​Yamaha MusicCast WX-010 Review

Posted on 30 October 2017 Tags: Entertainment, Feature, Home Entertainment Gadgets

Untangling earphones is a frustratingly daunting experience. Not to mention, it happens all the time, there is just no solution to the problem. Or is there? With the Yamaha MusicCast WX-010, you won’t ever have to spend hours looking for earphones or bang your skull against the wall when you need to untangle them. The MusicCast is a cordless speaker system – designed with the sole reason to help you enjoy your music without any disruptions.

Attractive Design

The body of the WX-010 is made with black saran net, which makes the product virtually dustproof. The product is very compact and portable – you can take carry it with you or place it anywhere your house. The speaker’s big rounded corners give it a funky touch. The MusicCast WX-010 is 160mm high, robust and self-contained cuboid, which can be hanged anywhere or can be placed virtually anywhere.

The speaker system comes in two colors, black and white. Along with being compact, the product is a tiny bit heavy, but that is a good thing because you won’t be accidentally tipping it over. The speaker has USB and Ethernet ports for firmware updates, but no analogue jack is available for non-wireless gadgets.

The control panel is glossy black with a touch control system integrated on it.


Downloading Yamaha’s MusicCast app can give you access to Napster, Qobuz, Juke, Spotify, and vTuner internet radio. You can also play music via DLNA, which is saved in PCs and NAS drives. The app also supports playback of AIFF, WAV and Hi-Res up to 192kHz and around 96kHz for ALAC. Plus, by connecting various MusicCast speakers, you will be able to send music/tunes to individual speakers or can play it in the entire system.

MusicCast App

The home page display tiles, each tile has a logo or an icon. Select ‘server’ for further action and explore PCs and NAS drives. You can access the Play Screen and test various playback control, access the volume slider and adjust the cover art of each music tile.

Plus you can also share your music on social media if you wish to or just head to the Rooms menu. It is easy and quick to group speakers together. But this app will not allow speakers to drop or drag as you might do in Panasonic’s superior multi-room app. Finally, click on the link icon in the Rooms menu then choose a master speaker and connect more speakers by clicking on the link.

Photo by: Yamaha

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