​Bose SoundSport: In-Ear Wireless Headphones Review

Posted on 22 December 2017 Tags: Entertainment, Feature, Wearable Tech

Bose has made a big name in market with its extraordinary features and amazing sound cancelling system. It recently launched its wireless sport-free earplugs with immense qualities. The design of the product allows for enhanced comfortability during your routine runs or jogs or intense workout sessions. They don’t flop out like so many other products available on the market. Now you can go out for a jog when it is drizzling and you don’t have to worry if you sweat a lot – the headphones are water-resistance and will not slide out of your ears.


The headphones measure at 1.1 inches in height and 1.2 inches in depth. They are no heavy and you will not even feel as if you have them on. Incorporated with silicon, you can wear the headphones for longer periods of time without getting that annoying ear pain that you normally would with conventional headphones. The volume control button is built into the headphones, making it easy for you to adjust the volume as you are working out.

The app “finds my buds” allows you to locate the earplugs when you’ve misplaced them. The remote system in Bose is more effective than the touch system and provides you an easy way to manage multiple tasks.

The Good

The Bose SoundSport comes with cutting-edge noise canceling technology – so you can now listen to your favorite tracks without being bothered by all that external noise. As a matter of fact you can practically listen to music and watch movies sitting anywhere you like. A single charge will give you five hours max, which is really impressive!

The Bad

The only flaw I found in Bose earplugs that if you want to connect them with Bluetooth, the sound will first travel in your right ear and then the left.

Bottom Line

With reliable features and a very cutting-edge design, the Bose SoundSport is an excellent product, especially considering how you can it easily use with multiple music applications.

Photo by: Bose

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