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JBL Endurance Sprint Review: Waterproof Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Posted on 29 June 2018

JBL has launched their latest, top-notch Bluetooth sports headphones. Various people prefer listening to music during exercise. However, over-sized headphones with long cords cannot provide a hassle-free exercise session or a comfortable experience. That is why you need to invest in JBL’s Endurance Sprint headphones. The tiny pair of the earphones is super convenient to carry around.

You can wear it for hours without worrying as the company claims these earphones will not fall out until you remove them. You can still hear loud and clear sounds by maintaining the light seal. The developers have incorporated magnetic hooks that stick to the slot and create a loop. You can clip the buds to the strap of your backpack or clothes with the help of this nifty design.

JBL earphones allow you to stream your favorite music via Bluetooth. You can play your songs at the maximum volume for hours. Plus, the JBL Endurance are wireless earphones – so you should expect improved workout session as there won’t be cords interfering with anything. Moreover, the earphones come with a splendid battery life and you can recharge lost battery just in 10 minutes to use it again for an hour.

It is worth mentioning that JBL is designed to enhance your sports or exercise experience. These earphones are comfortable, sit perfectly on the ear, and provide ultimate stability to your workout session. The company has opted for FlexSoft and TwistLock technologies to come up with the lightweight JBL Endurance Sprint model.

You will get a series of useful features with JBL as well. It sports IPX7 water resistance which indicates you can swim wearing it. Plus, these earphones are durable and can facilitate any sport and weather condition. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the touch controls let you manage music and control volume. Also, Bluetooth technology enables hands-free calling without interrupting your workout session. With fantastic features and functioning, JBL does not sound a bad deal in just $44.

Photo by: JBL

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New Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II Review

Posted on 28 June 2018

Investing in a headphone can leave you in confusion due to plenty of models available on the market. Bose Quiet Comfort has made it pretty convenient for you via incorporating effective noise cancellation in the wireless version. It is worth noting that Bose 35 offers much more than that. Aside from other features, Quite II comes with Google’s voice assistant. Did we mention it is the first ever headphones set that offers the feature?

You only need to press and hold a button to begin interaction. That means there is no need to give a command like ”ok Google.” to proceed. The fun part is that the headphone will read notifications. Thus, it saves you from the hassle of unlocking your smartphone. It is ideal when you are traveling so you don’t miss out on an important notification.

The Google Assistant button is placed on the left ear cup which is the only feature that sets Quiet 35 and its predecessors apart. The speed and accuracy of the Google Assistant are jaw-dropping. It can pick your command even in the noisiest coffee shops and crowded train. You should download the Bose application as most of the features such as updating the firmware, toggling noise cancellation, and remapping the Google Assistant button would run through it. You will find power, pairing slider, playback, and volume adjustment buttons on the right ear cup.

Bose 35 is comfortable and you are good to go for hours wearing the headphones. The pads used in the ear cup are fantastic. You won’t believe that the pads function to block a lot of ambient background noise even when the noise cancellation mode is off. You can save multiple hours of the battery via keeping the noise cancellation mode of your headphones off. Thereby, give Bose 35 a try and get a distinctive headphone experience.

Photo courtesy: Bose

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Amazon Echo 2nd Generation Review: Smart Speaker with Alexa

Posted on 27 June 2018

Installing Echo Dot can assist you in various house chores. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that Amazon’s latest device can make phone calls, play music, give you weather updates, send and receive message merely on a single command – all due to the state of the art integrated Alexa ecosystem.

It is safe to claim that you can turn the dream of smart living into reality via Echo Dot 2nd Generation.

The developers have kept its design quite straightforward and practical. It seems the company has put in significant efforts to enhance the functioning of the device.

Echo Dot is a hands-free and voice-controlled device. It comes with a small built-in speaker which connects to your speakers and headphones via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm audio cable.

Now, you can relax on the couch after a chaotic day and ask your voice-activated virtual assistant to turn on/off lights and lock the doors.

Moreover, it allows you to control various home features including thermostats, fan, TV, and more. It is worth noting that the Echo Dot is super-easy to use. All you need is to activate the device by saying wake words such as Amazon, Computer, or Echo.

The built-in microphones inside the device are always listening. Once they hear the ‘wake’ word, they begin recording your commands.

The microphones will then send your audio snippet to Amazon’s servers through the cloud. These servers recognize your commands and direct Alexa in this context. Plus, this activity takes less than a minute to perform the function. Isn’t it great?

Alexa, being a virtual assistant, can stream music from Pandora, Amazon Prime Music, or Spotify along with podcasts from TuneIn and iHearRadio. You can opt for it to set kitchen timers and morning alarm alike.

Not only does it manage a calendar but Alexa reads headlines for you from various new sources. No question, Echo Dot can lead you to smart-living without hurting your bank.

Photo courtesy: Amazon

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Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones Review

Posted on 21 June 2018

Music junkies look for a comfortable fit; surround sound, and effective noise cancellation in a pair of headphones. You will be delighted to learn that Beats Studio 3 has been launched. It does not only sports aforementioned features but the headphones offer excellent connectivity with Apple as well. Beats Studio 3 is creating buzz due to splendid battery life.

The pair of headphones does not come with signature Apple design. You will not get them in glossy white color and there is no fruity logo this time. The design may appear similar to Studio 2 or original versions of Studio Wireless series. The designers have kept the pair quite simple. Beats Studio 3 is made of plastic and you will find “b” logo stamped on each side.

The headphones offer an excellent noise-canceling. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that providing brilliant noise-cancellation is a smart feature. You can find various headphones on the market offering the feature. However, they lack in quality and their functioning is not up to the mark.

Battery life of the Studio 3 varies which you can fix via using Apple’s W1 chip. You will get 22 hours play-time with ANC on and 40 hours without it which is for Apple devices only. Beats Studio 3 does not offer similar play-time hours for non-iOS gadgets.

Additionally, this version saves you from the hassle of ridiculously long cables. Connecting headphones to iPad or iPhone take less than a minute. Morever, you will get a seamless switching feature and iOS 10 and 11 users can use Studio 3 to receive calls on an iPhone, watch a movie on a Macbook without pairing devices. Furthermore, you can purchase these top-notch headphones in gray, blue, white, matte black, white, and red with silver accents.

Photo courtesy: Beats by Dre

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Plantronics BackBeat Go 600 Review

Posted on 20 June 2018

Music lovers often look for a lightweight pair of headphones that provide a lasting music experience. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that Plantronics Go 600 has launched with splendid features. The designers have incorporated Advanced Acoustic technology into BackBeat 600 to deliver rich and balanced sound. Not to mention, you prefer to listen to your favorite tracks without interruption. The earcups are made with lightweight memory-form to ensure distraction-free listening. Also, the material used in manufacturing the earcup provides comfort.

Moreover, BackBeat Go 600 is creating buzz on the market for one of its outstanding features. It allows your adjust EQ setting. And now, switching from balanced mode to bass boost mode is at your fingertips. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim various famous and high-end brands have overlooked this fantastic feature.

Also, a wireless headphone has become a trend. That is why Plantronics 600 comes without cords. You can enjoy music free from the hassle of ridiculously long wires for hours. You may not believe, but with BackBeat headphones, you will get whopping 18 hours of power on just a single charge. It also offers a 3.5 mm backup jack. Apart from this, it provides control buttons located on the left earcup along with USB charging port and volume controls. You can connect the headphone to Bluetooth enabled devices as well.

Plantronics headphones allow you to pick or make calls too. It comes with a wideband-enabled microphone to support your calling experience. You can access Siri, Cortana hands-free, and Google Now via voice command as well. BackBeat Go 600 is available in khaki, navy, gray, and black. Plantronics BackBeat Go 600 does not sound a bad deal if you are looking for a top-notch pair of headphone without breaking a bank.

Photo courtesy: Platronics

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​Samsung HW-N550 Soundbar Home Theater Review

Posted on 08 June 2018

Purchasing a soundbar is a tough nut to crack. It is nearly impossible to find a quality bar in invested money. Not to mention, the cost does not always provide quality. If you are struggling to purchase a decent soundbar, you may want to try Samsung HW-N550. There is no denying that the company is famous for its splendid handsets. It is safe to say that the developers have done an equally great job on HW-N550. Samsung has made significant changes on the design and has switched from a cheap-looking body to a more sophisticated one.

You will get the sound bar in brushed gray and metal grille. It is 41.7 inches wide and 2.32 inches long. The soundbar comes with a metal bracket allowing you to hang it on the wall. The Samsung N550 soundbar features wireless subwoofer. It sports both DTS decoding and Dolby Digital to improve your sound experience. It is promising as company’s websites state before the launch.

The HWN550 also offers Bluetooth, USB, HDMI 2.0a in and out, and digital optical. All you need is to connect the sound bar to your Samsung TV via Bluetooth for sound either from smart TV application or onboard tuner. And enjoy your favorite movies within few minutes. The sound bar is front-firing one. You can incorporate rears too as the company has introduced compatible wireless rear kit known as SWA-8500S.

For setup, you will need to insert in an HDMI cable preferably UDP-205 Blu-ray player one on a Samsung 4K TV. The Samsung sound bar comes with a 3.1-channel system. Additionally, you can opt for subwoofer volume letting N550 control treble tone and bass. You will be delighted to find that it provides surround sound with a top-notch bass, giving you high-quality audio but without having to break the bank.

Photo by: Samsung

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​OnePlus Bullets Wireless Headphones Review

Posted on 07 June 2018

If you are looking for a pair of earphones that provide surround sound without a hassle, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that OnePlus has finally launched wireless headphones. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that engineers have done a great job on the Bullets headphones to make them look entirely different from the company’s previous earphones.

OnePlus Bullets sits securely and comfortably on the ears. You can find it in three distinctive sizes of stabilization fins and silicone tips. You need to make sure to tighten seal or else you won’t get a lot of basses. Also, a loosen seal may affect the quality of sound as well. The earbuds of Bullets Wireless sports 9.2mm drivers and are designed with aluminum.

It is worth mentioning that these earphones are sweat-resistant which means you can spend long hours in the gym wearing Bullets Wireless Headphones on a daily basis. However, this pair of earphones is not waterproof. You should avoid swimming wearing OnePlus headphones.

The Bullets Wireless headphones provide neutral and balanced sound. You get just a right amount of bass. It is leaner and sculpted than most Bluetooth earphones available on the market. The accurate and detailed sound will surely enhance your music experience.

OnePlus bullets offer an easy-to-wear neckband. It sports a LED that assists pairing, USB Type-C port, and a single button. The neckband of the headphones is made with a matte and soft liquid silicone. You will the find it lightweight and flexible. The developers have incorporated a hint of red to add color to the device.

There are in-line control buttons for volume up and down. Also, you will get a single button in the middle to play or stop the device. You can even summon Google assistant with the similar button. With comfort and top-notch sound, $69 doesn’t sound a bad deal.

Photo by: OnePlus

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