​CB-1 Studio Headphones by Status Audio Review

Posted on 11 January 2018 Tags: Wearable Tech

Status Audio, the US Company popular for its comfortable and portable production and it now comes up with new-tech that is the Closed-Back 1. The 500mm driver provides you perfect sound quality though it does not produce mid and high range frequency the overall sound quality is good. The use of the light-weighted and synthetic material in these headphones makes it more durable.

The good

The ear-cups are generously couched with the soft-padded material that offers you great comfortability and allows you to use for hours without causing an ergonomic hazard. Its think plastic band gives an awkward look but still provides rigidity. The too much use of padding in these headphones gives you the opportunity to enjoy your journey while streaming music.

This nice and sleek headphone does not come with logo or symbols that suit your studio look and allow you to make your own. It does not come with a carrier bag, but you will still receive some extras with them that are 6.3mm adapter and two cables.

Both of these cables are designed to lock in the headphones so; you don’t have to worry about when you are walking around. But neither of these cables come with a volume control button that might restrict the regular user to buy these headphones.

The bad

The sound isolation is pretty much low as compared to other competitor’s device due too much cushioning around the ear-cups. Also, it does not come with the microphones that mean you cannot use it for communication.

Final verdict

The CB-1 is a great choice for the studio monitor. It delivers crystal-clear sound quality with added specs that maintain the actual quality of sound. The producer has also considerably worked on the bass which will enhance your music experience. You will not find these specs in a product at this price anywhere in the market, which makes it the best choice.

Photo by: Status Audio

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