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​Apple TV 4K (32GB) Review: Stunning Picture Quality

Posted on 13 October 2017

Apple always comes with gadgets that are revolutionary and have a premium feel. With Amazon TV and Roku dominating the market for 4k/HDR stream boxes, Apple has released its own streaming device that can finally play movies and TV shows in 4k and HDR.


Apple hasn’t really deviated from its original TV design, the new 4K TV looks similar to its predecessor, however, there are slight differences. This model is designed and raised up a bit to expose the air vents, which is what essentially keeps the Apple TV processor cool. It doesn’t come with a USB C port, but instead, Apple chose to go for an HDMI port, an upgraded gigabyte Ethernet jack, and a power outlet. The remote remains similar as well with Siri voice controls, volume controls, play/pause and same motion control capabilities. The only new addition to remote is a ring around menu button, which glows in the dark.

Powered by A10X fusion chips, it makes Apple 4k TV a lot faster and more capable of running huge files. It runs on Apple TV OS, which is far better than what others are offering. The interference is nice and user-friendly however, Apple could have done much better. It comes with 32Gb and 64gb of storage.

Apple now plays movies on HDR and 4k, which offers four times more pixel than 1080p. You can easily see very fine details in movies and TV shows. It supports Dolby Vision and HDR10. Things we loved in Apple 4k TV (32GB) are of course the quality. The colors are much richer now with the good level of depth and clarity. You can point out even the smallest details like hair strands of actors. However, what we didn’t like about Apple 4k content is that it can only be streamed, you can’t download any show or movie and for that.


Is it worth updating to Apple 4k (32GB)? Yes because if you have files downloaded in HD quality, the TV will convert the content to 4K, absolutely free. The processor is powerful to handle large video files, the presentation is smooth and the colors are vibrant. For us, it is must-have upgrade.

Photo by: Apple

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​Nokia 8 Review

Posted on 12 October 2017

Millions were heartbroken when their former beloved Nokia announced an exit from the mobile industry; however, on 2017 nobody knew they would return with a bang. They introduced a whole new product. All Nokia phones now come with Android. With the release of Nokia 8, they have just added another phone to their “comeback” collection. Nokia is gradually making a successful comeback by coming up with premium as well as quality, budget-friendly phones and Nokia 8 is one of them.

Product Specifications

Following are the key specifications of Nokia 8.

  • Size: 5.3 inches
  • Screen: IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen (554 ppi)
  • OS: Android 7.1.1
  • CPU: Octa-core (4×2.5 GHz Kryo & 4×1.8 GHz Kryo) with 4gb Ram
  • GPU: Adreno 540
  • Camera: Primary Dual 13 MP & Secondary 13 MP
  • Storage: 64 GB (Expandable by MicroSD card)
  • Battery life: Endurance rating 78h


The smartphone’s screen quality is far better and has been integrated with an IPS LCD. The 554 ppi gives very sharp and accurate colors. Even in direct sunlight, the screen is able to produce well-lit images and comfortable viewing angles. Powered by a 3090 mAH battery, it has excellent capacity and has a quick charging 3.0 feature, which charges up the phone in relatively short time. With endurance rating of 78 hours, it does well when playing videos, music, games or browsing. It comes with single and dual SIM versions.

Nokia 8 runs on latest version of Android i.e. 7.1.1, it’s not customized and runs on a stock version, which ensures smooth Android experience and fast updates. With Snapdragon 835, an octa-core processor, Adreno 540 and 4 GB of RAM, everything seems really smooth. Opening multiple tabs, playing high-end games and switching apps does not cause any lag or slow down performance.

The sound quality of Nokia 8 is just average, may be due to the single speaker, but it is mostly distortion free, which is a good deal. The camera quality is something that really makes the phone outstanding, Carl Zeiss technology lives up to its name by giving excellent panoramic shots. You can expect light bokeh effects from dual 13 MP primary camera and really nice selfies from 13 MP front camera.


Being a budget friendly, Nokia 8 is a better and smarter option; it has premium features that are enough to rival several other smartphones on the market.

Photo by: Nokia

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​Fujifilm X100F Review

Posted on 10 October 2017

Fujifilm is Japanese company, which was established way back in 1934. The company has truly revolutionized image techniques and technologies in medical and several other industries. They also produce digital cameras – and the Fujifilm X100F is their fourth edition in their X100 series.

Product Specifications

Following are the key specifications of Fujifilm X100F.

  • 24MP X-Trans CMOS sensor
  • Viewfinder Hybrid Optical/Electronic viewfinder
  • 35mm equivalent F2 lens
  • AF point setting via Joystick
  • ISO control via dial
  • Twin push-in control dials, front, and rear
  • Focus ring customizable when not in MF mode
  • Finer-grained image parameters
  • Digital Teleconverter Mode (50mm and 70mm equiv crops, resized to 24MP)


What has changed with the fourth iteration of Fujifilm X100 series is the use of 24MP X-Trans sensor, which is the biggest and trendiest edition to it. The standard ISO now supports the 200-12800 ranges (which was previously 1600). What amazed us was the very fact that we could easily use the digital camera to take photos in a raw format. Due to these upgrades, the photos turn out to be sharp and snappy with a good, dynamic range.

New to X100F is the use autofocus and autoexposure in continuous shoot mode. We took a couple of snaps and found out that autofocus is much faster, but you will experience a bit of trouble using its full wide area AF. Sometimes it only picks up the most delineated items in the scene. But still, we feel that the AF is faster and effective than before.

What makes Fujifilm X100F special is its use of hybrid view. It gives photographers an option to shoot in either electronic or optical modes. It has a fully electronic view with a 2.5million dot OLED display, clearly showing the exposure, white balance, ISO and focus on viewfinder before you can click the picture.


With a beautiful design, excellent hybrid viewfinder, better battery life, excellent image quality and film stimulation modes – it’s hard to put this camera down. If you already have old iterations of X100 series, this is seriously a must have upgrade for you.

Photo by: Fujifilm

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​Anker SoundCore Boost Review

Posted on 06 October 2017

Anker has made quite a name when it comes to sound devices. They have recently introduced new a sound accessory by the name of Anker SoundCore Boost. By its design and functions you can easily say that it’s a smaller version of SoundCore 2, but its way better.


Anker has really stepped up their game when it comes to design; this SoundCore Boost has a soft rubberized finish with rather large buttons on top for easy handling. The top also features Bluetooth connectivity functions, play/pause options, and volume control. It also sports USB input and has a 3.5mm audio jack port. You can connect it wirelessly as it as a good range of connection, which is up to 60 meters. You can use the USB port to charge various devices; this feature always comes handy when you run out of charging ports.

Anker SoundCore Boost is water resistant with an IPX5 rating so you really don’t have to worry about small splashes or wet hands. Its decent 5,200 mAH battery gives you 10-12 hours of music playback. You can use the boost system by pressing the boost button located on top of the device. It has Anker’s patented Boost up technology. We played different tracks and turned the boost button on. It was a real pleasure to know that sound quality was actually really good. Several deep bass frequencies can be easily handled by Anker SoundCore boost with good results. Even at louder volume, the bass quality remained pretty awesome and quite refreshing to the ears as it does not distort or create any additional noise.


The design may not be so outstanding, but with this price tag, it has exceptionally good sound quality. Sound always depends on the size of the speakers, the Anker SoundBoast Core may be small, but it does not make any comprises when comes boosting frequencies. With a decent battery life and water-resistant capabilities, it is really a useful sound device. It will give you nice sound with you have to spend through the roof.

Photo by: Anker

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​Yamaha YAS-207 Sound Bar Review

Posted on 04 October 2017

Yamaha mostly known for AV receivers and speakers has come up with the YAS-207 sound bar, which is mid-priced, but can live up to your expectations.


The Yamaha YAS-207 comes with compelling, class-leading performance in a much practical and easy to use package. It’s a sound bar with rectangular woofers, which gives it a slightly modern look. On the front it has touch controls for power, you can use switch inputs and volume control using the panel. It has HDMI ports with HMDI-out (ARC) and HDM-in, and a standard 3.5 audio jack. It also has a USB port to update the firmware. The speaker’s configuration is 5.1 while the dimensions are 36.62 x 2.37 x 4.25 inches (W x H x D).

What makes Yamaha YAS-207 truly special is sound quality. It’s crisp, sharp and clear. The music and dialogues in movies and TV shows are loud enough with deep bass effects. You can further adjust the sound of dialogues by selecting the preset sound profile “clear voice”. This feature comes in handy when you are entertaining a larger number of guests.

The Yamaha YAS-207 produces an impressive virtual sound by using latest codes knows as DTS Virtual X. The idea of this new codec is that people can enjoy surround sound no matter where you install the device, and you will also be able to enjoy the surround-sound effect at any volume. If that’s not enough, the product also comes with 4k sound capability although the tech is not revolutionary, with this price tag it can really shame several of its expensive rivals. We tested the sound by watching a soccer match in ultra HD settings, we are happy to announce that we were impressed. The sound of the crowd and commentary did, in fact, feel as if I watching the match live. While playing a movie we noticed that background music and crowd chatting can be clearly heard.


With its price tag, the Yamaha YAS-207 totally takes the lead; those who are short on budget, but want the experience of surround sound don’t have to look any further. This is definitely the system for you. Setting it up is very simple, balanced sound and excellent value for money totally makes it a wonderful option.

Photo by: Yamaha

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​Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II Review

Posted on 02 October 2017

Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones are not a new gadget, but a rather update to previous one. It was already a cool gadget to have, but now it just gets better.


Bose QuietComfort 35 II now sports a new action button on the left ear which lets you connect your “Google Assistant.” You can access without touching any button, just download the app on your IOS or Android device, connect these headphones and start giving commands to Google Assistant. Aside from the new action button, all remains similar. Same design with comfy fit and out-of-the-box noise cancellation capability. You can use it on Siri was well with 20 hours of battery life with noise cancellation active. If you run out of battery you use it in passive mode by connecting it to the cord, this may sacrifice some sound quality, but with more than 20 hours of continuous playback, I think it’s more to ask for.

Sound wise, Bose QuietComfort 35 II is as good as it previously was. You can expect the same level of sound quality with clear and crisp sound. I played some music and was glad that they didn’t change anything at all. The experience as similar as it was before. I could hear the sounds of background music and people chatting which is a nice touch. Noise Cancellation does work as most people think it’s just a gimmick. When driving in busy traffic I was able to get good sound quality, all I heard was my music sounds not the sound of beeping horns.


Overall, you can consider purchasing this handy gadget. The product will deliver good-quality sound, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite music, movies, and games, or any other purpose for which you might use the headphones.

Photo by: Bose

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