​Origin PC Evo15-S: Ultra Thin Gaming Laptop

Posted on 09 February 2018 Tags: Computers, Feature, Laptops

Origin is joining the Max-Q race with the Evo15-S, a slim, lean notebook that’s great for gamers. The machine has an understated, low-key design, which adds to its visual appeal. The great thing about this notebook is its weight, as it is smaller and lighter as compared to a conventional 15-inch gaming laptop. The overall weight of the Evo15-S is less than 5 lbs, which is significantly lighter than the Alienware 15.

The notebook also features a number of ports that you can use for your USB connections, which include a USB 3.1 port, an HDMI port for VR, and a couple of mini DisplayPort connectors. The display of the notebook is decent, with 94% sRGB gamut coverage, which makes it ideal for gaming. However, you might face some issues with the display when viewing anything with excessive color use.

The Best Part

The best feature of this notebook is that it provides you the power you get with a gaming desktop but in a slim and light design. You don’t have to compromise on the connections you want to set up, and the laptop itself weighs less than 5 lbs.

The Drawbacks

You might find the keyboard of the Evo15-S slightly cramped, which can be difficult for your muscle memory. The laptop also tends to heat up if you use it for an extended period.

At over $1,600, you might find the Evo15-S a bit pricey, but the features and quality it offers make it worth purchasing. The only catch is that the keyboard might not be suitable for your gaming needs, and you probably have to play plugged. That said, the portability of the laptop make it a great device for people who want to play games on the go, but without having to lug around a hefty machine.

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