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​Klipsch Reference Theater Pack

Posted on 31 January 2018

There are many sound bars on the market, but if you want the best performance go for the Klipsch Reference Theater Pack. It offers rear-channel sound effects. You will receive a 5.1 speaker system and a separate AV receiver. They offer an amazing sound, and a room full of speakers is not a compulsion.

You will have to pay a price of $999 to buy the Klipsch Reference Theater Pack. It is packed up with four satellite speakers and can fill the room without the need for a sound bar or a stereo system. This is because Klipsch has an attached wireless sub-woofer.

It is perfect for those who prefer a small satellite. People who have used it have highly recommended it, and it is worth a listen. As competitors are falling to produce the Atmos-compatible set, Klipsch has kept it quite simple. Moreover, the system features a brassy IMG driver in a combined tweeter with 3.5-inch of size and 0.75-inch horn.

Furthermore, the Klipsch soundbar features some spring clips. Therefore, do not use thicker wires before you install pin plugs on both ends. Similarly, the satellite connects to a center channel using which you can place the 3.5-inch driver into the bigger cabinet.

In addition to this, the package also has an 8-inch wireless subset with a foot square large box. Moreover, this kit is also packed with a wireless transceiver to the subwoofer. You can connect this to the LFE channel present on your AV receiver.

It is surely recommended to prefer this system over all the others present in the market. Before buying, search on the web for this product. Moreover, you will witness amazing reviews, and you will get high recommendations. Therefore, just give it a try to experience an improved sound system.

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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio: Closed Reference Headphones

Posted on 29 January 2018

Beyer-dynamic has always launched amazing products for its customers. The company has an amazing reputation in the market for producing the best wireless headphones. Recently, it has introduced the DT 770 Studio. Its predecessors have also been amazing and have provided the best quality products. The Beyer-dynamic DT 770 Pro gives you professional listening experience.

These headphones are made to provide the best quality, no matter how far you are from them. The best thing is that they are quite comfortable when you are wearing. Moreover, it is a real necessity for long journeys. You can get the best 5Hz-35kHz frequency response. Its closed-ear design contributes a lot in minimizing the noise outside and making the headphones’ noise to your ears reach without any distractions. The DT 770 headphones are surely the best of additions to any studio.

Moreover, the DT 770 headphones offer critical music monitoring in a diverse environment. The transducers are set in a way that they fully position into the ear. This ensures the optimum ear position. Furthermore, these headphones are for extensive usage. Let’s have a look at the overall features this masterpiece has to offer.


  • The equalizer can serve diffuse-field EQ requirements
  • Soft velour head-pad is comfortable during long sessions
  • Innovative bass-reflex system
  • 9.8′ straight single-sided connecting cable
  • Includes drawstring storage bag
  • Easy to maintain and service because you can replace all parts
  • Closed studio headphones, e Robust construction with spring steel headband
  • Includes drawstring storage bag

After looking at all the features of these headphones, you should surely choose this over anything similar to this. Over the last few years, many new companies have emerged as well, but no one has matched the quality of this.

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​Sony WF-1000X: Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones Review

Posted on 26 January 2018

Due to past experiences, investing money in wireless ear-buds does not sound cool. The main reason is that sound has not always been the priority. The Jabra Elite Sport was designed for sports, whereas Apple Air-Pod had much emphasis on connection stability. However, we are introducing the Sony WF-1000X, which would give you an amazing sound experience.

Upon success of our last product, Sony MDR-1000X, we have bought most of its elements into a small piece that makes it easy for you to carry and move freely when in your ear. People have given positive reviews regarding it, which has given tough time to the rivals. This gives total freedom of movement and an awesome sound.

This ear-bud comes with the buds themselves and their charger. It is much more eye-catchy as compared to devices introduced in the past. The unique head-phones have a rubbery sponge on both sides. Each bud weighs less than 7g. Moreover, once you put them on, they do not move and are perfectly fit. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you have to run for the bus anytime. Furthermore, each bud has only one button that deals with taking care of the pairing, noise cancellation, and power. The battery life is amazing as it can work for up to 9 hours.

You can check the connection stability and sound quality with the Headphone Connect app easily. This is super useful in areas where there is low connectivity such as underground areas. There is a customizing option through which you can hear the music as well as what is happening outside. This feature makes it a must try.

This is an all in one package, and you should go for it. The users have given excellent reviews, which makes it easy for you to decide. Some people have termed it as the best headphones in the world. The price of the Sony WF-1000X is $200.

Photo by: Sony

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​Ultimate Ears Blast Smart Speaker Review

Posted on 24 January 2018

Ultimate Ears blast smart speaker now in the market and ready to give you a boom of sound. This cylindrical shape mini echo device is 7.6 inches tall that allows the user to enjoy the journey while listening to the music as its small size easy to carry.


It is embedded with multiple features including Amazon Alexa that supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and allows you to make a connection in two speakers if you want it to play loud.

This wireless speaker has 90 DB audio with a frequency of 90 Hz to 20KHz, and it comes with 39 mm of a passive radiator that won’t let it heat-up.

Now, you don’t have to worry about when you go to the beach or either you drop it into the pool; it will survive in water for up to 30 mints as its water-resistant IP67 allow you to enjoy your favorite activity without any worries. Its charging port is well covered with rubber that means water doesn’t harm its port.

As it is featured on Amazon Alexa, you can ask it for any information of artist, genres, radio stations and podcast you like. It is equipped with some basic features; For instance, you can also set the alarm, manage cylinder or set a reminder. But it doesn’t support calling feature this means you cannot ask Alexa to make a call from your phonebook.


The thing you will notice in this products that its built-in system is not equipped with any button for changing and pausing music. Although it has Amazon Alexa for music navigation, the problem is it doesn’t have any indicator and not vibrant than any other device.

Bottom line

You can stream music with this audio system either you at friend’s home, go for a picnic and party. It sounds quality is pretty good if you want to experience its audio quality than give it a chance.

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​Microsoft Xbox One X Review: True 4k Gaming

Posted on 17 January 2018

Gamers need to hold their breath as Microsoft has debuted much awaited Xbox One X. It will be exciting for gamers to learn that Microsoft is addressing all those old rants about previous Xbox with newly released Xbox One X. This console is comparatively sleeker, faster and smaller than the original one. And regarding raw power, it is noticeably more enhanced than PS4. The boot-up animation of Microsoft is flawless, loud, and brighter with impressive sound bass. Xbox One X determines brand’s “original 4K” gaming message which makes it the world’s most solid console.

Xbox One X Hardware

It is interesting that Microsoft has managed to keep all this power into a small case, successfully. Xbox one X, regarding volume, is comparatively smaller than Xbox one S. But in some dimensions, it seems larger. The size is moderate, can be fit into a backpack easily. It does feel heavier than S with similar ports and inputs.

And if you wish to connect it to a TV, there is HDMI-in given at set-top box, with an Ethernet port, and two USBs at the front and rare. Like real Xbox One, external power supply is integrated into and dual voltage. The new X looks exactly like the Xbox One S from outside, and for the Kinect, it may need a USB adaptor.

Microsoft came up with a robust Jaguar processor, a Radeon GPU, and 12GB of RAM. Gamers will be stun to learn that with One X, Microsoft has completely kicked out PS4 Pro. It is small but sturdy, includes a 4K Blu-ray player and of course, you will need a sound cooling system to cool this beast.

Xbox One X Promise – 4K Gaming

The real thing about Xbox One X is “true 4K” gaming. And it may give tough time to rivals with its rapid popularity amongst gamers. The Xbox X has the capacity for 4K gaming because it is swift than the original Xbox One. It is slightly less powerful as compared to latest gaming PCs but it depends on which game you will be playing. They have done the impressive work of providing an unforgettable gaming machine.

Microsoft has promised 150 “enhanced” games for the latest version, but it is not sure if they all will be 4K. Some games may be capable of HDR or instead of 4K resolution; some enhancements might have better frame rates. But as Microsoft has promised, other enhancements might come with better frame rates, HDR, and 4K. It is totally up to game developers what they have stored for you and how they can satisfy gamers.

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​LG 34UC89G Curved LED Gaming Monitor Review

Posted on 12 January 2018

LG has always impressed its users with its long monitors, which provides them with an amazing gaming experience. High speed and responsiveness are among the major qualities in LG products. Moreover, LG has introduced another product for those users who spend time in extensive gaming; this is the LG 34UC89G. It has an amazing 2,560 x 1,080 resolution that is fit for a 34-inch widescreen.

Moreover, it is available in the market for just $900. The set price is not too high for the features and specifications it is offering. If you compare it with other similar products, the price is much lower. The LG 34UC89G has a fast IPS panel, G-Sync, and a curved screen. It is an amazing package for those of you who play games.

If you look at its design, this will catch the attention of users easily. You have an option to access the connectors, and manage the cables by the snap-in piece. If you want to accommodate more people, you can tilt it about 20 degrees. Moreover, it only uses a simple joystick like many other monitors. Maneuvering due to the on-screen menu display is straightforward.

The display of the LG 34UC89G is also worth watching. Another amazing feature that it offers is the dot in the center of the display, which will make it easy for you to make a target in your mind as soon as you see this. However, some competitors have marked this product as a slow-speed one due to its IPS panels, and this is not the case.

Looking thoroughly at all the features, you must buy this product if you are a serious gamer. This would give you an amazing experience. Moreover, it is way better than what is introduced by many other companies in the past.

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​CB-1 Studio Headphones by Status Audio Review

Posted on 11 January 2018

Status Audio, the US Company popular for its comfortable and portable production and it now comes up with new-tech that is the Closed-Back 1. The 500mm driver provides you perfect sound quality though it does not produce mid and high range frequency the overall sound quality is good. The use of the light-weighted and synthetic material in these headphones makes it more durable.

The good

The ear-cups are generously couched with the soft-padded material that offers you great comfortability and allows you to use for hours without causing an ergonomic hazard. Its think plastic band gives an awkward look but still provides rigidity. The too much use of padding in these headphones gives you the opportunity to enjoy your journey while streaming music.

This nice and sleek headphone does not come with logo or symbols that suit your studio look and allow you to make your own. It does not come with a carrier bag, but you will still receive some extras with them that are 6.3mm adapter and two cables.

Both of these cables are designed to lock in the headphones so; you don’t have to worry about when you are walking around. But neither of these cables come with a volume control button that might restrict the regular user to buy these headphones.

The bad

The sound isolation is pretty much low as compared to other competitor’s device due too much cushioning around the ear-cups. Also, it does not come with the microphones that mean you cannot use it for communication.

Final verdict

The CB-1 is a great choice for the studio monitor. It delivers crystal-clear sound quality with added specs that maintain the actual quality of sound. The producer has also considerably worked on the bass which will enhance your music experience. You will not find these specs in a product at this price anywhere in the market, which makes it the best choice.

Photo by: Status Audio

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