​Sony WF-1000X: Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones Review

Posted on 26 January 2018 Tags: Feature, Wearable Tech

Due to past experiences, investing money in wireless ear-buds does not sound cool. The main reason is that sound has not always been the priority. The Jabra Elite Sport was designed for sports, whereas Apple Air-Pod had much emphasis on connection stability. However, we are introducing the Sony WF-1000X, which would give you an amazing sound experience.

Upon success of our last product, Sony MDR-1000X, we have bought most of its elements into a small piece that makes it easy for you to carry and move freely when in your ear. People have given positive reviews regarding it, which has given tough time to the rivals. This gives total freedom of movement and an awesome sound.

This ear-bud comes with the buds themselves and their charger. It is much more eye-catchy as compared to devices introduced in the past. The unique head-phones have a rubbery sponge on both sides. Each bud weighs less than 7g. Moreover, once you put them on, they do not move and are perfectly fit. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you have to run for the bus anytime. Furthermore, each bud has only one button that deals with taking care of the pairing, noise cancellation, and power. The battery life is amazing as it can work for up to 9 hours.

You can check the connection stability and sound quality with the Headphone Connect app easily. This is super useful in areas where there is low connectivity such as underground areas. There is a customizing option through which you can hear the music as well as what is happening outside. This feature makes it a must try.

This is an all in one package, and you should go for it. The users have given excellent reviews, which makes it easy for you to decide. Some people have termed it as the best headphones in the world. The price of the Sony WF-1000X is $200.

Photo by: Sony

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