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​Beats Studio3 Wireless: Noise Cancelling Headphones

Posted on 30 November 2017

Beats is the market leader when it comes to wireless headphones. The brand recently introduced an upgrade of its best wireless headphones, the Studio3. Available for $350 in red, the headphones offer a marked improvement over its predecessors.

What’s New

The main factor Beats has focused on in the new Studio3 is improving performance. You get a better audio quality. Also, the headphones are better at cancelling out noise as well. You will enjoy a pleasurable aural experience, regardless of the purpose for which you are using the headphones.

The battery life of the headphones has also been upgraded to provide longer performance, so that you don’t have to worry about the battery draining out when you are playing video games or binge watching your favorite show.

You can use the Studio3 Wireless as a headset for making calls when connected to your phone. You can easily connect the headphones to any Apple device, thanks to the W1 chip. You don’t have to wait even a few minutes in order to get the headphones to connect to your iPhone or iPad.

What’s Not New

The design of the headphones is the same as the previous model, and that’s not a good feature. Customers have complained of the headphones being rigid and same is the case with the new iteration as well. You cannot fold the headphones and carrying them in the case that comes in the package can be a hassle. That said, the headphones are sturdy and durable and will last you a long time without hassle.


There is no doubt that the Beats Studio3 Wireless is an upgrade on its predecessor. A good thing the company has done is focusing on performance rather than design, which gives this device a clear edge on other headphones in its category.

Photo by: Beats by Dre

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​Plantronics Backbeat Fit 300 Could Be Your Workout Buddy

Posted on 24 November 2017

It takes a decent amount of time to convince you for a workout as the chance of de-motivation stays atop. It is essential to stay organized while planning to go gym or for any outdoor activity. During the workout, a person is not just moving but get extremely exhausted, and it becomes unable to manage extra stuff that he/she carries. And headphones are one of them. Listening to music helps a person throughout the workout session, but it gets annoying when headphones create disruption. Plantronics have solved the problem with its BackBeat Fit 300 wireless earbuds. You will not believe it, but an unstoppable workout routine is possible now.

Different Functionality

What makes them different and how they can become your workout buddy have become possible due to their different functions. Also, the company has taken a total diverse approach this time in earbud’s design to nurture its clients who are willing to go to the gym. They are tethered together, but the cord has made with fabric-esque material for the BackBeat Fit 300. Along with military grade nano-coating and IPX5 rating, it is guaranteed that you can do any posture wearing them in the gym or as well as outside.

The earbuds get snuggled in the ear and stay still in the same place due to accompanying wings designed in it. Due to this formation, you can stay focused on the task as they block all the noises around you. In case of head movement, a clip has been attached to the chord to give additional support to the earbuds and keep them secure in one place while you are wearing them. The whole idea was generated while observing exercises postures.

Variety in Fitness Category

You may have seen variety in clothing or exercise machines. But Plantronics has taken a step further as they are creating technical varieties in the fitness category. The newest launched Plantronics Fit 300 is the extremely lightweight that they are offering whereas Plantronics BackBeat Fit 500 has been created for fitness junkies who like to go for on-the-ear style. The BackBeat Fit 300 suits those who want inside ear – earbuds. No matter which one you go for, they are convenient and a smart choice for gym-goers.

Battery Life

The foremost question that arises for any gadget or device is about its battery life. Upon hearing prolonged battery duration, people start considering buying it. The Plantronics BackBeat Fit 300 go straight for 6 hours which is more than enough for a fitness device. First, you can go easily for 3-4 hours and second you don’t have to worry about the battery for good six hours once you charged it right.

Photo by: Platronics

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HTC U11 Life Review: The latest Edge Sense Innovation

Posted on 17 November 2017

It seems like a battle of innovation within technology world is not going to end anytime soon. In a time where intense competition runs among gadgets, it is hard to choose the right one. But the features, apps and battery life play an instrumental role in determining any cutting-edge device’s fate. Debuting highly innovative technology and competing with multiple tech giants, the HTC U11 has taken the world by storm. HTC made the newest addition in its U11 family with the HTC U11 Life.

Design and display

The HTC U11 Life has a curved designed, a decent camera at the back, a fingerprint scanner on the home button as well as several other cutting-edge features. The new device has a slight heavy bezel and even at 149.09 x 72.9 x 8.1mm, it feels easy on the palm. U11 Life has a 5.2 inch display. You may find the device’s acrylic glass similar to U11 and U11 Plus, but in reality, it is not. To your surprise, the phone weighs 142 grams and is pretty light to handle.

HTC U11 Life overall performance

The phone may give you the pure experience of Android 8 Oreo on the screen. The device is free from copied apps and HTC’s Sense overlay.

The users will now be benefitting with three years of monthly security updates along with two years of OS upgrades by HTC and Google. It makes U11 Life a durable phone. The phone carries 64GB internal storage with a micro SD slot enabling you to use and expand as much as you want.

HTC’s famous squeezable Edge Sense technology is also available in U11 Life. It will give all the functions of U11 on U11 Life. So, you will be able to launch Google Assistant in an easiest possible way and will be able to handle specific actions within most used apps.

All about camera

The HTC 11 had a pair of 16 MP cameras that included phase detection autofocus, f/2.0 aperture, face detection, 4k video recording, a RAW format support and a pro mode with manual controls. The U11 life has a 16MP camera and it also has f/2.0 aperture. But the device can record video at 1080p and has a fascinating selfie panorama mode – which HTC announced long ago for this particular snapper.

HTC has also focused on the battery more, and the HTC U11 Life comes with 2,600mAh power pack, which the company claims is far superior to the HTC 10. The company also claims two additional hours of video playback.

Photo by: HTC

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​Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus Review: Tablet For the Whole Family

Posted on 16 November 2017

The tablets are easy-to-use gadgets and can be used anywhere. With these devices, watching your favorite videos on YouTube, your favorite shows on Netflix and even reading has become a pleasant experience. Lenovo has launched a series of tablets integrated with streamlined visuals. The new Tab 4 is designed for adults and children with all the required and upgraded features that make it family-friendly.


Lenovo’s new flagship tablet is designed to provide better visual experience. The device has an 8 inch HD display with a 1280×800 resolution and stunning wide-angle views. This jaw-dropping display will allow the user to experience stunning visual, the likes of which you may have never seen before.

The tab 4 (8 Plus) is 8.3 mm thick and weighs only 320 grams. This makes it easy to handle. It has a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 64-bit quad-core processor. The device comes with 16 GB storage and up to 2 GB of RAM, which can handle pretty much everything you can expect.


Providing crisp visuals is no big deal, the audio matters as well. The company has decided to surprise users with audio/video both. The Lenovo tab 4 (8 Plus) delivers a rich and sturdy sound. Also, Dolby Atmos has already turned the device into a mobile entertainment hub. Users can now enjoy music/sound to the fullest without wearing headphones. The new Lenovo tablets offer surround-sound like experience.

Child- friendly device

The fun stickers, a screen filter for sensitive eyes, a shock-resistant bumper all make this device children-friendly. It has the option to limit access to age-inappropriate content and you can fix a limited time for children. The Tab 4 also features a platform with entertaining and fun web content for children.

The Family tablet

The new Lenovo 4 could be a better option for a family as it is designed for multiple users with distinctive requirements. The device will enable users to use their own accounts with separate settings, passwords, and social media.

Photo by: Lenovo

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​Focal Sib Evo Review

Posted on 10 November 2017

If you are looking for high-quality music experience, Focal Sib Evo has debuted with its sturdy sound and mind-boggling design. The makers are well-known for producing outstanding audio equipment. However, this time, the company has debuted brand new Sib Evo 5.1.2 sound system. The sound system will give you heavy metal concert-like-feel at home with an exceptional display that will enhance your living space. The system includes three small speakers, two large Atmos speakers, assorted documentation, power cables, the Cub Evo subwoofer and two speaker mounts.

Display and specifications

Not only does it provide an amazing audio experience, but it also has a visual appeal – the device has pretty flashy exterior! The stunning appearance of the speakers will make them the centerpiece of your house.

All the speakers carry five-inch Ployflex and are paired with ¾ inch mild dome tweeters. The two large upfront speakers have a four-inch upside-firing full-range element. This option will facilitate die-hard cinephiles, exclusively. And you can hang the speakers as well.

How to connect?

Connecting or setting up Focal Sib Evo is not a tough task if you own a receiver that handles Atmos processing. You may need a 12 gauge speaker wire (AWG), then just press the button given at the back to activate its wire sockets, then just connect your speakers to the receiver and voila, you are done! Place the subwoofer in the corner of the room facing to the front and place Atmos speakers 3m away and 2m apart from you. The two small speakers will be placed behind you while one working as the front center channel.

Sound quality

The sound quality surpasses that of any home sound system you have used before. The speakers are sturdy and can get pretty loud. The fun fact is you will be surprised with the sound quality using just 2 speakers instead of 3. If you like sound mixing – go ahead. This sound system is made to enable to create your own distinctive music experience.

Photo by: Focal

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​AfterShokz Trekz Air Review: Bone Conduction Headphones

Posted on 09 November 2017

You may have heard about cordless headphones, speakers, chargers and other devices. As if these gadgets were not enough to surprise us, AfterShokz Trekz Air has released a bone-conduction headphone.

It is worth learning that what bone-conduction headphones are and how they function? It is basically a headphone emits sound not through your ear but via your cheekbones! How awesome is that!?

For fitness junkies, the Trekz Air could become their next fitness buddy. There is no question how smooth and fun your workout session will become with these babies. This headphone is not just cordless, but it is quite moderate in size and design that it would not disrupt you during your regimen and would not get tangled in your clothes either. It is a product designed to provide you with a streamlined exercise experience.

Out-Side Sound

Traditional headphones block background noises enabling you to stay focused on your task. It has its own benefits; you can stay focused and all that external noise will not annoy you. It has its disadvantages as well. You may miss out anything essential or you may remain unaware of any danger ahead of you. To avoid all these possible issues, this bone-conduction headphone is here to keep you safe.

You can wear the Trekz Air like traditional headphones. It sits on cheekbones without covering the ears. It does not look like traditional headphones. The Trekz Air is not just an interesting invention, but a useful one too. This headphone may attract people who prefer listening to music during a workout or any other outdoor activity.

Features and performance

Earlier, the company debuted their flagship headphones – the Trekz Titanium, which had failed to impress users due to low sound quality and it was uncomfortable to wear. However, these new headphones have become a massive hit! They are 20 percent lighter than the previous model and weighs 29.5 grams only. If you talk about frequency response and talk/play time, it is similar to Titanium frequency 20Hz ~ 20 KHz and six hours of talk/play time. Also, the new device has 4.2 Bluetooth support.

The device also comes with a built-in microphone to attend calls. The left earpiece is lined with Also, on all the buttons to let you control the volume and playback and you can accept or drop calls. These buttons are almost invisible.

Plus, this headphone is comparatively comfortable to wear than the Trekz Titanium. It is worth noting that the headset is IP55 water resistant as well.

Photo by: AfterShokz

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​Acer Predator Triton 700 Review

Posted on 07 November 2017

People who still prefer to using laptops always look for an innovative alternative. The tech experts keep an eye out for not only new gadgets, but they are quite excited for something cutting-edge and deeply innovative. Talking about innovation, who would say no to a laptop that offers quality and satisfaction at the same time? Therefore, if you are looking for a laptop that enables you to get the job done and provides you with exciting gaming experience, the Acer Predator Triton 700 is here!

The exterior of Acer Predator Triton 700 is pretty or borderline dull. Only the logo signifies that it is a powerful gaming computer. However, the interior of the laptop has stolen the show. It is extremely attractive. The very thing first you would notice is the touchpad because you would not find it – it has been designed beneath the keyboard. But it sits nicely below the screen – which is a unique idea for laptops.

Gorilla glass touchpad

The touchpad is made with gorilla glass and is placed right above the graphics card. You can clearly see the GTX1080 beneath it. The Gorilla glass enables users to see internal features. The touchpad is extremely smooth to use – designed perfectly for web surfing.

Satisfying keyboard

The keyboard is impressive. Also, it has dynamic RGB themes, bright and colorful. It is an appealing keyboard innovation. The keys are smooth to click and they border on ASMR. For gamers, playing PUBG would be a joyous experience. Plus, playing any game with a WASD control scheme on Triton 700 would be exciting.

Triton 700 touchpad

One thing is worth mentioning that its touchpad – although it is extremely attractive it gets uncomfortably hot and it happens because it is made of glass. There are chances that when you run apps with Nvidia1080 GPU, the Predator touchpad may get too hot to handle. It is suggested to use a mouse or gamepad to deal with this. However, using both might not help if you browse through several Windows menu or navigate the steam game launching application.

Photo by: Acer

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