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​LG 34UC89G Curved LED Gaming Monitor Review

Posted on 12 January 2018

LG has always impressed its users with its long monitors, which provides them with an amazing gaming experience. High speed and responsiveness are among the major qualities in LG products. Moreover, LG has introduced another product for those users who spend time in extensive gaming; this is the LG 34UC89G. It has an amazing 2,560 x 1,080 resolution that is fit for a 34-inch widescreen.

Moreover, it is available in the market for just $900. The set price is not too high for the features and specifications it is offering. If you compare it with other similar products, the price is much lower. The LG 34UC89G has a fast IPS panel, G-Sync, and a curved screen. It is an amazing package for those of you who play games.

If you look at its design, this will catch the attention of users easily. You have an option to access the connectors, and manage the cables by the snap-in piece. If you want to accommodate more people, you can tilt it about 20 degrees. Moreover, it only uses a simple joystick like many other monitors. Maneuvering due to the on-screen menu display is straightforward.

The display of the LG 34UC89G is also worth watching. Another amazing feature that it offers is the dot in the center of the display, which will make it easy for you to make a target in your mind as soon as you see this. However, some competitors have marked this product as a slow-speed one due to its IPS panels, and this is not the case.

Looking thoroughly at all the features, you must buy this product if you are a serious gamer. This would give you an amazing experience. Moreover, it is way better than what is introduced by many other companies in the past.

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​CB-1 Studio Headphones by Status Audio Review

Posted on 11 January 2018

Status Audio, the US Company popular for its comfortable and portable production and it now comes up with new-tech that is the Closed-Back 1. The 500mm driver provides you perfect sound quality though it does not produce mid and high range frequency the overall sound quality is good. The use of the light-weighted and synthetic material in these headphones makes it more durable.

The good

The ear-cups are generously couched with the soft-padded material that offers you great comfortability and allows you to use for hours without causing an ergonomic hazard. Its think plastic band gives an awkward look but still provides rigidity. The too much use of padding in these headphones gives you the opportunity to enjoy your journey while streaming music.

This nice and sleek headphone does not come with logo or symbols that suit your studio look and allow you to make your own. It does not come with a carrier bag, but you will still receive some extras with them that are 6.3mm adapter and two cables.

Both of these cables are designed to lock in the headphones so; you don’t have to worry about when you are walking around. But neither of these cables come with a volume control button that might restrict the regular user to buy these headphones.

The bad

The sound isolation is pretty much low as compared to other competitor’s device due too much cushioning around the ear-cups. Also, it does not come with the microphones that mean you cannot use it for communication.

Final verdict

The CB-1 is a great choice for the studio monitor. It delivers crystal-clear sound quality with added specs that maintain the actual quality of sound. The producer has also considerably worked on the bass which will enhance your music experience. You will not find these specs in a product at this price anywhere in the market, which makes it the best choice.

Photo by: Status Audio

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​Eve V Review: First Crowd-Developed Computer

Posted on 09 January 2018

You think of buying a laptop, the first things you look at are the features and appearance. Today, various companies are launching amazing products to build a strong customer base. Therefore, it has become a lot easier for customers to choose the product that suits their needs completely. It is highly recommended to thoroughly check all the features and specifications of a laptop before you finalize it. You can have a look at the Eve 5 that has launched recently in November 2017.

After a successful introduction of the Eve T1 Tablet, the company is all set to launch its successor, Eve 5. Customers are excited about the launch as they are expecting something even better than the Eve T1 Tablet. The Eve V is packed up with a gorgeous IGZO display, amazing battery timing, Thunderbolt 3 Connectivity, and an attachable keyboard with Bluetooth. Moreover, it has the latest 7th generation Intel Core CPU and is with a durable aluminum body. You will get all this at an unbeatable price of $699.

Buying the Eve V has many benefits that you will get at this price. Upon purchase of the product, all the accessories that you get in the box are certified. Therefore, you won’t get accessories that do not work properly and comes with a one year warranty. Importantly, the CPU has a 14nm technology that delivers up to 3.6 GHz frequencies. The installed processors are completely silent, increasing the user experience a big deal.

Moreover, our major aim was to introduce something that can be used anywhere. The device has a slim body that is easily portable, and it won’t be a burden on you. Those of you who have an extensive use, the keyboard is precise and noise-less. You would have a phenomenal typing experience. Similarly, like all the other parts, speakers also work perfectly, and you would love listening to music.

Photo by: Eve Tech

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Amazon Tap Review: Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Posted on 05 January 2018

The idea of smart living is turning into a reality with these smart devices. For every music junkie, here is the newest gadget that will leave you stunned. With Amazon tap, you can now listen to your favorite music just by giving a command. Isn’t that cool?

The Amazon tap is a wireless speaker that runs either by tapping or on your command. The device is simple to use, its mesh-like exterior makes it easy to hold, and it is light-weight enough to be carried anywhere – even in the parks. The setup of Amazon Tap is quite easy just download Amazon Alexa app and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Start talking by pressing the front button. You will find a Micro-USB port or an audio input port on the back of the speaker; plug the tap in here and voila – it will begin functioning.

You can also use Amazon tap on “hands-free” mode. Go to the settings on your Alexa app, select “Hands-free” option and start controlling tap with your commands. Simply say a wake word “Alexa,” and the device will run. This is the most convenient and smart way to use this innovative speaker. Moreover, you can mute and unmute music whenever you want just by pressing play button for only three seconds as the idea isn’t based on always listening functionality. The device can respond to your commands even if it is given from a considerable distance.

It is safe to say that Amazon Tap is extremely user-friendly. Not just it is an ideal speaker that provides surround sound, but it comes with an impressive battery life. Without hands-free mode, your device can work fine for good 10 hours, and it goes for 8 hours for microphone always on mode. Buying Amazon tap is surely a smart idea for your smart-home.

Photo credit: Amazon

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Ultimate Ears WonderBoom: the Super Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Posted on 03 January 2018

A good speaker has two things; powerful bass and maximum music. You rarely find a speaker brand that offers both in a pair of speakers. However, WonderBoom has debuted to make a difference. The company has come up with an outstanding idea of a wireless speaker.

What Is New?

The WonderBoom speakers are high-quality speakers which you can purchase at an affordable price. The design is unique but catchy, and they come in different colors; black, red, grey, pink, lilac and purple. The surround sound of ultimate WonderBoom is what creating buzz.

This is possible because it has two 40mm active drivers and two passive radiators – 46 x 65mm. It also offers jaw-dropping 360-degree sound projection. Moreover, connecting multiple WonderBoom speakers will give you a concert like feel being at home. The speaker provides impressive levels of bass, and this is what makes it different from other Ultimate Ears speakers such as UE Roll 2.

The makers have paid a considerable amount of attention to its design. It is a small pebble-shaped speaker, and its top and bottom parts are made of soft rubber. It is built on IPX7-rated quality and can stay in the water for 30 minutes. The unique design allows it to float on water automatically.

Moreover, it is free from ridiculously long cables, and you can place it pretty much everywhere in your home. The rubber that covers its top and bottom prevent it from damages if it falls on the floor which makes it an ideal device if you have kids or an excited pet. The battery life of WonderBoom is satisfying as it lasts up to 10 hours.

Final Verdict

Wonderboom is a waterproof speaker that provides surround sound and impressive bass on a budget. And these reasons are convincing enough to purchase it.

Photo credit: Facebook/UlitmateEars

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