Fitbit Ionic™ Watch Review: A Motivating Timepiece

Posted on 23 February 2018 Tags: Feature, Wearable Tech

If you are looking for smartwatch equipped with features necessary regarding your fitness routine, Fitbit ionic could be a right choice for you. The newest device offers mobile wallet, music player, fitness tracker, GPS running, an impressive battery life, and swimming device – all in $300.

Apart from the features, the Fitbit smartwatch is comfortable to wear during workout sessions. The display has sharp edges that add a lot of style to it. Moreover, the well-structured smartwatch comes with a touchscreen and three buttons alike. You can control features or explore apps via the touchscreen.

The touch display response is quite impressive. You can quickly go through fitness stats or music apps – anything that you need during a workout. However, you won’t always find the display on but it will light up when exposed direct to the sun – that is ideal for outdoor physical activity.

Also, the device functions across Android and iOS, and can sync with Macs and Windows – just connect it to the Fitbit app. It will facilitate your fitness routine allowing you to stay in touch with your friends and colleagues. Fitbit ionic comes with pre-installed coach, exercise, music, Pandora, Starbucks and timer applications.

You will find a list of workouts in the coach app, which is fantastic for beginners who usually have no idea about how to or where to begin. The device will also motivate you in this regard by managing the hours you spent standing, it will provide information about how many steps you have taken and how many are left – that will surely encourage you to stay focused during your workout.

It is noteworthy here that Fitbit is water resistant up to 50-meters. This means you can go for a quick swim wearing your smartwatch. Also, you need to recharge the device once and it will work all week – this is no doubt another feature worth every penny!

Photo credit: Fitbit

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