LG Sport Watch with Android 2.0

Posted on 06 September 2017 Tags: Wearable Tech

A smart watch has become an ultimate accessory to a smartphone. The times when people used to wear a wrist watch just to check the time and date are nearing an end. After the excessive use of smartphones, smart watches have been introduced and life has been made much easier. A number of brands including the leading ones like Apple and Samsung have launched their respective products in this category and have pretty much taken the hold of the market. To re-enter the market and expand its customer base, LG has introduced its Sport Watch, which is a lot better than most smart watches out there.

Features and Performance:
The Sport Watch by LG comes packed with a number of amazing features. The watch is powered by Android 2.0 and is super fast. It allows you to do whatever you can do with a smartphone. Unlike some famous and over-priced smart watches, the LG Sport Watch allows you to make phone calls even when your phone is not anywhere near you. What makes it sporty are the gym related features it offers you. The highly advanced and accurate processor and sensors allow you to keep a proper track of your gym workouts. Moreover, the infotainment system makes it easier for you to chill while doing intense workouts.

The 1.38-inch OLED display stays on all the time so you would not have to press a button every time you need to check the time. However, this drains the battery faster. The brightness also automatically adjusts with the sunlight for clear visibility.

When it comes to the design and style, it is no less appealing than any smart watch. In fact, it is far more decent and sophisticated-looking than most smart watches. The watch measures 51.2 by 45.4mm and is amazingly lightweight. You can buy it in two different colors: dark blue or titanium. Both the colors are specially chosen by LG to make the watch look slimmer than it actually is.

Bottom Line:
If you are looking for the best smart watch available in the market, you should definitely go for the LG Sport Watch as it is has the best specs of any Google watch so far and comes with an affordable price tag of about $330.

Photo by: LG

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