​Ultimate Ears Blast Smart Speaker Review

Posted on 24 January 2018 Tags: Entertainment, Mobile Gizmos

Ultimate Ears blast smart speaker now in the market and ready to give you a boom of sound. This cylindrical shape mini echo device is 7.6 inches tall that allows the user to enjoy the journey while listening to the music as its small size easy to carry.


It is embedded with multiple features including Amazon Alexa that supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and allows you to make a connection in two speakers if you want it to play loud.

This wireless speaker has 90 DB audio with a frequency of 90 Hz to 20KHz, and it comes with 39 mm of a passive radiator that won’t let it heat-up.

Now, you don’t have to worry about when you go to the beach or either you drop it into the pool; it will survive in water for up to 30 mints as its water-resistant IP67 allow you to enjoy your favorite activity without any worries. Its charging port is well covered with rubber that means water doesn’t harm its port.

As it is featured on Amazon Alexa, you can ask it for any information of artist, genres, radio stations and podcast you like. It is equipped with some basic features; For instance, you can also set the alarm, manage cylinder or set a reminder. But it doesn’t support calling feature this means you cannot ask Alexa to make a call from your phonebook.


The thing you will notice in this products that its built-in system is not equipped with any button for changing and pausing music. Although it has Amazon Alexa for music navigation, the problem is it doesn’t have any indicator and not vibrant than any other device.

Bottom line

You can stream music with this audio system either you at friend’s home, go for a picnic and party. It sounds quality is pretty good if you want to experience its audio quality than give it a chance.

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