​Jabra Elite Review: Superior Wireless Headphones

Posted on 30 March 2018 Tags: Wearable Tech

Fitness junkies often look for headphones or earbuds that won’t give them any trouble especially when they’re sprinting or performing concentration exercises. Moreover, they want quality sound and ease of use. That is essentially where the Jabra Elite comes into the picture.

The device was designed to facilitate people with a regular fitness routine. You can go for intense movements wearing these really awesome earbuds.

You can find various options on the market with the latest technology. They might possess better battery life or might provide good quality sound; the ridiculously long wires will create will become really annoying. However, none of that is a problem with the Jabra Elite. You can get wireless earbuds to improve your outdoor activity experience.

Moreover, battery life is one of those factors that people look for in every gadget specifically the ones designed to facilitate fitness routine. With the Jabra Elite, you will get a 4.5-hour battery time, which is impressive especially because these are sports earphones. However, you have to give them a full charge first.

Another really epic reason to go for the Jabra earbuds is because they are utterly sweat-proof. These are waterproof earphones – which means you won’t have to remove your in-ear headphones and wipe all that sweat from your ear and the device. But don’t even think about going for a swim with those on! Also, it can work well as a single headset too.

It is super easy to use as the set is compatible with other fitness apps along with Jabra’s app for fitness. You will also get a chance to monitor your heart rate via a built-in feature.

When it comes to sound, it has already given a tough competition to plenty of top-notch products on the market. Apart from the crisp quality – the headphone also provide surround sound, which is absolutely amazing! You will enjoy every beat while performing a variety of exercises. A must-buy!

Photo by: Jabra

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