​Zvox SB380 Review: Sound Bar with AccuVoice

Posted on 27 October 2017 Tags: Home Entertainment Gadgets

Zvox’s specialty is in manufacturing devices that do marvelously well when it comes to dialogues. It enhances, smoothes and really makes it clear to hear the actor’s voice.


The SB380 is a sound bar with a 3.1 channel system, 2-inch drivers, and a 4-inch bass woofer. Made with brushed aluminum, the build quality is good but unfortunately, it lacks Bluetooth. You will find controls on one end and bass port on another. The front is covered in a metal grill, which gives an orange four-character display. It displays information about volume or input selection. With Zvox’s intellivoice feature, it produces better quality dialogues and its bass-limiting circuit gives full bass with less distortion at high volumes.

We are really not happy about the lack of Bluetooth technology, but the product does have a decent number of inputs. It includes two optical connections and a stereo RCA. It comes with remote control, which makes tweaking the bass and treble an easy task. The remote also AccuVoice dialogue boasting feature, Output leveling, and variable surround features that you can control with your fingertips.

The sound department of Zvox is a mixture of love & hate. We loved the clarity of dialogues and voices when we played the movie. However, when we turned on the AccuVoice boasting feature, we found out the dialogues started losing its natural feel. We preferred to keep this feature off because SB380 itself can produce clear and sharp sounds from dialogues.


We feel that Zvox SB380 can be a really good sound bar for someone who has not used or compared it with other brands on the market. While you can find other, less pricey alternatives, the Zvox SB380 does well when it comes to watching movies and shows. If you plan on watching quieter films and dramas with fewer sound effects, go for this sound bar.

Photo by: Zvox

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