​Nokia 8 Sirocco Review: Extraordinary Phone for Ordinary Life

Posted on 24 May 2018 Tags: Mobile Phones, smart phones

Nokia has launched fast functioning with splendid battery life. Sirocco sports premium design with surprisingly minimum bezels. Isn’t it cool? Nokia 8 Sirocco is a luxurious smart-phone just like company’s popular version from the past Nokia 8800. You will get a similar vibe from Sirocco. It is super sleek with a curvier screen. The handset offers stainless steel frame along with a glass back. Nokia 8 is 7.5mm thin and measures 140.9 x 73 mm. Not to mention, the handset is comfortable to hold. It is dense and gives a solid feel.

You will find SIM tray on the left side to insert nano-SIM. On the back side, you will see the dual camera module along with a two-tone flash placed on the right side. The developers have provided fingerprint sensor that works rapidly when you are locking or unlocking the smart-phone. The handset comes with a USB Type-C port and with a single speaker. You will also get a pair of premium earphones offering surround sound which most smart-phones have failed to deliver.

It is worth noting that the Nokia 8 Sirocco is IP67 certified. The smart-phone sports reduced bezels and a wider screen. You will get a touch of BlackBerry Priv and Galaxy S7 Edge as Sirocco comes with a 16:9 aspect screen and curvier edges. Additionally, the developers have incorporated P-OLED screen technology. Nokia 8 Sirocco sports jaw-dropping brightness levels as well.

You can use it with ease in the daylight or extremely sunny days. The screen made with OLED technology, you should expect the colors to pop. Almost all smart-phones display time and notification, Nokia 8 Sirocco will show next calendar appointments on the screen. It is a sturdy handset with splendid functioning and Nokia 8 Sirocco could become your next smart-phone!

Photo by Nokia

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