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​Samsung HW-N550 Soundbar Home Theater Review

Posted on 08 June 2018

Purchasing a soundbar is a tough nut to crack. It is nearly impossible to find a quality bar in invested money. Not to mention, the cost does not always provide quality. If you are struggling to purchase a decent soundbar, you may want to try Samsung HW-N550. There is no denying that the company is famous for its splendid handsets. It is safe to say that the developers have done an equally great job on HW-N550. Samsung has made significant changes on the design and has switched from a cheap-looking body to a more sophisticated one.

You will get the sound bar in brushed gray and metal grille. It is 41.7 inches wide and 2.32 inches long. The soundbar comes with a metal bracket allowing you to hang it on the wall. The Samsung N550 soundbar features wireless subwoofer. It sports both DTS decoding and Dolby Digital to improve your sound experience. It is promising as company’s websites state before the launch.

The HWN550 also offers Bluetooth, USB, HDMI 2.0a in and out, and digital optical. All you need is to connect the sound bar to your Samsung TV via Bluetooth for sound either from smart TV application or onboard tuner. And enjoy your favorite movies within few minutes. The sound bar is front-firing one. You can incorporate rears too as the company has introduced compatible wireless rear kit known as SWA-8500S.

For setup, you will need to insert in an HDMI cable preferably UDP-205 Blu-ray player one on a Samsung 4K TV. The Samsung sound bar comes with a 3.1-channel system. Additionally, you can opt for subwoofer volume letting N550 control treble tone and bass. You will be delighted to find that it provides surround sound with a top-notch bass, giving you high-quality audio but without having to break the bank.

Photo by: Samsung

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​OnePlus Bullets Wireless Headphones Review

Posted on 07 June 2018

If you are looking for a pair of earphones that provide surround sound without a hassle, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that OnePlus has finally launched wireless headphones. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that engineers have done a great job on the Bullets headphones to make them look entirely different from the company’s previous earphones.

OnePlus Bullets sits securely and comfortably on the ears. You can find it in three distinctive sizes of stabilization fins and silicone tips. You need to make sure to tighten seal or else you won’t get a lot of basses. Also, a loosen seal may affect the quality of sound as well. The earbuds of Bullets Wireless sports 9.2mm drivers and are designed with aluminum.

It is worth mentioning that these earphones are sweat-resistant which means you can spend long hours in the gym wearing Bullets Wireless Headphones on a daily basis. However, this pair of earphones is not waterproof. You should avoid swimming wearing OnePlus headphones.

The Bullets Wireless headphones provide neutral and balanced sound. You get just a right amount of bass. It is leaner and sculpted than most Bluetooth earphones available on the market. The accurate and detailed sound will surely enhance your music experience.

OnePlus bullets offer an easy-to-wear neckband. It sports a LED that assists pairing, USB Type-C port, and a single button. The neckband of the headphones is made with a matte and soft liquid silicone. You will the find it lightweight and flexible. The developers have incorporated a hint of red to add color to the device.

There are in-line control buttons for volume up and down. Also, you will get a single button in the middle to play or stop the device. You can even summon Google assistant with the similar button. With comfort and top-notch sound, $69 doesn’t sound a bad deal.

Photo by: OnePlus

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​Sony Xperia Ear Duo: Wireless Stereo Headset Review

Posted on 05 June 2018

Sony Xperia has introduced quite unusual earbuds. You may not find any device similar to this ear duo on the market. It would be a fun device to try. Sony Xperia is creating buzz for its two in one functions. It allows you to hear background noise while you are listening to music. This makes it a useful ear duo when you are driving or even walking. The Xperia ear duo is secure and comfortable to wear. It fits around your earlobe.

There are not many earphones available that let you enjoy workout session without a hassle of wires. With this smart device, you can go for the hours-long gym session without dealing with ridiculously long cords. It was surely a challenging idea but Sony Xperia has done the job effectively. The ear duo is made from rubber and is circular in shape. You will find a hole in the center. There is a pipe given that transfers audio into your ear directly.

The device allows you to hear music on the high volume without leaking it. This way, it measures your privacy and you can enjoy music in public places as well. The functioning of the Xperia ear duo is based on touch and gestures. You will only need to swipe a finger to adjust the volume or to stop the sound.

It is worth mentioning that the device is sports high technology. You just need to nod to accept a call and shake to the right to skip soundtrack. The performance is buttery-smooth. You can control various smartphone apps via Sony Xperia ear duo. It provides location-based alerts. You can configure information including calendar events or weather updates etc. The ear duo works well with Siri and Google Assistant. With the fantastic sound quality and fantastic features, Sony Xperia ear duo could become your next go-to ear-piece.

Photo by: Sony

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​HP Envy x2 Review: Redefines Mobility

Posted on 04 June 2018

Purchasing a tablet with splendid battery life and performance are a tough nut to crack. If you are looking for a device that allows working on multiple tabs, binge-watching Netflix, and jaw-dropping battery life, HP Envy has launched for you. It is one of the first tablets that are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835. You must be familiar with the term if you are a tech enthusiast. It would not be wrong to claim that HP is one of the stylish devices available on the market currently.

The company has invested a decent amount of time on the design. You will find it thin as compared to various tablets. It measures only 6.9 mm. No question the tablet is a well-constructed device. The designers have used CNC-machined aluminum that is why it feels sturdy. Moreover, it sports USB-C port. You should use it for charging. And you will also find microSD slot on one of the sides. You will get microphone/headphone jack, a nano SIM slot, and volume buttons as well.

The HP Envy offers pre-configured keyboard cover and stylus. It sports blue colored keyboard designed with a leather-like material. It is worth mentioning that keyboard feels soft. The company has opted for a creative approach for touch-pad. It does not have height, and it is wide instead. The touch-pad runs smoothly make swipe gestures and scroll easier.

An HP Digital Pen stylus functions well even on pressure-sensitive points. You can take notes using HP Digital Pen as well. The Envy X2 comes with a 12.3-inch display along with a 1920 x 1280 resolution. The screen appears sharp and goes up to 480 nits. It will enhance your movie and media experience. The tablet performs well as it sports Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and 8GM of RAM which is convincing enough to invest in HP Envy x2.

Photo by: HP

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