​Google Clips Review: New Way to Capture Moments

Posted on 14 March 2018 Tags: Crazy Gadgets, Hi-Def

If you are a casual photographer and love to capture precious moments, you will surely like Google Clips. It is a unique camera that looks similar to the Instagram icon. It looks cute and sophisticated at the same time. Google made a few statements regarding its quality and uniqueness that you can find in the review.

First things first, Google has claimed it a “smart camera.” It is indeed a new idea and you cannot find technology similar to it on the market. Google further says it will not only make your photography experience exiting, but will recognize similar people, animals, or places the next time you visit the area or take the picture in the same area.

Google clips come with a combination of AL and ML that make such technological photography possible. You can rarely find this option on other smartphones or digital cameras. The display is simple but catchy. You will not find multiple buttons on it. However, it is simple to operate.

You will get large and fixed lens on the front. You need to twist it, to turn the camera on and off. Apart from this, a trio of white light is placed there too that will allow you know when the camera is off or on. The company says it was designed purposely to let people recognize it as a camera and make them aware that they are recorded. That is another feature you cannot find on other gadgets.

When you go down, you will find a single button which is the shutter. Moreover, the clip app is also simple to operate. It captures everything via default setting. You can also make and save a seven-second video or clip.

The feature is quite similar to Apple live photos, Google motion photos, and Vine. The camera comes with a satisfactory battery life. Therefore, each feature on the Google clip is provided to facilitate your photography experience.

Photo by: Google

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