endurance Sprint headphones. The tiny pair of the earphones is super convenient to carry around.

You can wear it for hours without worrying as the company claims these earphones will not fall out until you remove them. You can still hear loud and clear sounds by maintaining the light seal. The developers have incorporated magnetic hooks that stick to the slot and create a loop. You can clip the buds to the strap of your backpack or clothes with the help of this nifty design.

JBL earphones allow you to stream your favorite music via Bluetooth. You can play your songs at the maximum volume for hours. Plus, the JBL Endurance are wireless earphones – so you should expect improved workout session as there won’t be cords interfering with anything. Moreover, the earphones come with a splendid battery life and you can recharge lost battery just in 10 minutes to use it again for an hour.

It is worth mentioning that JBL is designed to enhance your sports or exercise experience. These earphones are comfortable, sit perfectly on the ear, and provide ultimate stability to your workout session. The company has opted for FlexSoft and TwistLock technologies to come up with the lightweight JBL Endurance Sprint model.

You will get a series of useful features with JBL as well. It sports IPX7 water resistance which indicates you can swim wearing it. Plus, these earphones are durable and can facilitate any sport and weather condition. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the touch controls let you manage music and control volume. Also, Bluetooth technology enables hands-free calling without interrupting your workout session. With fantastic features and functioning, JBL does not sound a bad deal in just $44.

Photo by: JBL

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