​Sony Xperia Ear Duo: Wireless Stereo Headset Review

Posted on 05 June 2018 Tags: Feature, Wearable Tech

Sony Xperia has introduced quite unusual earbuds. You may not find any device similar to this ear duo on the market. It would be a fun device to try. Sony Xperia is creating buzz for its two in one functions. It allows you to hear background noise while you are listening to music. This makes it a useful ear duo when you are driving or even walking. The Xperia ear duo is secure and comfortable to wear. It fits around your earlobe.

There are not many earphones available that let you enjoy workout session without a hassle of wires. With this smart device, you can go for the hours-long gym session without dealing with ridiculously long cords. It was surely a challenging idea but Sony Xperia has done the job effectively. The ear duo is made from rubber and is circular in shape. You will find a hole in the center. There is a pipe given that transfers audio into your ear directly.

The device allows you to hear music on the high volume without leaking it. This way, it measures your privacy and you can enjoy music in public places as well. The functioning of the Xperia ear duo is based on touch and gestures. You will only need to swipe a finger to adjust the volume or to stop the sound.

It is worth mentioning that the device is sports high technology. You just need to nod to accept a call and shake to the right to skip soundtrack. The performance is buttery-smooth. You can control various smartphone apps via Sony Xperia ear duo. It provides location-based alerts. You can configure information including calendar events or weather updates etc. The ear duo works well with Siri and Google Assistant. With the fantastic sound quality and fantastic features, Sony Xperia ear duo could become your next go-to ear-piece.

Photo by: Sony

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