​Amazon Cloud Cam Review

Posted on 02 May 2018 Tags: Home & Office

Tech giant Amazon has launched the Cloud Cam – a home security camera. You can go a step ahead and integrate Amazon Key services along with the cloud cam allowing Amazon drivers to deliver packages at your doorstep. Like other gadgets, the packaging of the Cloud Cam is hassle-free. It comes with a USB adapter, a mounting plate, wall-mount hardware, and a nine-foot USB power cable. The camera weighs pretty light, but has a sturdy structure.

The setup is quite simple. You need to download the Amazon Cloud Cam application first, and then connect it to the camera using Bluetooth. Later, plug the device in with a Wi-Fi password to run the security camera. The set up will lead to settings that include turning on important notifications. The camera will notify you every time it detects motion and will record a short video clip.

The Cloud Cam has splendid video quality. It captures a 120-degree wide view at 1080p resolution and 30 frames. Plus, it also captures high-quality videos at night. The night vision feature is surprisingly crisp as the camera can distinguish clothing patterns and faces with ease.

Moreover, another awesome reason you should go for the product is the fact that you don’t need the application to view the videos captured by the camera. You can easily view them on your laptop or computer now – via a direct feed from the camera.

Moreover, the Amazon Cloud Cam doesn’t only record but allows you to speak as well. You can now communicate with the people on camera via the application.

The feature will surely help you when Amazon deliveryman comes to deliver your package and you can guide him through the fantastic audio upgrade. The cam’s microphone provides crystal clear audio which is also a useful feature that comes with Amazon home security camera.

You can even use Alexa on your Echo Sports device or Echo Show. Simply give it a command and it will begin functioning.

Photo courtesy: Amazon

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