Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio: Closed Reference Headphones

Posted on 29 January 2018 Tags: Wearable Tech

Beyer-dynamic has always launched amazing products for its customers. The company has an amazing reputation in the market for producing the best wireless headphones. Recently, it has introduced the DT 770 Studio. Its predecessors have also been amazing and have provided the best quality products. The Beyer-dynamic DT 770 Pro gives you professional listening experience.

These headphones are made to provide the best quality, no matter how far you are from them. The best thing is that they are quite comfortable when you are wearing. Moreover, it is a real necessity for long journeys. You can get the best 5Hz-35kHz frequency response. Its closed-ear design contributes a lot in minimizing the noise outside and making the headphones’ noise to your ears reach without any distractions. The DT 770 headphones are surely the best of additions to any studio.

Moreover, the DT 770 headphones offer critical music monitoring in a diverse environment. The transducers are set in a way that they fully position into the ear. This ensures the optimum ear position. Furthermore, these headphones are for extensive usage. Let’s have a look at the overall features this masterpiece has to offer.


  • The equalizer can serve diffuse-field EQ requirements
  • Soft velour head-pad is comfortable during long sessions
  • Innovative bass-reflex system
  • 9.8′ straight single-sided connecting cable
  • Includes drawstring storage bag
  • Easy to maintain and service because you can replace all parts
  • Closed studio headphones, e Robust construction with spring steel headband
  • Includes drawstring storage bag

After looking at all the features of these headphones, you should surely choose this over anything similar to this. Over the last few years, many new companies have emerged as well, but no one has matched the quality of this.

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