Amazon Tap Review: Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Posted on 05 January 2018 Tags: Entertainment, Feature, Mobile Gizmos

The idea of smart living is turning into a reality with these smart devices. For every music junkie, here is the newest gadget that will leave you stunned. With Amazon tap, you can now listen to your favorite music just by giving a command. Isn’t that cool?

The Amazon tap is a wireless speaker that runs either by tapping or on your command. The device is simple to use, its mesh-like exterior makes it easy to hold, and it is light-weight enough to be carried anywhere – even in the parks. The setup of Amazon Tap is quite easy just download Amazon Alexa app and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Start talking by pressing the front button. You will find a Micro-USB port or an audio input port on the back of the speaker; plug the tap in here and voila – it will begin functioning.

You can also use Amazon tap on “hands-free” mode. Go to the settings on your Alexa app, select “Hands-free” option and start controlling tap with your commands. Simply say a wake word “Alexa,” and the device will run. This is the most convenient and smart way to use this innovative speaker. Moreover, you can mute and unmute music whenever you want just by pressing play button for only three seconds as the idea isn’t based on always listening functionality. The device can respond to your commands even if it is given from a considerable distance.

It is safe to say that Amazon Tap is extremely user-friendly. Not just it is an ideal speaker that provides surround sound, but it comes with an impressive battery life. Without hands-free mode, your device can work fine for good 10 hours, and it goes for 8 hours for microphone always on mode. Buying Amazon tap is surely a smart idea for your smart-home.

Photo credit: Amazon

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