​Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio: Closed Over-Ear Headphones

Posted on 20 December 2017 Tags: Wearable Tech

When it comes to buying a headphone, you look for a pair that is comfortable to wear and provides clear sound. Considering these core elements, Beyerdynamic has launched the new and improved DT 770 studio headphones. Music junkies can now enjoy their favorite tunes on the DT 770s, which provide high-quality sound, bass and treble. These are headphones that are also used by music producers and artists. But now you can also enjoy studio-like sound on your smartphones and tablets. Isn’t that cool?!

Beyerdynamic is widely known for its high-quality headphones for decades. They invented their first ever dynamic headphone almost 90 years ago. You may have heard a lot about Beyerdynamic DT 770 – the first version, but the DT 770 Studio edition is mind-blowing. The manufacturers have not just focused on improving and enhancing sound, but they have improved its design along with a lot of other functions and features. So, what is new? This pair of headphone is optimized with 80-ohm, which is actually used for high-end recording gear and for professional studio recordings.

DT 770 studio is free from ridiculously long cables. It comes with durable plastic cups and with a padded headband. It feels heavy and solid on the hands, but is impressively lightweight to wear. And for additional comfort, Beyerdynamic made ear-cups with the softest material.

When you wear headphones, your sole purpose is to indulge in music and not be bothered by any external or background noises. This is something that some of the best headphones on the market often fail to provide. However, being a tracking headphone, the DT-770 is designed in a way that blocks unwanted noise. You can enjoy surround sound, huge bass and crispy highs the headphones won’t comprise the quality no matter what environment you are in.

Every part of the headphone is manufactured in Germany hence you can replace every part including the cable, ear-pad and even the headband. It means once you have invested in the product, it will last you for a long time.

Photo by: ​Beyerdynamic 

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